Let’s check in on the WEF, and see what’s going on over there.

But I’m seeing that there is something wrong here. Look at our panel. Don’t you think something is missing?

Well I’m not seeing any White People, but I’d bet my left nut that this WEF negress doesn’t mind Whitey being underrepresented here.

I mean we are Black and Brown People here.

I have to admit, I didn’t really expect that. I wonder what her angle is going –

The people with the privilege, who practice de racism are not here. Something is wrong.

Oh, right. Remember Whitey, it’s great when they deny White People representation and a voice, but it’s also you oppressing them or something when you’re not physically present to be berated by these anti-Whites.

Yes, in the global space there is racism. And we must tackle it. It’s been with us for 500 years. It was an idea, an ideology created to justify an economy of slavery. 

And it has stayed. Slavery ended, colonialism ended, but the idea, the ideology has remained. And we have to remove it, fight it, take it out of instutions[sic] out of our minds.

Da Racism be da Whyte Peepol ideology be da colonialism slavery. Da brownie and blackie be da five hundred years victim of da Racism. Da chains of Whyte Supreemacy be da instution[sic] of da systemic Oppression.

I’m starting to think more and more that running on making it illegal to slander White People by saying that we ran the slave trade would be an important thing for the NJP to put as one of their party planks. Get Jazzhands McFeels to do the exhaustive deep dive and make sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row on this one, and then never shut up about it.

But ye talk about the global space. Well, let me poot it dis way. Racism is not only when Black peepol or Brown Peepol cannot breather because of powleece violence which we’ve talked about. 

Racism is when Black Peepol, Brown Peepol, People of Cawlaw, take their last breathe because of poleecy violence. Poleecy violence.

She really says it like that. I thought she was saying “police violence.” Instead she’s trying to say “policy violence.”

Beyond that, she has this truly repulsive combination of anti-Whiteness coupled with barely being able to speak our language. Then she tops it off with this weird fake-nice affectation that she throws over the whole thing.

When dey are denied laife saving pandemic ending medicines, because dey leeve in majority Black countries, or Brown countries. When they can’t access care or education because debt is choking them. What would you call that? Dat’s racism.

They’re not denied vaccines because they live in majority Black countries, honey. They are denied vaccines because their governments are too poor to pony up for Pfizer’s most profitable product of all times. The idea that the jew CEO of Pfizer is sitting there and denying them these boosters because they’re brown is too stupid to take seriously enough to debunk. 

And there are a lot of White People drowning in debt, whether from student loans or something else. Does this anti-White cunt give a shit about them? No, of course not, she probably thinks that’s funny. But when dem Black Peepol be havin’ dem loans dat be dat dere racism of Whiteness.

I want to take one issue, a recent one. A year and a half, since the first doses of Cohveeed were delivahed, 70% of de people in high income countries, where – which are predominantly HuWhyte, are fully vaccinated. But only dirteen percent of people in lower income countries, mostly brown and black are not –

The video cuts off there, and I’d had just about enough anyway. I didn’t originally know that woman’s name, but it turns out it’s Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. 


Winifred Byanyima (born 13 January 1959), is a Ugandan aeronautical engineer, politician, human rights activist, feminist and diplomat. She is the executive director of UNAIDS, effective November 2019.

Aeronautical engineer? This thing?

This thing is designing the aerospace future for Uganda.

Well, clownworld does have it’s entertainment.

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  1. Anything involving Uganda and engineering is a hoot. Here’s a recent one, an actor from “Empire” who made a visit to the Ugandan government to talk to them about his theories of math and shit.

    >He stated that while studying chemical engineering at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in the early ’90s, he found an “inconsistency with the math there. I went out to explore a new way of understanding how the universe works, and I was able to define the grand unified field equation they’ve been looking for and put it into geometry. With that geometry, I was able to put props on that.”


    If you go to his personal website, he will explain to you that 1×1=2. Yes, 1^2 = 2


  2. Aeronautical engineer, at least in Winnifred’s case, is kind of like calling a garbage man a “sanitation engineer.”

    Winnie worked as a flight engineer for Uganda Airlines for a few years before going off -ahem- “fighting” in some bush war rebellion. Btw, a flight engineer doesn’t fly or co-pilot a jet. Instead, Winnie monitored a panel providing engine and a other flight systems information. Winnie’s career was obsolete when her occupation was computerized.

    Anyhow, Winnie was given advanced training in engineering, at great tax payer expense; and like most wahmen, did dick all with it. No bridges. No factories. No roads. Nada. So much for roi.

    Instead, and like so many wahmen professionals she makes a living complaining about the patriarchy, wyte pipo oppression, etc. Just another sickening parasite.

  3. That’s clearly a tranny.

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