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Alberta has awarded a prize to an essayist who argues the sexes are not equal and that women should pick babies over careers to avoid the province having to import more foreigners and risk “cultural suicide.”

Hold on, Jaime can we pull up that Old Skool clip that perfectly fits this situation.

The United Conservative government removed the essay from its legislature website on Tuesday following a wave of social media condemnation.

Apparently the United Cuckservative Party of Alberta did not share our enthusiasm for this essay, and holocausted it from their site. This will of course not be popular with the electorate, but will be very popular with their big money donors and some troons on twatter.

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Alberta’s associate minister for the Status of Women, was the contest organizer and the head of the judging panel.

She initially distanced herself from the affair then, as criticism mounted, took responsibility without explaining which judges decided to award the prize and why.

“The essay contest was intended to reflect a broad range of opinions from young Alberta women on what democracy means for them,” Armstrong-Homeniuk said in a statement Tuesday morning.

“While the essay in question certainly does not represent the views of all women, myself included, the essay in question should not have been chosen.”

Later in the afternoon, Homeniuk issued an updated statement saying some of her caucus and cabinet colleagues had raised concerns.

“It’s clear that the process failed, and I apologize for my role in that,” she said. 

“The selection of this particular essay and awarding it with third prize was a failure on my part as the head of the judging panel.” 

Armstrong-Homeniuk had been the face of the contest since it was introduced in February.

The “Her Vision Inspires” contest challenged women ages 17 to 25 to describe their ideas for a better Alberta.

The UCP put on this ghey little “young wahmens for democracy,” bullshit competition called “Her Vision Inspires”. The entries they expected were almost certainly tedious intersectional feminist garbage about how trans Black Womxyn need more representation or whatever.

The top two essays suggest ways to get more women, and the public in general, involved in public life.

Boy, I bet those were gripping reads.

Nevertheless, these were the essays that the UCP wanted. In third place we have /ourgirl/ S. Silver.

The third-place winner — identified only as S. Silver — won a $200 prize to be spent at the legislature gift shop.

That’s the prize equivalence of kissing your sister, but let’s skip ahead to the good part, where we get a recap of Based Silver’s essay.

Silver’s essay posits that the governing mission of humanity is to reproduce itself, but that Alberta has lost its way to instead pursue “selfish and hedonistic goals.”

The solution, she argues, is to acknowledge that “women are not exactly equal to men.” 

Society, she writes, should celebrate and embrace the birthing role of women and stop pushing them to put off prime procreation years while they “break into careers that men traditionally dominate.”

She says the idea that Alberta can put off procreation and instead “import foreigners to replace ourselves … is a sickly mentality that amounts to a drive for cultural suicide.”

Considering that this is a competition for wahmens between the ages of 17 and 25, I think I may have found my wife. I’m not even saying that ironically, there is a non-zero chance that, as we get the ball rolling politically, the two of us meet. When that happens all bets are off, because words cannot describe how badly I want to get up this chicks guts.

I don’t know what she looks like, because these cunts refuse to give Saint Silver the screentime she deserves. It doesn’t matter, women with the right politics is an aphrodisiac far more powerful than looking good in a skimpy bathing suit. Having said that, I will be assuming she’s a solid ten out of ten physically, with a cute face and an extremely breedable body.

Cooper’s office, in a statement, said the contest was conceived and administered by Armstrong-Homeniuk in her role as regional chair of the Commonwealth Women’s Parliamentarians group. It added that neither the Speaker’s nor the legislative assembly office were involved in picking the essays “in any capacity.” 

“As soon as the content of the third-place winner was brought to the Speaker’s attention, he immediately made the decision for the content to be removed,” said the statement. 

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

Fortunately we do have pictures of the seething women involved, and we can say without a shadow of a doubt that they look exactly how we’d expect. Above is the United Conservative Party “Associate Minister of Status of Women,” Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk. Now first of all, I didn’t expect there to even be such a thing as the Associate Minister of Status of Women. However, now that I know there is one she looks exactly how I’d expect.

Lise Gotell, a women’s and gender studies professor at the University of Alberta, said the essay perpetuates an essentialist, sexist and racist point of view stemming from the long discredited and outdated concept that a women’s role is to reproduce as a bulwark against immigration.

“The fact that it was chosen says a great deal about the views on appropriate gender roles being advanced by this government,” said Gotell.

“This essay reads like something that quite frankly could’ve been written in the 19th century.”

Lise Gotell

Above we see Women’s and Gender Studies U of A professor Lise Gotell. We’re two for two on the physiognomy bias confirmation.

Alberta Politics:

New Democrat Janis Irwin, MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood and the Opposition party’s critic for women’s and LGBTQ2S+ issues, seems to have been among the first to spot it. No sooner did she tweet about it with screenshots than all three winning “essays” were ripped down from the Legislature’s website

Janis Irwin

Above we see Janis Irwin. She’s the NDP’s critic for women and perverts. You’ll notice I say “she,” and not “he,” despite her obviously being a tranny. Except in this case, Janis isn’t a tranny. She’s legitimately a woman, just incredibly hideous.

I’m being dead serious. This is a real woman we’re looking at.


She’s wearing the tranny flag, but she isn’t one. She was legitimately born with that monstrous face and there’s nothing she can do about it other than take out her misanthropic anger on you.

Speaker Nathan Cooper told media that even though the essay somehow got published on his office’s website, he found its contents “abhorrent” and said that as soon as it was brought to his attention (by Ms. Irwin’s tweet?) he had it removed. 

Ultimately the person who was responsible for removing the essay was this guy. Aaaaand this is what his face looks like.

UCP Speaker Nathan Cooper

At a certain point it’s not confirmation bias, it’s just being right about everything.

Back to City News.

Three candidates in the race to replace Premier Jason Kenney as party leader and premier also took to Twitter to criticize the award.

It’s a disgrace that an essay saying women are not equal to men won an award sponsored by government. Women, and their contributions, are equally valuable and amazing whether we are moms or not. Can’t believe this needs to be said,” wrote Rebecca Schulz.

I couldn’t find a picture of Rebecca, so I’ll just assume this is basically her. It’s also possible she’s some childless skank, in which case this is more appropriate.

Rajan Sawhney followed up: “Agree, Rebecca. Same goes for the comments about ‘foreigners.’ Alberta is the proud home of people from all over the world — from Ukraine, to the Philippines, and everywhere in between.”

Rajan Sawhney

Thanks Rajan. It’s so nice to have it reinforced that Alberta is just an economic zone for international finance capital and not a real place.

Leela Aheer said: “Well, I read 1st and 2nd place (essays). Those were great! I’m not sure how the 3rd essay elevates women.

Leela Aheer

Well Leela, it elevated wahmens by explicitly praising what wahmen are actually good at, which is being cute and getting pregnant.

Don’t hate me because I speak the truth. Men are better than women at everything, literally everything except being adorable and giving birth. If that makes you angry just go ahead and use the rational part of your mind, which for men is the whole thing, and for women is a small underdeveloped pea-sized part at the top of the front lobe, and come up with a counter-example. You can’t do it, because it’s not true.

Archived Link for Essay:

Women have a unique strength: our ability to give birth. This strength cannot be justly undermined, underestimated, or demeaned, for without it none of us would be alive today, our way of life and our culture would vanish, our very species would cease to exist. While it is sadly popular nowadays to think that the world would be better off without humans, or that Albertan children are unnecessary as we can import foreigners to replace ourselves, this is a sickly mentality that amounts to a drive for cultural suicide. The first rule of health for any biological population is their ability to reproduce and pass along their way of life into the future.

Luckily I managed to find an archived link of the essay itself. /Ourgirl/ starts off strong, with a statement that is both true and edgy at the same time. Let’s see if Silver keeps the momentum going.

This biological reality is also under attack by present-day delusion. To try to promote that women break into careers that men traditionally dominate is not only misguided, but it is harmful. Such a focus detracts from the languishing unique strength and the truly important role that women have in the preservation of our community, culture, and species. 

It didn’t even occur to me until now, but she probably got a few trannies to commit suicide after writing this. A focus on pregnancy as the defining characteristic of women, or even just something to be celebrated, is going to crush their black, misshapen tranny souls. No matter how much estrogen they put themselves on, they’re not going to be able to get pregnant and give birth. Therefore the promotion of the mother as the platonic ideal of the women is a harsh slap in the face to their delusions.

Unfortunately, present day government policies all-too-often have this misguided and harmful aim. Many women now realize in their late 30s that they actually want a child after having been taught that career was what mattered earlier in their lives, and they then regret not having done it earlier, when they were in their prime. 

Did Stefan Molyneaux write this? She’s barely even a half step away from the empty egg carton meme. This reminds me of redpill manosphere stuff from the aughts, only sexier. If Roosh was a prime teen girl not so subtly putting out the messaging to the World that she’s looking for some good dick and considers herself eminently breedable than I probably would have paid more attention back in the day.

Others couldn’t afford to have children when they were younger. Sadly, having children is an expensive burden in our modern society. It is this way because our society has become oriented around personal greed and selfish and hedonistic goals. Families who are trying to raise children are competing for resources such as housing, and are at a disadvantage in this environment. And while there is some government assistance for people with children, it is primarily focused on the lowest income parents, so it provides little help to middle class families. 

Silver and I would certainly have a few hedonistic weekends, but there’s no question that her point is true in the context of society at large. Anti-Natal policies are the reason why we have low birthrates, and they should and must be changed by any legitimate government looking after the populace.

My vision of Alberta is a place that is oriented around healthy families and communities again, not around personal greed and selfishness. Recognizing children as being of the utmost importance in our society would be the cornerstone of such a future. Unity among people requires shared common values, and the importance of children and family are the most fundamental values of any healthy population, so this is also the place to start towards achieving greater unity among presently-divided Albertans. 

Once again I don’t know what Silver actually looks like, but we have an in house artist’s interpretation below.

She’s also extremely young and interested in breeding. Just sayin’.

As a future parliamentarian, I would promote healthy appreciation for the value that young Albertan women have in their ability to carry our population forward into the future. I believe that the best approach would be to reward families for their reproductive service both with financial rewards to offset the financial burden they are taking on and with medals to symbolize their valuable achievement of having 2+ children. Encouraging our society to reorient in this healthier perspective would provide the greatest good for Alberta going forward and would alleviate many of the problems that we are currently facing.

Medals for mothers? Where have we heard that before?

I don’t know if Silver did this as a troll, or if she had no idea that the NSDAP handed out medals to German mothers who had a large amount of children. If she’s trolling them then that’s incredibly sexy of her, and we need to go out ASAP. If she didn’t know, but came up with this idea independently, then she honest to god may be the most adorable creature in all of creation, and we need to go out ASAP.

In all seriousness, I would love nothing more than doing an interview with this “S. Silver.” It’s always nice to see a woman with a nice head on her shoulders.

Speaking of which, the next part of my long overdue Monika Schaefer interview writeups is due out later today.

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  1. Kudos to Ms. Silver for revealing the anti-White, globo-homo-schlomos in Alberta’s legislative branch.

  2. Now this girl sounds like some kind of socialist to me…

    A National Socialist!

    And her last name is Silver? Not to rain on your fantasy parade, but have you ever met a goy with the last name Silver?
    Unfortunately this could just be a dude writing an essay to troll the competition and he used a jew name cuz he though it was funny.

    1. I came here to say she’s jewish but you have gone even further, HH friend

  3. I refuse to believe that Janis is a woman. I’ve seen some ugly females, but even those uggos were unmistakably feminine.

  4. Russia also gives out medals for PARENTS with lots of children. The top one is called “The Order of Parental Glory”. For SEVEN children. They also have one for four children, “The Medal of the Order of Parental Glory”. To show how important these are, the medal just above them in the hierarchy is “The Medal For Merit in Space Exploration.” I actually think Parental Glory should be higher, or a medal for mothers only should be higher. NO greater or more important job in the world than being a mother. Except if you’re a mudshark. Then you can fuck, off.

    And I have to agree, Silver is a jewish name. S.Silver is probably Sarah Silver(man). And as no jew would have written this, it’s a good guy psyop. Now as to how it got third place, somebody/s in “power” agrees with it. So take that little white pill, at least.

  5. Conservatism needs to be delegitimized and crushed.

  6. Why are people from all over the world be in Alberta? — could it be because other people just like them created a country so shitty that they decided they didn’t want to live there? — why should Whites see the presence of such people as beneficial?

    Eve Herman, a German TV news presenter some years ago, lost her job and was basically shunned and excluded from public life after saying positive things about some of the pro-family policies of the Third Reich — in Germany you are not allowed to say anything positive about that period of German history.

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