I’ve been visiting twitter close to daily for the past week or so. I typically log on, spam a backlog of my articles on my profile, and leave. Occasionally I notice something worth writing about in the trending section, as was the case today.

So why exactly is KiwiFarms trending? 

To make a long story short, some tranny bigshot named Keffals organized a DDoS raid against KiwiFarms starting August 19th. This didn’t accomplish anything until KiwiFarms finally went down yesterday. KiwiFarms then went back up, and then back down again. It’s currently up as of time of writing, but this saga does appear to be ongoing.

KiwiFarms is an e-drama site. I relied heavily on them when writing about Fuentes. Basically they have a lot of a-logs, which is an internet term for “someone who excessively hates someone else.” It also implies that this someone is willing to put in the work to really dig deep and catalogue all the ways the target of their alogging is a Big Fag. These people were obviously quite useful in doing my research for me on the TradTwink Incel Catboi Fuhrer.

Like I said, KiwiFarms has its time and place, and I hadn’t visited the site in months. There’s only so much e-drama stuff I can tolerate, since none of it really matters politically past a point, and it’s just tedious if you don’t care about the personalities involved.

“Keffals,” aka Lucas Roberts aka Clara Sorrenti aka “The Fart Dominatrix”

As for who Keffals is, the KiwiFarms thread, or at least the OP, is the best resource on him that I’ve been able to find. Keffals, whose real name is Lucas Roberts, goes by Clara Sorrenti, Queen Clara, and occasionally, the Fart Dominatrix.

As you might expect, Lucas is very interested in having access to your children, online or elsewhere. 

He’s pretty much the purest definition of a tranny groomer, in addition to being maybe the most disgusting porn “star” on the planet. It’s a low bar, but I think Lucas manages.

I’m so sorry that you had to see that. Here, have a pallet cleanser.

Where by pallet cleanser I mean “look at this freak telling people to suck on his toes.” 

KiwiFarms OP:

In this stream Sorrenti whines about the “revenge porn”, admits that he did “Dominatrix work” and says that nothing can be done about this because “they don’t give a shit about the law” when his chat points out that revenge porn is illegal and ask why he doesn’t go to the police. He knows fully well that it’s not revenge porn if someone finds the porn that you PUBLICALLY POSTED and sold as a product. He calls Kiwifarmers “stalkers” and blames Destiny for it all. He claims that the stalkers want him to kill himself. “They hate me cause I love myself! That’s literally it!”

Despite being a totally willing porn actor, Lucas derides anyone who posts his disgusting, yet publicly available porn videos as a “revenge pornographer.” That’s not what that term means, but then again, he refers to himself as a woman, so what do we know?

Earlier this month, as of time of writing, Lucas made up a story about the London, Ontario police breaking into his apartment Rambo style and arresting him at gunpoint. 

Only to be contradicted by the London, Ontario Police immediately.

But the WMD Liars simply live in a different reality than the rest of us, so do not be expecting a retraction anytime soon.  

Keffals claims the above incident with the police was due to someone swatting him, a term that means they call the police and say something like “this man has a gun and is threatening to kill people,” in order to have the cops come to your door. And yet he’s also said that he hopes other people get swatted, so he’s a malicious hypocrite.

In more ways than one, apparently, since he started this campaign to get KiwiFarms shut down for criticizing him online.


It doesn’t appear to be going so well. Here we see Lucas celebrating taking KiwiFarms offline, only for the Farms to go back online an hour later. However, apparently the site is still going on and offline intermittently, so who knows? The saga continues.

Keffals continues to play the victim, whining that he is being horribly harassed by mean people saying mean things to him online.

These big meanies at KiwiFarms even had the audacity to make one of the randomly selected site error messages be “Joined the 41%.” Lucas is none too pleased with this.

One of the error messages when Kiwifarms goes down, says “Kiwifarms has joined the 41%” a reference to transgender suicide attempt rates. The majority of the people they’ve driven to suicide and make threads about are transgender. This website is the stormfront of transphobia.

“Stormfront of trannyphobia,” sounds totally badass.

In the meantime, Keffals has been rallying the troops. Speaking of which…

Kiwifarms have shit talk me and even stalk my own family because how weird and controversial my tweets are known for. 

Actually I do understand, it’s called being a shitty worthless retard. I’m just trying to set the stage for how shitty the people attacking KiwiFarms are. 

There’s also this Shaun guy, who I vaguely remember Ryan Faulk absolutely demolishing half a decade ago when Shaun tried denying the existence of race. Above we can see him denying the existence of capital letters. Most phones do this automatically, so we can see him either making a statement, or being so lazy and worthless that he can’t be bothered holding down the shift key while typing one single letter.

Mister Metokur, one of the only e-people to ever have talent, gets in on the action on the other side. If you want to know more about what’s going on, I’d suggest you follow his twatter account.

But things heat up when Marjorie Taylor Greene, who these tranny groomers hate with a passion, gets swatted at her Georgia residence.

Daily Dot:

police report obtained by the Daily Dot reveals new details on the “swatting” attack against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) at her Georgia home.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Greene stated that law enforcement arrived at her residence early Wednesday after she was targeted. Swatting involves making a prank call to emergency services in an effort to have police respond aggressively to a target’s home.

“Last night, I was swatted just after 1 am,” Greene wrote. “I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County. More details to come.”

report on the incident from the Rome Police Department, obtained by the Daily Dot, notes that an unknown caller alleged that a male had been shot five times in a bathtub at Greene’s residence.

You might be wondering what this has to do with the Keffals vs KiwiFarms drama.

The Daily Dot attempted to reach the phone number listed in the police report as belonging to the suspect but was met by an automated message. The suspect, as is often the case in swatting attacks, used an internet-based number as opposed to a cell phone or landline.

The caller claimed to be connected to Kiwi Farms, a notorious far-right site known for carrying out harassment campaigns. The suspect also provided police with a username from the site that they claimed belonged to them. The username belongs to an admin on the site known for doxxing, swatting, and anti-transgender posts, suggesting that the caller’s alleged motives and identity may have been fabricated.

Kiwi Farms users have been currently harassing a prominent transgender activist.

Team Tranny Groomers did quite possibly the worst false flag in World History. So bad that even Daily Dot, which is clearly against KiwiFarms, has to admit that this is probably a false flag. I mean either it’s that, or KiwiFarms user AltisticRight decided to swat Marjorie Taylor Greene for no reason other than the glory of KiwiFarms owner Joshua Moon.

And of course, as I write this piece Keffals himself starts trending.

Lots of people have nice things to say about him, before CityNews Montreal gives us hope that Keffals will be ragequitting Canada.

I’d certainly appreciate that, although I don’t really think it matters so much what geographical location he is currently residing in when he inevitably necks himself. Soon enough his pronouns will be was/were.

In the meantime I’m just going to assume KiwiFarms will be totally fine in a few hours. It’s not like Lucas is the first deranged tranny who’s gotten assmad at them. As for the doxxing of Marjorie Taylor Greene, if they can trace that back to these groomers, then things could get really interesting.

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