Sky News:

It comes after a 36-year-old man sought treatment when he showed symptoms following a trip to Madrid from his home in Sicily.

The monkeypox infection is particularly gross.

I don’t see what’s so unusual about this. Seems like that’s just what you get when you’re vacaying in Madrid. Especially the parts of Madrid that have high concentrations of HIV, Monkeypox, and every other disease known to man. You know, like the floor at the local friendly gay club, where there’s so much infected semen, blood, and feces on the ground that new and improved diseases are beginning to spontaneously be created. Kind of like Marvel movie supervillains, but in real life. 

Basically, it’s just your typical family friendly trip to Madrid. Just another reminder to the bigots out there that just because these people enjoy each others anuses does not make them any different from you or I.

The man, who was double vaccinated against COVID, spent five days in Spain from 16 to 20 June 2022 and nine days later came down with a temperature of 39C, accompanied by sore throat, fatigue, headache and pain in his groin.

On 2 July he tested positive for COVID and later the same day a rash started to develop on his left arm which turned into small, painful spots surrounded by a red ring on his torso, lower limbs, face and bottom.

He told doctors that he had been treated for syphilis in 2019 and had performed an HIV test with a negative result in 2021.

Oh these homos and their diseases. What a bunch of scamps amirite?

It’s particularly funny to me that this AIDS-American, or in this case Sicilian, was double vaccinated. And his HIV infection is from the same trip, as corroborated with his CD4 count which they get into later, which makes it a non-factor in his infection. Despite that, he still gets a nasty case of Covid-19, probably because he’s being exposed to so many foreign diseases, and in such high concentrations, that his poor prolapsed immune system just can’t deal with it, and he’s getting holocausted by Covid-19.

I can all but guarantee you that this faggot was the type to go around lecturing people who didn’t want to get Covid-19 boosters that they were selfish disease spreaders who were putting everybody at risk. He may have even tweeted about that somewhere in between taking the fiftieth to one hundredth dick in his anus at the local fuckparty. But then again, I might be getting ahead of myself. Hasan Piker, a highly intelligent pussy, informs us that Monkeypox is in no way a gay disease.

So unless there’s some clear evidence that –

The authors, led by Santi Nolasco, said the man had reported of having unprotected sex with men during his stay in Spain.

What are the odds that the guy who gets Monkeypox, AIDS, and Covid-19, despite being double boosted, all in the same trip is a fag? If you’re in the bigotphobe community, you probably think the odds are around 100%. And the reason you think that is because they are.

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