The first day of Pope Francis’s “penitential pilgrimage” began with a heartfelt apology delivered at the site of one of Canada’s largest residential schools and ended eight hours later with blessings and songs at an intimate service in the only designated Indigenous church in Canada.

In a morning event in a First Nation community in central Alberta, Pope Francis apologized for members of the Catholic Church who co-operated with Canada’s “devastating” policy of Indigenous residential schools.

He said the forced assimilation of Indigenous peoples into Christian society destroyed their cultures, severed their families and marginalized generations in ways still being felt today.

“I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous peoples,” Francis told thousands of Indigenous people, including many survivors, who converged on Maskwacis, Alta., about 100 kilometres south of Edmonton

I’m not bothering to transcribe any more of that propaganda piece. We all know what’s going on, it’s Pope Francis re-affirming the Gravocaust Slander. More importantly I want to use this to take a dump on grifting faggots demanding everyone convert to Catholicism. 

You know, the TradCath manlets.

I never bothered debunking the whole TradCath Grift, because it was so obvious that these catboi cocksuckers were totally disingenuous. 

And I’d also like to say that if you’re Catholic, that’s perfectly fine. I personally don’t care either way. But being Catholic, you’re supposed to believe that the Pope is literally the physical embodiment of god or something, right? And you’re supposed to follow all of this papal decrees. And yet this guy looks like a pedophile, and he’s a huge Globo Homo Enjoyer.

Again, the Catboi Cultists were always disingenuous, and simply used their fake TradCath beliefs as an artificial means of division. But even if we accept the premise that the tranny porn enthusiasts are humble Catholics it still doesn’t make any sense. How about instead of whining that I’m not Catholic you first focus on the pedo pope.

Because I’ve never studied church doctrine for one day, but I’m pretty sure I’m already more Catholic than this creep, simply by virtue of being normal.

Catholicism as a pre-requisite to political action was always one of the dumbest and most transparent divide and conquer strategies of the Manlet Cult. Imagine demanding everyone swear fealty to this creep before contesting a school board election.

Frankly, the same goes for Christianity more broadly. I’m irreligious, and would be attacked as “pagan,” or something idiotic by these twerps. Yet when a church gets burned to the ground, who calls into the RCMP demanding hate crime charges?

That’s right, this guy.

Not this one.

I hope that settles that.

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