Remember Amy Eileen Hamm? She’s the nurse who is getting dragged through the courts by the BC Nurses Federation. She’s one of my three follows on twatter, and she retweeted out this image. I’ll transcribe the text below.


You all want me to share more abut my pregnancy. Not the way I’m beating[sic] treated. This is the reason I refuse to share more as it is.

At first I simply assumed this was a nothingburger. Some woman was LARPing as a man, got pregnant, and is now dealing with severe cognitive dissonance. But no, Black Trans Girl in Maine is a man LARPing as a woman. He is also now pregnant.

So how exactly did this happen?

I made one post about pregnancy complications and the post quickly revealed how many transphobic and hateful people are in this world. The post has over 700 reactions and over 200 shares. Do you truly think I want to deal with all of that? Nope. Too much stress and stimulation for one brain and body.


You’ll notice that we’re not getting to the medical miracle part yet. How did Black Trans Girl in Maine, which yes, is literally the name he calls himself, get pregnant?

I refuse to document my ENTIRE experience here on social media. You will not break my soul as Queen Bey has been singing.

I’m going to cut this mystery short and just tell you that this guy is just a mentally ill anti-White tranny who pretended to be pregnant. That’s it. So it’s freaking out on social media probably because everybody on the internet who was exposed to his post was roasting his fake pregnancy.

All the messages, harassment, racism and transphobia is way to much for one human (well two) to endure. I need support right now not hatred.

Sometimes I cheat and read the whole thing ahead of time just to pretend to be a better predictor of Clownworld than I actually am. In this case, that simply was not necessary. I had the utmost confidence that even normie Facebookers would be responding to his pregnancy LARP with messages like “dude, you’re not pregnant, you’re a man.” To which he would be responding with reasonable messages like “YOU ARE LITERALLY FUCKING GENOCIDING ME YOU CISNORMATIVE ATROCITIES OF WHITENESS.”

Goldman Baby Adventures: Elizabeth’s Uterus Transplant & IVF Journey (Elizabeth Goldman)

has been tirelessly documenting her experience with having a uterine transplant and it’s a privilege to do so. I’m not a cis woman. I don’t have that kind of time but I’m grateful that she does.

Black Trans Girl in Maine (BTGM) links the Elizabeth Goldman story, but I don’t have access to the link so I had to look it up. Luckily I found it, and it’s actually quite a bit less bad than you might think.


Six weeks ago today my life changed!
Having my eight hour uterus transplant surgery was the start of my biggest and wildest dream coming to life right before my eyes! 🥹😍

Elizabeth Goldman is a real woman. She recently got a uterus transplant surgery, which is rare, but nothing new. This tranny links to her story because he thinks that if a woman with a defective uterus got a brand spanking new one from an organ donor, then he can get one too. Well technically he can, it’s just not going to work.

Back to BTGiM.

I’m back in Maine now. My surgeon and private healthcare team doesn’t operate in the US. This is Black business. You will not find any information on the internet about my experience other than what I’ve written on my Patreon site and my own website.

Just to reiterate, even if he got a uterus he could still not get pregnant.

Twitter Response:

So they’ve actually tried this with rats. Results: “females are not simply males with a uterus, as any biologist could have told you”

I appreciate the enthusiasm “Banana Nutbread,” but we’re not dealing with a creature that has a reality based worldview.

You may be wondering where I got all these images of Black Trans Girl in Maine. 

I searched for “Black Trans Girl in Maine,” and his site was the top response.So what is the philosophy of the expecting mother?

Black Trans Girl in Maine:

I’m a Queer and Trans Southern Black girl who was raised poor, “Christian” and “male.” Over the past six years, I’ve learned some deeply pervasive and disturbing truths about being Black in America that’s necessary for me to share with you. My hope is that you listen, ask good questions, take notes and grow!!

My writings are rooted in my lived experiences as a Black, Trans-Queer and Nonbinary woman navigating anti-Black racism in one of the whitest states in America. While exploring my words, you’ll be taken on a journey that you’re most likely very unfamiliar with, one that may also make you uncomfortable.

I’ll talk about white-bodied supremacy, advocate for social and racial justice, entertain you through art activism and raise awareness of issues surrounding Black Trans Women in America. I’ll provide solutions to many of these issues through one on one conversations with you, supported by the labor of my Black ancestors as well as Black people who have made it possible for me to write and share wisdom and truth with you today.

Being Black in America is so, so challenging and very difficult. Allow me to share with you my gifts so that we can all strive for a more inclusive and anti-racist society for all humans. Buckle up my friend! This journey is going to be a loving yet cutting experience that will only leave you discovering a more authentic version of yourself. In return, you’ll gain insight, hope and joy that comes from being a better ancestor for your generations to come. Please consider leaning on the right side of history as I write my heart out for you to see and hear.



Is he saying that his name is Truth now, or does he just sign off like that?

It doesn’t really matter either way. You can find this weirdos blog posts here if you really want to get into the mind of such things. Personally I think I’ll step out now, because there’s only so much of this combination of anti-White, perverted, and ridiculous. That and his blog posts are miles of text, and I don’t care enough to even make fun of them.

But if you still have social media, on the off chance that you find him, please do not harass him. The stress will be bad for the baby.

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  1. the baby is just monkeypox

  2. The man’s real name is Dontavis Hines. He has several alternate identities including Malivia Nichols, Truth Speaks and often uses the number 207 in his various handles. Despite his obvious lies, he’s garnering more support than ever on Facebook. People are donating money and baby items through his various platforms and Amazon registry. Meanwhile, instead of being grateful for this twisted windfall, he continues to doxx people in his own “community” – specifically a group of drag queens in his current town of residence. He also insults all of our intelligence and flaunts the legality of representing himself as a nurse (and a travel nurse at that!) while attacking any and all actual healthcare workers who point out his obvious “inconsistencies”. He was hospitalized in a mental health facility for over a month earlier this year and has twisted this into his “surgical recovery” time for the “uterine transplant and IVF”. Now he is posting that his medical “team” got the due date incorrect. It’s all very embarrassing for his adult followers, but dangerous to anyone young that stumbles across his nonsense. His “husband” is a woman who has had testosterone therapy and top surgery and is quite likely physically, but definitely mentally and emotionally abused by him. She is seen condemning the white race and transphobia in several videos that absolutely reek of desperation. Bottom line, this guy needs serious help before he kills his partner and/or steals a baby. He is truly that psychotic.

    1. Great comment Dontavis.

  3. Seems that uterine transplantation and birth via IVF is possible.
    So kinda wrong therr

    1. Not in biological MALES it isn’t

    2. Possible in women. Real women.

    3. Uterine transplant and subsequent pregnancy has never been successfully done in ANYONE AMAB. The ONLY successful uttering transplants and subsequent pregnancies have been done in biological women. It may be possible in the future, but not for a good while. The science just isn’t there yet. truth speaks /malivia Nichols is lying. Full stop.

      1. *uterine

  4. I saw this posted for a split second on his facebook, but now it’s gone. Bummer. Feel free to copy/paste and make sure others can see it on his page:

    Oh where to begin, Dontavis. Here you are bullying another person for not virtue signaling quite enough for your impossible standards. Scrolling through your multiple social media profiles, blogs, pages and fraudulent fundraisers you sure do paint a picture of hypocrisy and dishonesty. The most egregious example being your “uterine transplant and IVF”. How anyone can successfully navigate Facebook while possessing an IQ low enough to believe even one word of this, is truly beyond me. I suppose it isn’t called “Geniusbook” for a reason. Not only is the original surgery a fraud, your timetable throughout the “pregnancy” and “birth” is so hilariously ridiculous, I actually chuckled when I was scrolling through. Let’s reminisce shall we? “Pregnant” in mid/late February, yet “delivered” in early September. Not only that, but these two procedures have never been performed in tandem (that means “at the same time” for most of your readers who won’t understand) on biological women. No monitoring? No bed rest? No press and all the attention they would bring (and you would love) for your medically groundbreaking procedure? Not only was your “baby” full term and healthy after less than 7 months gestation, you flew “overseas”, had what would have amounted to a c-section AND hysterectomy, were gifted a g*n (detail thrown in as you have no doubt received threats from locals you have doxxed at the Blackstone), and then flew back within 48 hours. And THEN (the crown jewel) went apple picking the next day. As any real mother, medical professional or most anyone with a modicum of intelligence would know, you aren’t cleared to fly immediately following any major procedure and you certainly wouldn’t feel like twirling around a field taking photographs in the aftermath of a real birth. Of course, I know where you were in February, and while it was the hospital, it was of quite a different variety! You were released far too soon and most of the providers (whom documented various personality disorders – NPD being the front-runner) agreed. Often charted and accurately at that; you believed yourself “smarter than those assigned to care for you and showed frequent attempts at manipulation” despite having very little actual medical knowledge. You flunked out of nursing school. Twice. Saying that you “practiced nursing for 13 years prior to becoming a SAHM” would date you as a graduated and board certified RN at the young tender age of 18 – I know most of your readers can’t do simple math, but I can. You just posted about your 31st birthday, or did you forget? I could write my own blog cataloging every lie you’ve told this year and would never be short of material. You are an endless supply of the worst kind of entertainment. There is a reason freak shows no longer operate in polite society as it isn’t kind to poke fun at another’s misfortune, but the freaks of old did not choose to be mutilated versions, instead it was a sad twist of fate. That is where you differ. You actually choose to be a victim as it has proven an easier path than putting forth effort to be a success. I will now address the fetish lackeys; Those who continue to support you either emotionally or financially, are you proud of contributing to and validating this incredibly destructive behavior? What do you gain from such nonsense? I am genuinely curious as to your motives. But I digress, back to the heart of the issue; Dontavis. You will have to answer for your misdeeds, that is certain. It will take a long time to acknowledge the karma as such, but it will happen. Part of the reason you are so emotionally hindered is because you refuse to address the NPD. The surface narcissism exhibited “heart reacting” your own posts and commenting from alternate profiles is on a level of self-absorption that few have attained. Thank goodness for the rest of us, I suppose. I do sympathize with your partner. It must be exhausting for her to constantly apologize for being the wrong race and never supportive enough to quell your constant needs. I hope she finds the strength to break free from your abuse.

    1. Thanks for this, although I’m not reading a giant wall of text, my understanding is that Dontavious is indeed the delusional narcissist we all expected him to be.

    2. I read your very long post and agree with all of it. I predict a very scary outcome here and someone is going to get hurt. Dante is a terrible person. I have seen the path of misery he leaves behind him in the past decade he has lived in Maine. He needs serious help. His “husband” needs to break away from his abuse. She did give birth this baby and he even tried to take the credit for that. Its narcissism on a level I have NEVER seen before. Unfortunately she doesnt seem any better prepared to care for this child either. She enables Dantes abuse. I truly hope the child ends up in the custody of the state.

  5. Absolute circus happening on his Facebook page right now – stolen baby, Karens, police, Trump, racism…then a manicure, recipe, back to drama, fraudulent fundraising.

  6. Dontavis’ “wife” (goes by Noah but real name is Theresa Wilson) had a baby on November 5th at Maine Medical Center. Since that time he has terrorized her including filing harassment charges against her mother and threatened to take the baby. At least now we know he still has bait and tackle and the young woman hasn’t mutilated her lower half either, but the thought of an innocent baby with that monster makes me sick.

    1. Honest to god, this might be the craziest thing to come out of ClownWorld.

      1. The craziest thing is that black trans girl in Maine just ADMITTED he didn’t give birth and a handful of his followers are actually attacking him for lying. He also admitted he’s not a nurse, never moved and is transitioning back to being a man – with nude photos of himself sprinkled in. It’s all very entertaining. Oh, and Theresa is threatening everyone for sharing her “private information” – can anyone enlighten me on this? I’ve never seen anything on her that isn’t public record. Just like BTGIM he literally posts EVERYTHING himself and then says people are “stalking” him ROTFLMAO

        1. Somehow it just keeps getting more insane.

    2. Yes she did give birth to this baby. I believe they call her Ziya (spelled wrong) I feel so sorry for this baby. Theresa (Noah) is in an abusive situation but she doesnt seem any better prepared to care for this child either. She enables Dantes abuse. I truly hope the child ends up in the custody of the state.

      1. Wow. How sure are you the baby is a girl? They hinted it was a boy previously and have been dressing it more masculine, but maybe thats the cover. dante has been posting so much drama about himself (shocking narcissist) and the baby today. Apparently it’s very sick (hospitalized) and of course he’s threatening to run again after getting discharged and take the baby from Theresa. Is anyone else following his Facebook page? Is there anyone we can call to get this baby to safety?

  7. Hi all you hypocrital assholes!

    This is Noah. You have all been calling me “Theresa” and using the wrong pronouns for me. Your transphobic comments aren’t cute or heroic. You know exactly what you’re doing in trying to paint me as a woman being abused. So let me set a few things straight for you narrow minded sinners:
    1. I’m not a woman. I’m a man and my name is Noah. Would you like to see my ID that states these things? You are getting things wrong legally. How are you going to try to take a baby away (that is what you’re doing in saying you’re going to “get them to safety”) if you don’t even know their parents legal names or sexes?
    2. Our baby is fine. They are healthy and happy and when they grow up, they will learn all about internet trolls like you who talk a big game and threaten to take kids from Trans people but can’t do shit in real life. They’ll learn that their parents will do anything to protect them from people like you.
    3. Show up and say these things to my face. You’ll get what you deserve for talking shit about my wife and child.
    4. I’m not being abused. If anything I am abusive when I perpetuate racism and white supremacy. Don’t you know anything about whiteness and white supremacy? Or do you just live by its doctrine without caring to study the verses? Don’t you know that white people have literally hung and burned and kidnapped and shot and mutilated Black people? Don’t you know we did this while murdering Indigenous people and attempting to commit genocide against them? Don’t you know Black people built the buildings you study in, the roads you drive on, the stores you buy from, because they were enslaved and being forced to by white people? You can’t talk about abuse until you reckon with your own whiteness and what your white ancestors have likely done to Black people. Perhaps they’d be proud of you, following in their footsteps and attempting to kill a Black Trans Woman with your violent words. Perhaps.
    5. You don’t know anything about our baby and you never will. If any of you ever steps to me or my family, you will get shot. I have no hesitation when it comes to self defense and defending defending family from people who are trying to take our baby or hurt/kill us. I promise you I will not feel any remorse, and I will shoot to kill you because you are a danger to me and my family. If you still think you are dealing with a sweet innocent white girl Theresa, you should come meet me and I’ll show you how sweet I am. You are defaming both my wife and my characters with your false narratives about us. Once I find out who you cowards are hiding behind your screens, I will sue you.

    1. Just to be clear, this is someone doing a satire, and not the actual mentally ill troon xirself right?

      1. Just to be clear, Trans people are NOT satires. You are the mentally ill one, obsessing over other people’s lives and thinking you know something about them from the internet alone.

        Seriously. Who has the time? Everyone I know is busy focusing on bettering their own lives and selves. Maybe I just hang around the right people and you…. stalk people online? Huh. Admirable. And since you aren’t intelligent enough to figure it out on your own, that was sarcasm.

        1. > Demands we call it Noah
          > Literally calls itself Theresa Wilson

          Yeah, it’s parody. Honestly that was one of the cleverest satires I read, so props to you.

  8. Her “wife” announced on his FB this morning (he announces EVERYTHING on FB—I’m surprised we don’t have pics and updates on his bowel movements) that his spouse that his “spouse” has a FB account under Theresa Wilson, with a pic of “Noah” wearing one of his wigs and way too much makeup.

    1. Ha! You do realize what you just said? You think i am Noah when I present myself as Theresa. You think I am Noah in a wig and makeup. When I present as Noah, you think I am Theresa but just mentally ill.

      Which is it? Who am I? You’ll never know, because you’re too stupid to figure it out. 🙂 This isn’t about me or Truth at all. It’s about you. For some reason, you hate to see Trans people happy. You’d rather them be miserable and their children taken away. Sit with that. That’s who you are. Only losers spend this much time obsessing over other people’s lives. Sorry you’re a loser, did your parents not give you enough love? Wish someone had called CPS on them? Idk. Whatever it is, you need therapy.

      1. Wow…good job parroting your narcissistic partner’s word salad/overused comebacks. I’m glad you’re getting therapy because you definitely need it. I can’t imagine carrying a child for nine months and letting my partner lie about being the first trans woman to get pregnant and taking all the credit. The same partner who lovingly filmed you having a complete mental breakdown at a gas station and you being arrested. The same partner who calls you abusive every other day and drags your name publicly (whether it be Noah or Theresa—you’ve claimed both in just these comments). The same partner who starts shit wherever she goes…the mall, Walmart, Blackstones, your mother’s house…it must be exhausting. I used to feel sorry for you but you’re pretty much as crazy as her at this point

  9. A victory for Lydia – Theresa’s mother – yesterday! The “harrassment suit” dontavis filed against her was dropped! Long term this will diminish his credibility with the courts and make it MUCH easier to evict him off her property.

    As for Theresa;

    Abuse can take many forms and the victim rarely sees the severity until they break free.

    Abuse from a narcissist, specifically, rarely looks like a black eye and a broken nose. More often it is emotional and isolating.

    Abuse is compelling constant guilt upon you and the need to apologize for your skin color. You were born this way, you had no choice. Would you want your daughter to feel remorseful over the circumstances of her birth? Do you want her to feel like a victim for her black genetics? Or guilty for her white? Or would you rather her grow up happy and healthy without twisted agendas from her father?

    Abuse is forcing you to not only hide your pregnancy but actively participate in the lie that HE was pregnant. This is insulting to everyone’s intelligence and denies you the blessing of celebrating the miracle you carried and birthed.

    Abuse is attacking your friends and family to create division with your support system and effectively isolate you from any voice other than his (the narcissist’s.)

    Abuse is airing your every relationship “sin” on social media, inciting others to take “sides” with him, further eroding your confidence.

    Abuse is mocking your post-partum depression and hearing loss in public forums to distract from his own shortcomings. This in particular struck me as such a calculated and vicious attack, it’s hard to imagine the verbal abuse going on behind closed doors.

    Abuse is dragging you into his fraudulent fundraising schemes which could one day result in felony charges taking away your basic freedom – and the ability to care for your child.

    Abuse is doxxing individuals creating a network of enemies in your community and beyond.

    Theresa, you are a very smart and educated woman, while your partner lies CONSTANTLY about his achievements. He is not a nurse, he failed out of school multiple times, yet another lie he forces you to “play along with”. This is so disrespectful given your actual hard work and success. You should be celebrated, not diminished.

    I, and many, many others, wish you peace and happiness in the new year. I know you will find the strength to break away from his abuse, if not for yourself, then for Xia.

  10. Thank you for the update. Of course Dontavis’ version of the story on FB is very different. He actually wonders how his mother in law got screenshots Lol. He posts EVERYTHING (literally every thought, meal, action) publicly and then says people are stalking him. I’m so glad Lydia is the voice of reason in all of this and I hope if she can’t get through to Theresa, she can get custody. No child deserves to be raised in that kind of drama. Every time I see a post about the baby, my heart hurts. I fear how Dontavis will react when the child can talk and dares to be different from all of the personality traits and identities he placed on her even before she was born. Please let Lydia know she has tons of support from people she doesn’t even know, who have watched this train wreck unfold and are glad to see something finally be done about it.

  11. Dontavis is now calling himself “Peter Campbell” on FB and referring to himself as that poor baby’s daddy, and saying he’s separated from Theresa and going for full custody. I really hope he does, and his lies, especially the fraudulent pregnancy come out in court. In the meantime, his profile and cover photo are of him as a man, but he’s posting pics of him getting his nails done and putting braids in his hair. This man is delusional and not well mentally and should not be taking care of a child.

  12. Now he’s “Black Trans Girl in Maine Detransitioning” on FB. Goes back and forth between calling himself Mommy and Daddy to that poor baby that he still has, shockingly. Calls his wife abusive one day, then gets back with her the next. Fled his mother in law’s property to avoid eviction, now bragging about beating her in court. Constantly posting about white people being “racist” towards him for even talking to him or asking about the baby—one post garnered over a hundred replies from people saying he looks for racism in EVERYTHING and that these were innocent encounters (Of course he deleted them). Latest posts claims white Karens drove him from his job, not realizing that his attitude and obvious hatred of white people (including his wife) tends to turn people off. He’s getting sicker and sicker. I really hope his hatred doesn’t turn itself on to his very light skinned, innocent baby girl 😢

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