A friend of mine forwarded me the following tweet from the Waterloo School District Board. You can find the original tweet still up as of time of writing.

Today is International Pronouns Day. Using people’s chosen pronouns affirms human dignity that fosters inclusivity, respect and a sense of belonging. Visit our website for four simple ways you can help raise awareness. #PronounsDay

This is exactly the kind of juicy bit of clownworld that I was hoping to see in my local pozville for my own school board electoral stunt. School boards don’t really have that much power, but they do control funding for poz-signalling garbage like this. 

At the bottom of the tweet it says that only people @wrdsb mentioned can reply. They may have changed that after, because the only three replies, seen above, are people countersignalling them hard.

One of them brought up this graphic from the “WRDSB Teacher Resources For Transgender Week of Awareness,” in November of 2021.

It’s amazing how unpopular these people are. Despite this, they remain in power in a supposed democracy. They also make enormous sums of money to push Globo Homo on the peasants.

I’ll do a post-mortem of my aborted school district board campaign soon, because I still think I got some value out of it. The problem is not getting people to think the things we do. The problem is getting people to pay attention to politics that have been totally fake and ghey for their entire lives. For this reason a one off campaign is actually not really that productive.

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