A new analysis from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection suggests a stark rise in sextortion crimes targeting youth, with the majority of victims being adolescent boys.

The Winnipeg-based agency says it opened 322 cases this July, compared to 85 in July 2021 and just 15 in July 2019.

Of those 322 cases last month, 92 per cent involved boys or young men. 

So these sextortionists are getting lewd pictures of young boys and then blackmailing them into sending them money? How’s that supposed to work?

“The difference is that for young girls, what we’re seeing is often the individuals have the sexual interest in the girls, and so they’re looking to gain more imagery, gain videos from them to fuel that sexual interest,” he said.

“In this case with the boys, the difference is that these individuals really don’t have that sexual interest, but they have the drive to make money.”

Stephen Sauer, director of Cybertip.ca at the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, says the centre is seeing more reports of young boys being extorted for compromising photos.

I have to admit, I’m still a little confused here. The method for getting compromising dirt on the girl is to actually have sex with her. I’m not the expert, so I’m just hypothesizing here, but most teenage boys are not going to be overly concerned if everyone knows that they had sex with some broad.

In many of these cases, the perpetrators are manipulating teen boys to extort them into giving them money, often by posing as a young woman on social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram, he said.

“Realizing that youth, especially boys at this age, are vulnerable to manipulation tactics to get them to engage in sexual acts online … biologically, they basically move too quickly comply with these kind of requests,” he said.

Uh oh.

“There’s a lot of shame associated with this, so then they will also comply with paying to hopefully mitigate the distribution of that image or video.


Let me announce this in no uncertain terms to the entirety of the Daily Rake readership. I am not allowing you to send pictures of your junk to that girl you are interested in. It doesn’t matter if you are 100% sure that she’s real. It doesn’t even matter if she’s your girlfriend. Dick Pics will not be a part of the Daily Rake program moving forwards.

The same goes for wahmens. Nobody wants to see that pussy shot. Trust me, your vagina is not going to look particularly appetizing in that unlit crotch shot you snap, thinking you look all sexy. If you think that a guy is going to be actually turned on by that, think again. If you really want to send something sexy, try biting your lip and taking a selfie. Remember girls, subtlety is the essence of sensuality.

It’s something Derek Lints knows all too well. His son, Daniel, a rural Manitoba teenager who was a hard-working athlete and student, took his own life in February after being sexually exploited online.

In an email Thursday, Lints said he would like to see governments step in and impose more regulations on tech companies. 

I agree with Derek. It’s clearly absurd that our government is not stepping in and stopping the Hornt Epidemic we’re dealing with. Then again, it’s also ridiculous that they refuse to shut down pornography and war propaganda, while sending us to jail for lampshadocaust fact-checking and trannyphobia.

Blackmail is already illegal, so if you’re being blackmailed you can go to the cops and turn it around on your blackmailer. But in the meantime, best to not put you and your schlong in that situation to begin with.

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