I thought Elon “Nuke Mars” Musk was just twiddling it around our holes with his purchase of twitter. When he started whining about them not giving him the documentation on bots that he was requesting he appeared to back out of the deal. But he has apparently un-backed out, or maybe he was just lying about the whole thing, and he’s purchased twitter. I have no idea what to believe at this point, other than him cockslapping orange faggot back into place was satisfying to re-read.


Elon Musk told Twitter employees Wednesday that he’s not planning on laying off 75% of staff when he takes over the company, Bloomberg reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

This is a walk back from what Musk reportedly said last week. The celebrity executive denied the previously reported number when he addressed employees at Twitter’s San Francisco office on Wednesday.

The “Chief Twit” as his Twitter profile now describes, posted a video of himself walking into Twitter headquarters before the meeting holding a sink with the caption “Let that sink in!”

Yeah, “Chief Twit” really did that.

He has never explained why he was carrying the sink. He’s rich enough to afford movers, so to the best of my knowledge he walked into twitter HQ with a sink just so that he could make that pun. There does not appear to have been any other reason.

Elon, you can’t set yourself up for these kinds of things. There would have needed to already have been a sink in there somewhere. I mean, I can do this too. Like, maybe I’ll carry a housecat around with me everywhere I go and then make cat puns constantly. Only having an animal friend would be somewhat cool and it seems like a great deal less work to carry around a cat than a kitchen sink.

Did he buy a kitchen sink just for this gag? Is it real? Did he commission one made from plastic so it would be light, or is he potentially risking throwing his back out just so he can make that random joke?

Memes about Elon Musk can be fun, but this one little thing basically sums up his useless character in its entirety. He went and bought twitter. He’s made himself so unthreatening that even the ADL ended up excited by this, probably because he agreed to not let “der natzees,” back on. He pretends that he’s going to holocaust the utterly useless tranissary workforce, but cucks before he even has control of the corporation. To make up for this, he carries around a sink so he can say “let that sink in,” without being prompted.

Well, who knows, maybe we’ll actually be getting our accounts back. Something tells me to get on Poast and Telegram and not let this take up any more of your attention.

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  1. elon apparently takes over on friday – we’ll know if he’s legit if Kanye is back on twitter by monday – otherwise … hello adl department!?

  2. Like this guy – I don’t believe in Elon Musk.
    Phony history just like Gates.


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