Sadly, the cleansing was only an accidental byproduct of them supporting ISIS.

National Post:

Ottawa is accused of covering up its handling of a double agent who smuggled British teenagers into Islamic State territory to join the terror group while he was spying for Canada.
Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, did not deny Ottawa’s work with an operative smuggling Western children to a dangerous battlefield, as outlined in a new book, saying that Canada’s spy agency must “be flexible and be creative” in the war against terrorists.

Justin Trudeau also said “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” when asked if he was going to do what 70% of Canadians wanted and strip ISIS terrorists of Canadian citizenship. Despite the fact that they joined an organization that Canada was explicitly at war with, thus committing treason, Trudeau just let them waltz back into this country, scott free. To the best of my knowledge, despite there being over 60 confirmed ISIS terrorists with Canadian citizenship who have come back, only one has been charged by Trudeau’s government.

So maybe the problem here is not CSIS being too creative when fighting against ISIS. Maybe the problem is that CSIS isn’t really fighting against ISIS, which is almost undoubtedly true, considering that ISIS was always a product of Israel first and foremost.

The information is particularly controversial in Britain because one of those smuggled teens was Shamima Begum, then 15, who remains in a detention camp in Syria fighting to return to Britain after her British citizenship was stripped from her because of her support for IS.

Part of Begum’s argument for returning is that she is a victim of human trafficking.

Tasnime Akunjee, Begum’s lawyer, told National Post that Canada’s actions facilitated human trafficking of minors.

“They have effectively been nabbing British children and trafficking them across the Syrian border for delivery to ISIS all in the name of intelligence gathering,” Akunjee said.

Here’s a picture of this Brit Shamima Begum.

Shamima Begum

You know she’s British because there’s a British flag displayed behind her.

Trudeau was asked about the controversy Wednesday.

“We live in a particularly dangerous world,” he said.

“The fight against terrorism requires our intelligence services to continue to be flexible and to be creative in their approaches, but every step of the way, they are bound by strict rules, by principles and values that Canadians hold dear … and we expect that those rules be followed.

“I know there are questions about certain incidents or operations of the past and we will ensure to follow up on this,” he said.

Asked if CSIS went too far and if there would be an inquiry, Trudeau said “rigorous oversight mechanisms” monitor CSIS operations but he would consider “further steps” if needed.

Justin Trudeau is the master of reciting some dumbass platitude that doesn’t actually answer the actual question asked. The real story here, which the National Post will never get to the bottom of, is that the Trudeau government supported ISIS, and did so because it’s completely and utterly controlled by Israel. At no point in time was this “intelligence,” that they supposedly gathered used for anything. The closest they ever got was training some Kurds who got into gunfights with ISIS. But this was enough to justify sending ISIS their 15 year old brides.

Other Canadian officials, however, remained mute on the subject.

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, the Department of Public Safety Canada, and Global Affairs Canada all referred questions about their respective roles to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

CSIS spokesman Brandon Champagne simply replied: “I cannot publicly comment on or confirm or deny the specifics of CSIS investigations, operational interests, methodologies, or activities.”

In other words, fuck off peasants. CSIS helped smuggle 15 year olds to ISIS to be their underage brides, and you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Shamima Begum, again.

I find this entire story amusing and sickening. This entire thing is just so ridiculous it blows my mind. First we have the government of Canada pretending to fight ISIS. Then we have this groomed but kind of deserving of it “British” girl, Shamima Begum, get smuggled into Syria by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Then she gets her British citizenship revoked, something Daddy was PM refused to do for ISIS soldiers with Canadian citizenship. In the legal fight to get back to England, she brings up that Trudeau’s government smuggled her there in the first place. And the response by Trudeau and CSIS is “yeah we did it, LOL.” 

ClownWorld is a crazy place to live.

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  1. If this was any other leader, even a Liberal (except Freeland), the government would have collapsed long ago.

    But everyone has been running interference for him since he first won a seat. Nothing sticks to him. It’s incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it.

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