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The alleged death threats from neo-Nazis against Green politician Manoj Subramaniam have made headlines across Germany and led to tension in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s largest state by population. However, the councilor from Erkelenz staged the various threats in an elaborate scheme, according to the result of an investigation published by the public prosecutor’s office.

Green Party MP Manoj Subramaniam

One must ask, before getting into the specifics of this story, why someone named Manoj Subramaniam is even in Germany, let alone a member of parliament.

Nevermind, it was a silly question.

The 33-year-old, whose parents immigrated from Sri Lanka, had submitted numerous complaints.

First, his car windows were smashed, and swastikas sprayed on the vehicle.

Another time, he claimed SS runes and a swastika were drawn on the doorbell of his house.

Then, he revealed that a swastika was scrawled on the sidewalk in front of his apartment and that he found razor blades in the mail.

The politician also received death threats signed by NSU 2.0, referring to the National Socialist Underground (NSU) group that committed a number of murders across Germany for years.

The police took protective measures for the politician, and state security allegedly began intensive investigations, as he asserted. Journalists made the case big and North Rhine-Westphalia Greens parliamentary group leader Verena Schäffer expressed her solidarity.

“Right-wing extremists are threatening political volunteers to silence them. Thank you, Manoj Subramaniam, for not being silent and raising your voice,” stated Lamya Kaddor, a member of the Bundestag.

Green Party member Lamya Kaddor

Lamya Kaddor is a Green Party politician who was originally from Syria. Now, you might be wondering why there are –

Right, it’s still a stupid question.

However, the evidence now shows that not a single threat was real, according to German news outlet Focus.

“As part of these investigations, the suspicion was confirmed that the reported crimes did not occur, that they were faked, and that there was no threat. Search measures and an interrogation of the accused have confirmed this suspicion,”the Aachen police reported. 

Police and prosecutors are now investigating Subramaniam. The politician resigned his mandate at the weekend and also resigned from the party.

The police finally proved what us in the Hitler-Enjoyer Community could have told you from day one, which is that no one is going to be going to this dumpy losers car, smashing in his windows, and drawing a backwards swastika with the top part cut off for no apparent reason. The incorrect swastika alone is a dead giveaway, and it happens time and time again with these slanders. Whether consciously or subconsciously these anti-White defamers feel the need to do some retarded knockoff of a swastika, perhaps because the real version fills them with a sense of doom.

But the real story is not that these are “hate hoaxes,” more accurately referred to as “slanders.” The real story is the lack of prosecution for this slander. Remember, when these people pretend that some neon-natzees smashed in their windows, they are doing so for the purpose of pushing anti-White legislation, or scheming up other ways of oppressing you. The gravocaust is quite similar, with a ridiculous slander about all expenses paid boarding schools being secret genocide facilities being the pretense to tear down our people’s statues, burn down our churches, steal three billion of our taxdollars, and cancel our national holiday.

The ZeroHedge piece covers three seperate slanders in Germany that I’ll be covering in one piece shortly.

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