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Federal Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller says Pope Francis’ apology for the Catholic Church’s role in the running of residential schools didn’t go far enough, ignoring the decades of failure by federal governments, including the current one, to improve the lives of Indigenous people.

I wrote about the Pedo Pope’s apology for the thing that never happened. Frankly, it’s disgusting, and par for the course for this creep.

Since coming to power, the Trudeau’s government has more than doubled spending on Indigenous issues — from $11.4 billion in 2015 to $27.4 billion this year.

For what it’s worth, that means that Harper’s (((crew))) were still stealing over ten billion of your hard earned tax dollars per year for this graft.

But as Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux pointed out in a recent report, while the government is spending more than ever on Indigenous services, it is accomplishing less.

“Over the 2015-16 to 2022-23 period, there has been a significant increase in the amount of financial resources allocated to providing Indigenous Services,” Giroux said, but the increase “did not result in a commensurate increase in the ability of the organizations to achieve the targets they had set for themselves.” 

In fact, “the ability of the organizations to achieve the targets … has declined.” That’s consistent with the findings of three federal auditors-general going back to 2005.

They described decades of failures by federal governments of all political stripes to improve the lives of Indigenous people, as “unacceptable” (Sheila Fraser), “incomprehensible” (Michael Ferguson), and “honestly disheartening” (Karen Hogan).

That’s because our parasite class doesn’t actually care about these people. They’re useful golems to use against the White Peasants, and nothing more. If they really gave a shit they’d crack down on rampant alcoholism and violent offenses done by these people on the reservations. But they don’t care, so they don’t do that.

Ferguson said in a series of scathing reports from 2016-18 that Ottawa manages its Indigenous programs “to accommodate the people running them, rather than the people receiving the services.”

As a result, poverty, unemployment, addiction, incarceration, abuse and school drop-out rates remain stubbornly higher compared to the general population.

“We don’t see those gaps closing” Ferguson said. “We don’t even see that they know how to measure those gaps.”

Abos are Canada’s Negros, from the perspective of our parasite class. They will never have good rates of wealth and high school graduation, due to innate differences that every Schlomo who pretends to care is fully aware of. Even still, you could do some good by cracking down hard on drug smuggling and alcohol abuse, coupled with harsh penalties for violent offenses, but the parasites pretending to advocate for these people are pushing for exactly the opposite.

These people are the masters of turning politics into industry. They’ve erected this massive deca-billion dollar grift operation that gets to accomplish the real political goal of hurting Whitey, while also giving them worthless sinecures where they never have to work and contribute to society. Pretty sweet grift, if you can get it.

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