You may know Mr. Metokur as The Internet Aristocrat, Jim, Quarantined Coof, or by any number of alternative monikor. I know him as the only e-creature to ever have real talent. His twatter account was oven’d at the urging of the troon army a few days ago, and they got his backup as well.

It seemed an inevitability, and it happened. But then it unhappened.

His account is back up as of time of writing. How long it’ll stay is anyone’s guess, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t say that just because being on twitter is a total waste of time in 2022, but because he didn’t bother tweeting with that account, and it doesn’t look like he has any plans to anytime soon. 

Graf, the owner and operator of Poast requested we all channel our energy to have Jim join our humble little hangout. And sure enough, he arrives.

Follow the Daily Rake on Poast here, and make sure to give Jim a warm welcome by following him as well. I’ve used his twitter as a resource a few times now for e-drama stuff, and I know a lot of people really like that kind of content. If so, there’s no one more talented than the man who’s soon to be dying of cancer, so follow him while you still can.

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  1. In many cases all it takes is a letter from a lawyer to get the account back — this guy has gotten many Twitter accounts restored just be sending a letter threatening a lawsuit:

    1. LMAO what if that’s all blormpf had to do bit the idiot never tried it.

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