I was engaged in activism with respect to the Residential School Gravocaust Slander way back in fall of 2021. This got put on Hiatus with the creation of Hyphen-Report and then this site, but we’re getting there again. 

True North News:

Can we discuss those unmarked graves?

“At your peril,” said Mount Royal University professor Frances Widdowson as she launched a Saturday panel discussion titled “Residential Schools and Unmarked Graves: Is open inquiry possible?” 

Because the journalist and activist class is pushing a narrative about “mass graves” and leading the public to believe that Aboriginal children were the victims of genocide at residential schools between 1883 and 1996, anyone who questions this narrative is labelled a “genocide apologist” and compared to a Holocaust denier.

They’re right to compare you to lampshadocaust fact checkers. Because both are examples of slander where they try to victim-shame the slandered group by calling them “deniers.” This is a term that means “people who fight back against slander.” 

The claim that children were being murdered at Residential Schools is absurd, and based on nothing. I’ve made fun of this “secret genocide plan,” before, because it is the only genocide in human history where negative people were murdered. 

This makes it more difficult to have an open, critical discussion about residential schools – but the panel event hosted by the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy allowed that dissenting conversation to go forward.

In the early years of the residential school system – around the 1890s – approximately one-third of children died before their fifth birthday, retired Manitoba provincial court judge Brian Giesbrecht pointed out.

“Death in that time – the death of a child – was not an unusual thing,” he noted.

Child mortality at residential schools was not due to mass murder and genocidal intent, he contends, but rather the sad reality that children were susceptible to infectious diseases that were rampant across society during this time. 

I’ve included this picture so you can see it better. Yes, the secret plan was to… have the children die of natural illnesses in close proximity to the people running the schools, just so that they could infect them as well.

Look, it’s fucking stupid. But these are lies used to achieve the tearing down of our statues, the cancellation of our national holiday and the theft of billions of our tax dollars in “reparations.” 

Rates of disease were also higher among indigenous populations: residential schools were introduced in the first 50 years of Confederation, a time when indigenous people were increasingly coming into contact with newly arrived immigrants. Alas, they were exposed to illnesses from which they did not yet have resistance to. 

Leave it to cuckservatives to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Tuberculosis exists everywhere around the world. There is no reason to suspect this was some sort of new disease. Furthermore, tuberculosis is still found in many Aboriginal communities at rates far in excess of the general population, due to their lifestyle.

Saskatchewan Gov:

  • the reported rate of active TB is over 40 times higher among First Nations living on reserve than non-Indigenous Canadian-born people (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2017)

And what is it that spreads TB?

  • latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI)
    • someone with LTBI does not have symptoms and is not contagious
    • treating LTBI prevents the development of active TB
  • close contact with people living with untreated active TB
  • overcrowded, poorly ventilated homes
    • 37% of First Nations living on reserve reported living in crowded households, compared to 8% of the non-Indigenous population of Canada (Statistics Canada, 2016)
  • poor nutrition
  • having other illnesses, such as diabetes or HIV
  • smoking

Above is a video on TB, but you don’t need to watch it. All you need to know is that the tuberculosis bacteria lies dormant in most people for a very long time. The TB bacteria essentially form little pockets in your lungs. This is actually not so bad in and of itself, except for when it breaks out, which can be triggered by another illness, or really anything at all.

The point is that these kids weren’t like, having cloths with TB shoved down their throats. They already had the disease, and we didn’t have any cure for it back then. In order for these kids to not die of Tuberculosis, the nuns running these residential schools would have had to invent time travel, go to the future and get some anti-biotics before administrating them to the children. Otherwise they aren’t making it.

But remember that nonsense about “muh unmarked graves.” I’ve covered that before, but I seem to have lost those articles. Instead I’ll have to reprint this.

University of Manitoba professor emeritus Rod Clifton pointed out that the journalists and academics acting shocked at the “discovery” of the unmarked graves must not be aware of – or may have conveniently forgotten – Volume 4 of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) report, which is an entire volume about unmarked graves at residential schools.

Indeed, a skim through this report contains passages such as an account of the 1918 influenza pandemic at the school in Fort St. James, BC, where all of the staff members and all but two of the students came down with the flu. In total, 78 people died from that outbreak. 

The principal, Father Joseph Allard, wrote in his diary at the time: “… I could not go to the graveyard with all of them. In fact, several bodies were piled up in an empty cabin because there was no grave ready. A large common grave was dug for them.”

Remember goyim, the plan was to murder these children with natural illnesses, but also in proximity to the residential school operators, for some reason. But if there was an influenza outbreak and so too many people died at once, they couldn’t dig individual graves for them. But that was the plan all along, because that way they could have lots of children die and no one would ever know. Also, they would write their names down so that everyone would know.

Clifton noted that “burying people in cemeteries with headstones is a very recent addition to the indigenous cultures of Canada.”

“If you go to the Anglican cemetery on the Siksika reserve… between 80 and 90% of the graves are unmarked.

Deceit is when someone says something that is true, but is designed to get the reader to believe something that is not true. It’s like when CNN said that Rogan took horse dewormer. It’s true in the same way that drinking is using horse rehydrator. 

There are lots of reasons for why some of these graves are unmarked, none of them are suspicious. The gravesite in Saskatchewan, which isn’t even full of Aboriginal children, had some headstones removed by a priest in the sixties. The one in Kamloops had the markers removed in a fire. And even beyond that, not every single grave got marked in the first place.

None of that means that children were being systematically murdered, and the Gravocaust slanderers essentially admit this. Instead they say that it was a “cultural genocide,” because children were taught how to do math.

Giesbrecht spoke about how historically, it was the wealthier classes that were buried with headstones in graveyards. These markers were actively maintained by a company or community members. Poorer people did not have this – rather, they would be buried with a simple cross, and unless their burial site was maintained, it would deteriorate.

Let me go and find some of those headlines again.

That one’s from last summer, but this one is from February of this year.

Just understand that they are always deliberately deceiving by implying some sort of foul play with these graves being unmarked.

In addition, gravesites adjacent to residential schools likely included not only the bodies of students, but also teachers, members of the Catholic church, other local community members, and, in at least one case in Brandon, Manitoba, the bodies of nearby mental hospital patients. 

“I won’t say that these graves have been ‘discovered…’ because most of them were not lost, and they were just forgotten, at best,” said Clifton. “Only with proper forensic analysis by well-qualified professionals will we get at the truth.”

“We found children in unmarked mass graves,” is the absolute fakest shit ever to happen in Canada. It’s literally just not true. To the extent that there are unmarked graves these were either formerly marked graves whose wooden grave markers rotted away, or were lost in a fire, or were otherwise non-secret graves that simply did not get markers, which was normal for some Aboriginal groups. They then pretend that every single possible grave site is some murdered child that the authorities covered up, which is also not true, since these graveyards were mixed use in the communities.

When pressed, they switch to whining about “cultural genocide,” as mentioned earlier, because teaching children how to read makes them die a little on the inside.

So why does the media and activist class keep pushing the “mass grave” narrative, even though chiefs from the Tk’emlups and Cowessess nations said themselves that the burial sites are not mass graves?

According to Widdowson, in order for a genocide to have happened, you need mass graves.

“That’s kind of the smoking gun for genocide,” explained Widdowson. “That’s why the ‘mass grave’ was being emphasized… there’s all this innuendo going on about that.”

It’s not innuendo, it’s deceit. It’s deliberately framing something so as to intentionally induce an incorrect thought in the audience. “Muh mass graves,” would be more accurately stated as “non-secret graves that contain a variety of different people of all ages and races are still in the exact same location they’ve always been in.”

But accuracy from the Epstein Killed Himself Liars is not important. This is slander.

Residential school attendees have legitimate grievances, and the government was far too stingy with the way it ran the schools, the panel agreed – but what is the motivation behind the charges of genocide? 

Remember goy, with conservatives, this is the “defense,” that you get. 

“Genocide – charges of genocide – is the most significant crime that a state can perpetrate, and so it provides much more rationalization for dispersal of funds,” said Widdowson.

“If we were just to say, as it was the case, it was neglect… it’s not got the same kind of punch – leverage – that you have with ‘genocide.’”

“The more serious the accusations, the more emotional the tenor, the more easily you’re going to be able to get transfers being provided,” she contends.

The panel connected the hyperbolic media narrative to increasing calls for more compensation by what is often disparagingly referred to as “the Indian Lobby” – a group of activists, lawyers, academics and bureaucrats who benefit from more grievances and more financial demands for Canada’s First Nations. 

“You have an elite that’s at the top… Residential schools – at least $100 million dollars went to lawyers. Huge amounts of money are going to lawyers,” Widdowson explained.

“There’s no end to the expenses,” Clifton said.

Anglican church right next to where I live.

Making up slanders for fun and profit. Now, where have we heard that before?

Clifton explained that with treaties, responsibilities went both ways, in a reciprocal relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people. But with the TRC Calls to Action, every single call to action only goes one way, where non-indigenous people will be paying indigenous people. “And there’s no limit to it.”

Upwards of $3.2 billion dollars has already been paid to residential school attendees.

Keep in mind if you ever hear cuckservatives whining about “muh budget,” they’re not talking about this. They support this. Instead they’re talking about something the government does that actually benefits you.

Giesbrecht noted that it was a “fundamental error” to pay out nearly all people who attended a residential school without proving damages in court.

“What I find myself personally disturbed about is the slander – I think that’s the proper word – [of] nuns… ” said Giesbrecht. “In some cases, an order of nuns would dedicate their lives towards teaching these indigenous children… And now to be called these names and watch their churches burn…”

“It’s really something we as a nation should be ashamed of.”

The thing about cuckservatives is that they take their cues from higher up cuckservatives, who are getting paid to throw the fight. So they’re not quite that bad, but they still don’t get it. We as a nation should not be ashamed of this slander, we should be angered by this slander. I certainly am. And we should be enraged at the desecration and burning of our religious sites, whether we are religious or otherwise.

My activism against this will continue in earnest. For a backstory on what you see above, go here, here, and here. Trust me, this stuff is as hilarious as it is enraging, with the above girls being part of an antifa “decolonial feminist poetry reading,” group that had to disband due to pedophilia.

Shocking, I know. But like every other church desecration or burning in this country, no hate crime charges were laid on the Luba cunts above. Because hate crime charges are political charges, and only privileged groups have access to them.

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