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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau slammed the Conservatives for not talking about the “she-cession” and “she-covery” in their platform.

At a campaign stop in Markham, Ont. Tuesday, Trudeau said the Liberal plan to create a $10-a-day childcare program is the type of woman-focused policy absent from the “lengthy” Conservative platform.

This story was from almost exactly a year ago. It’s when Trudeau was on the warpath before the 2021 elections, cucking up a storm. Unfortunately this predates this website, so I need to write about it for posterity.

“It is exactly the example of the kind of things you need to do to counter the she-cession and turn it into a she-covery,” Trudeau said. “The fact is, the Conservatives don’t talk about that in their lengthy platform. They don’t talk about feminism. They don’t talk about the impact, on women, of this (COVID-19) crisis.”

No really, he actually said that.

It’s actually even dumber than that, because while I enjoy taking a dump on the Koshervatives as much as anyone else, their alternative was perfectly fine. Specifically they wanted a child tax credit which would have worked out to the same $30 billion cost to the taxpayer, while affording families the opportunity to choose where to spend that money. But more important than the specific policies in this case is actually just how stupid and asinine our Prime Minister is, and it’s worse than you might immediately think.


“This crisis has created a she-cession and has threatened to roll back the hard-fought social and economic progress of all women,” Trudeau said in a media statement Monday.

“To build a fairer and more equal Canada, we must ensure a feminist, intersectional recovery from this crisis.”

When I write something on this site, I don’t have an editor. Guest authors have me, but even that only goes so far. When I write something I hit the preview tab, read through it one time, and make any corrections I find. Then I hit the publish button and it goes out to the World.

When Justin Trudeau says something there’s a 99% chance he didn’t think of it himself. Someone wrote that for him to say, probably multiple someones. Then it gets passed up the chain to someone else to double check. I imagine a small platoon of people are involved before any bullshit platitudes come pouring out of Justin’s cunt mouth. And what is the final result of this process?

We’re twerking with joy as we’ve turned the she-cession into a she-covery!

I’ve long hated how the koshervatives try to make any and all criticism of Daddy Was Prime Minister into pure critiques of personality. They do this because they have the exact same policies and it really annoys me. Especially when their personality critiques are also somehow wrong. Who could forget when they pointed out for years that Justin once wore negroface. I mean sure, this is bad, but only because it shows him to be a malicious, hypocritical faggot, not because it shows how much he secretly hates the Blacks.

Thanks, Levant

But having said that, you can’t focus too much on just the policies, because the guy is a complete and utter assclown. And yet, despite all this he’s Prime Minister. He’s an illegitimate Prime Minister sitting atop an illegitimate system. 

He truly is the perfect representative of our worthless privileged class.

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