Those of you who are familiar with the site know that we certainly get our fair share of celebrity guests. Who could forget when Emma Watson sat down with us after calling for the destruction of Israel? Or when Senator Lindsay Graham relayed to us his sexual escapades with gay Mexican Midgets? Or perhaps when Elon Musk detailed his secret plan to get his hands on nuclear weapons? Or when Kylie Jenner vowed to destroy the Mexican Race?

Today we had an interview with none other than Lampshadocaust Fact-Checking goyette Monika Schaefer. Except, unlike the previous guests, this one actually happened.

Friend and occasional writer for the site Jim Northpoint told me he could set up an interview with Monika Schaefer, and I enthusiastically agreed. Some emails were exchanged back and forth, and then Monika and I sat down for an interview that I thought would last twenty minutes, and went well over an hour. We ended up having to create three zoom meetings, because I don’t have the premium version, and the free version only lets you make meetings that last thirty minutes. Monika was very patient with me as I fumbled through the technical difficulties, and didn’t seem to mind my somewhat less than professional interview style, what with me being somewhat scatterbrained and hopping back and forth from event to event.

Transcribing video content takes an extremely long time, and there are many things that Monika said that I want to quote verbatim. There are also many small details that I need to spend time re-watching. That will come later. For now I’m doing a quick and dirty edit of the video so I can upload it to Odysee, as well as an overview of our talk. 

Still from Monika’s “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,” video

Monika Schaefer is a Canadian-born ethnic German woman. While the term “redpilled,” is overused, she started off as we all do, being a fairly normal person, who would never believe something so ridiculous as that six million Harvey Weinstein lookalikes were not in fact put on conveyer belts that went directly into ovens. In fact, she even recalls berating her German mother, and asking her why she didn’t do anything about all these jew lampshades being manufactured, to which her mother responded by saying that no one knew, and everyone just thought they were work camps.

Decades later, and fully disabused of holocaust-belief, Schaefer remarked to her brother that she wished she could go back in time and apologize to her mother for that one time in Middle School when she angrily berated her for not magically knowing about the fictional event happening in Narnia/Auschwitz involving German Shepards with poison coated fangs. This became the impetus for her video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. That video, recorded in Germany with her brother, ended up getting her sentenced to ten months in prison, as well as harassed by the Israel Lobby, to put it mildly.

But if we back up, Monika told me that she was always political, even if her exact political views changed over the years. Since she cares very deeply about the environment, she joined the Green Party, and ran as a candidate in four elections, three of which were federal. Eventually she said that she found the Green Party to be the “Watermelon Party,” Green on the outside, Red (communist) on the inside. 

Again, I hate to use the term “redpilled,” but her political transformation started with fact-checking the official story of 9/11, starting around 2007. We all know about the Dancing Israelis, and Lucky Larry Silverstein of course. But as the great Cicero would say, Cui Bono? No one benefited more from 9/11 than Israel, and Finklethinked “opposition,” to the war was ridiculous nonsense about “blood for oil,” that deliberately obfuscated the direct role of the Israel Lobby.

One redpill often leads to another, and I’ll have to go and rewatch the video, but I believe she says that her brother sent the family a group email debunking the lampshadocaust around 2011. She and her brother have a very warm relationship, which helped her break away from much of the Pavlovian conditioning that many propagandized goyim feel when dealing with lampshadocaust fact-checking. As an aside, back when she was in school she actually got taught about the jew skin lampshades and shrunken jew heads, both of which were long debunked by the time she would have learned about them.

It was interesting to hear her journey mirror mine, where we both started out as children believing uncritically in the insecticideocaust, then this transforms into understanding that these people are full of shit, but thinking that there must be some there there. Finally it transforms into just realizing that no, the people who lied about the jew skin lampshades, jew fat bars of soap, dick hungry German Shepards, murderous Aryan Lumberjacks, rollercoaster ovens, poisoned fang German Shepards, masturbation machines, and about a billion other hilarious things, also lied about the shower room insecticide chambers, and the electrified floor rooms.

But of course, knowing things doesn’t get you thrown in prison, saying things does. Monika made the video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,” while in Germany in 2016. Initially nothing happened legally. She went went back to Canada, where I did some research about a possible human rights tribunal complaint, but she never mentioned it. What she does mention is the “defamation ritual,” she was put through, where these Schlomo’s attempt to destroy your livelihood, friend group, etcetera. I’m sure we’re all familiar with this kind of thing, even if most of us have never faced such an extreme example in our personal lives.

Fast forward a few months, although the exact timeline will require rewatching, and Monika was in Germany visiting her brother. They decided to show support for Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel’s lawyer, who was on trial for defending Ernst too well. No, really, she defended Zundel on the grounds that everything he said was true, and so the Zionist Occupied Government of Germany had her put on trial and then thrown in jail.

But when Monika and her brother Alfred were at the trial they were themselves arrested for violation of the “Voksverhetzung,” laws, basically the German “incitement to hatred,” laws. I have to rewatch the video to make sure that they were arrested at the trial itself, and not just during the time period of the trial, but I’m pretty sure it was when they were actually in court. One minute there’s court recess, and the next thing they know they’re whisked off to the court’s underground jail.

NOTE: Monika reached out to me over email and wanted to issue this slight correction.

Alfred was not arrested that day at Sylvia Stolz’s trial January 3, 2018. Just me, because I am from Canada and they did not want to let me out of their clutches, whereas Alfred lives in Germany, and they would have had to stretch pretty hard to find “justification” to snag him at that moment.

Which gave them an up close view of “justice,” in the ZOG regime. I bitch about the injustice system here in Canada, but at least in Canada you can get a transcript of the court proceedings. In Germany there isn’t even a stenographer. Nothing is recorded, because the entire legal system is kangaroo courts with no oversight from the public.

Monika was sentenced to ten months in prison, and her brother Alfred was sentenced to three years and two months. He then got sentenced on top of that for things he said at the first trial, and ended up spending four years in prison, finally getting out earlier this month.

The legal ordeal alone may be deserving of multiple articles, and I’ll get down into the details of it all. But what really struck me was her saying something that I know myself to be true, which is that the truth will set you free. That might seem contradictory, when she got sentenced to ten months in jail for speaking truth to power, but I know myself how crushing self-censorship truly is. And related, not hiding behind a pseudonym, while not the right choice for everyone, is an incredibly freeing feeling, even if it makes you more at risk for various forms of oppression.

The first few months in jail was a bit of a shock, but after that she felt happy, knowing that she had been put there because she had spoken truth to (((power))). That’s because there is something truly liberating about fighting on behalf of your people, no matter the consequences.

Monika is back in Canada now, still teaching violin as always. In fact, she’s even going to be in downtown Vancouver this Saturday, July 30th, and I will myself be attending. Paul Fromm, who I will be interviewing the day you read this, will also be in attendance, as well as Brian Ruhe, and Monika’s brother Alfred. I’m fairly certain that this event is not private, but I want to double check that before I give out the location. 

In the meantime you can check out Monika’s site Free Speech Monika, an archived link of her most famous video here, as well as the Truth and Justice for German’s Society webpage here. As I said, I’ll be writing many more in depth pieces on this interview, with the video coming out on Odysee shortly.

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  3. When we saw Monikas and Alfreds videos, we knew the truth already from studying these lies for years.
    We only hoped that we had many more people like these two to stand up to Government thought tyranny.
    Thank you Monika, thank you Alfred for carrying the cross for the rest of us.

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