I have an announcement to make. I’ve sold out.

To Antelope Hill Publishing that is.

You can even click the individual book to go straight there. No idea how PolarFren did that.

You’ll now see the above image on every page of this site. In fact even the 404 page has the ad installed, that’s how hard I’ve sold out.

If you’re wondering why this image, which is also clickable, is not the same as the above, they alternate. I didn’t write the code snippet, so I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it mixes it up a little bit and keeps it more fresh. All credit for this goes to PolarFren, who took it upon himself to write the javascript code for me and then hold my hand through the tedious bugfixing stage. A round of applause for PolarFren.

As for Antelope Hill I don’t have much more to say about them then what I’ve already said. I’m currently dragging my feet getting my review of In His Own Words over the finish line, my first book of theirs, and finding that my problem is not that I find the book disintersting, but that I want to quote the entire book, and feel that I’m missing things by doing otherwise. I’ve heard similar good things about many of the other works they publish, and I’m hoping my e-clout can get me some review copies.

The long and short of it is that AH Publishing fills a niche that is necessary, and has gone unfilled for far too long. And yes, I’ve gotten over them holocausting my Writing Competition submission because I was past the arbitrarily chosen midnight Eastern Standard Time entry. 

It’s okay. No hard feelings guys. I probably wouldn’t have won anyway.

You can check out their website here and find everything they have to offer. You can also follow them on twitter, and telegram. Make sure to buy twenty or so of their books and eventually plan on maybe getting around to actually reading two or three. And you can get started by clicking on the ad just in above the comments section.

Where did this come from? Who is this guy and why do I have this picture in my media folder?

Happy reading.

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