Remember back when the English Royal Air Force openly stopped hiring White Men?

Well it turns out that some of them told the RAF to go fuck themselves right back.


Express UK:

Around 30 former RAF pilots have been lured by Beijing to coach Chinese aviators in exchange for reported salaries of up to £240,000. The Defence Intelligence service is putting out a “threat alert” to warn personnel against approaches amid fears efforts are intensifying as tension between theWest[sic] and China grows.

And Armed Forces minister James Heappey said the Government will make it illegal to work for foreign militaries once the alert is issued.

Good for these Chads. It’s ridiculous that they were even allowed to do this, but you have to keep in mind that there needs to be exceptions for the military figures who want to give Yidsrael all of our military secrets. And since Israel sells our secrets to China, we can’t be getting too worked up over this.

Or at least we weren’t in the past. But now that the actual White Peasants are getting in on the action we’ve got to put the boot down. The military exists so that politically connected millionaires in the MIC can get their beaks wet, and jew nationalists can achieve their geopolitical ambitions through the jew ethnostate. The former don’t make money off of this, and the latter don’t gain anything from this, so we’re shutting it down. A serious country wouldn’t have let this happen in the first place, but come on now, who do we think we are? 

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  1. The sentiment amongst people that I’ve talked to is that they would “just take the money “so I really see very little loyalty to the system amongst any of the people I’ve talked to.
    Mind you none of these people are very political. They’re just busy living their life and, money is a good deal more important to living your life than loyalty to globohomo.

  2. There was a Chinese version of a TED talk years ago where some ranking party guy said China should do exactly this: offer opportunities to really qualified White men who are being shut out by liberalism. The idea was on the table and the Jew monsters running the West ignored it.

    I hope the trend continues. Not a fan of China growing in power or being in a position to control us down the line, but the most important thing for Whites for the foreseeable future is toppling our current occupation governments.

    1. My thoughts precisely. There’s little point in worrying about China. China doesn’t run out courts and corporations, Israel does.

      1. The judiciary starts with a J, not an I.

  3. That’s funny that china isn’t racist against white ppl, and that they are willing to hire highly trained fighter pilots that Kike-Britain rejected on racist grounds.

    It’s also funny that Kike-Britain expects the white men, that they shut out of opportunities due to the color of their skin, to remain loyal to them as 2nd class citizens.

  4. “The pilots should lose British citizenship” – Tobias Elwood. That’s right, strip them of their second class citizenship status. That’ll teach ’em, lol.

  5. Britain being a fag country where Paki scum are allowed to sexually brutalize underage English girls ought to be enough motivation — the £240,000 makes it all the sweeter.

  6. Chinese can’t drive for shit, there’s no way they’ll be able to become decent pirots.

    Even if they were able to, I *want* China to take over because I’ve been told that China is totally based and totally not controlled by jews anymore by the same people who told me (and were right) they were controlled by jews a year or so ago. Too bad they lied and changed their mind on China. Maybe Chinese payed them off like they did these RAF fighter pilots. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    1. “Jazzhands McFeels is getting that sweet Chinese lucre under the table.”

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