I recently received an email from an adoring fan. Transcript below.


I found your site via TRS/FTN. Would love to send you a donation. Do you have a PO Box or any other options to donate? I was about to renew my TRS subscription and thought you should copy their Money Order option with your own PO Box instructions, I am sure you have a decent crossover with the TRS audience.

I did a roadtrip through your part of Canada once, I understand why you love it so much. I wish you all the best in trying to preserve and protect what you have. It is an amazing place and I hope to visit again in the future.

I love reading your articles because I seem to actually laugh out loud at least once per, the constant memes make it. Please continue to keep up the great work.
Unsolicited advice: On your worst days please take a break from the computer, walk outside, and remember the thousands of people who appreciate what you are doing. Then go back and keep fighting to reach even more people. It’s all worth it.

And earlier today I received the following telegram message.

Love the articles Rake! Keep them coming! How to support you?

And the long and short of it is, you don’t.

Okay, it’s more complicated than that, and for now you can visit the Donations page and see if you can navigate crypto. There are some decent reasons why I have been dragging my feet on providing people with an easy way to fund the site. A PO Box isn’t a bad idea, and will eventually be necessary, although there are potentially some issues with me being in Canada.

But mostly I’m still navigating the site to it’s final form. I have never been in this to do political commentary. I am only doing this to get tangible political results. I’ve been heavily thinking about doing my own suicide candidacy in South-Surrey for the upcoming provincial by-election, and I will happily take donations then. And I want to get people organized to do our own runs for office in BC in late November. Not necessarily to win, but to raise awareness for future political actions.

When I am doing this serious political activism, I will be demanding shekels like no tomorrow. This will happen very soon, although the exact form this will take is still undecided. A week before that happens I will be figuring this all out and getting everything organized, with some trial runs to get the glitches out. And again, I’ll be sending angry emails demanding more shekels constantly. Trust me when I say the hand rubbing will be hot and heavy, and start almost immediately.

But that’s just the thing, almost. I will also be exploring other options, but again, that all comes later. For now, thank you for reading everyday, try to spread the site however you can, and I’ll be keeping you posted with political activism updates on Mondays.

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