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A banner hung on an overpass south of Campbell River depicting a white nationalist statement is “not something we want our community to be known for,” says RCMP Sgt. Chris Voller.

The banner, which displayed a link to a Telegram Channel, which the company says is a “tool for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences” as well as a message with white supremacist content, was pictured hanging on the Airport Main overpass where it crosses Highway 19. The image has been shared on Facebook as well as Reddit, and had come to the attention of the Campbell River RCMP detachment.

“Like any other citizen of our area, I was disappointed,” said Voller. “I look at Campbell River as having a pretty diverse cultural background. We have a lot of Indigenous people, we’re a melting pot society, we have all this representation and then there’s somebody who is deciding to put this kind of message out.

“It’s twofold: it’s the wrong message — obviously that sort of thing has no place in Campbell River — and then two, to other individuals who are visiting our area it really reflects poorly on what I think Campbell River’s community base is,” he said. “It’s a good, respectful group of people that finds that different cultures actually enrich community and don’t take away from it, as that person would purport.”

No one believes that. Nobody thinks that having a whole bunch of random people from all over the World congregated in one spot does anything other than destroy any real community that people have in an area.

Voller’s sentiment was echoed on social media. One Reddit user wrote in response to a person of colour living in Campbell River that “this is DEFINITELY not what CR is about. A group of my friends drove down to take it down, but it was already cut. Please know that you are more than welcome in our community.”

Imagine using Reddit as some sort of legitimate barometer for normal people?

Voller said the detachment had another report about this kind of thing a few months ago. He is asking if people see further banners or messages like this to report them to the RCMP non-emergency line immediately.

“We would never promote a driver using a digital device, but if they could note if there’s a person or vehicle present there, we would value that,” he said. “If they are able to wait with it, let the police know and we’ll get there as soon as possible… Please leave it as it is, let the police get there and handle it. It would be treated as evidence.”

Evidence of… what exactly? Sgt. Voller is trying his hardest to scare away Whitey from doing activism, and while I have some disagreements with much of the White Lives Matter stuff, I can tell you right now that if any of them get dragged into court, they can consider it automatic that I’ll have their backs. That starts with me saying in no uncertain terms that what was done here was not a crime, and if they try pulling any shit on you, I’ll do whatever I can to have this blow up in their faces.

Though the social media attention could have the effect of increasing the message’s reach, Voller said that within Campbell River he thinks there is “no appetite for that.”

“People deserve to not have to see that. There’s enough tragic things going on in the world that draw our attention to negative things, we don’t need this in Campbell River,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve seen something that I believe is a race-based hate crime. It’s hard to say if this would meet the definition for a hate crime, but it’s certainly inflammatory. It’s racialized, and not anything that we would want to have in our community.”

According to the RCMP, putting up a banner that says “Secure a Future for White Children,” is a race-based hate crime. Or at least according to this dipshit, who immediately walks back his own claim by basically admitting that it’s actually just speech that the RCMP disapproves of.

“Our community has gone through a lot,” he said “We’ve had a lot of issues, especially in the past few months with violence and this sort of thing, and this is just not becoming of our community.”

This might be the single worst attempt at equivocal allegations that I have ever seen. He’s saying that their “community,” has issues with violence. Okay, that has absolutely nothing to do with these presumably White Men who put up this banner, and it’s laughable to pretend otherwise.

Maybe it’s the violence that’s not “very becoming of our community,” as opposed to the Uppity White People, you little rat.

JFC. I might have to transcribe that video in a minute, but not now. I just couldn’t deal with that right now.

The RCMP non-emergency line is 250-286-6221.

And I just might have to give Sgt. Voller a call. It’s been too long since I called up the blue antifa. Let’s get him on the phone rambling away.

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  2. WLM activism has never resulted in outrageous violence and property damage. Sgt. Voller should stand down – go grab a donut and chill – in the same way the cops stood down during the BLM rampages.

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