Remember Rangz of the Kangz? Remember how it was the dumbest thing to ever grace your television, or at least it would have been if you had brain damage and actually bothered watching this hot mess after the embarrassing trailer? Remember how even the professional critics turned on this dumpster fire as early as the third episode? Remember how easy it was for me to re-write the script of the first episode to make a lot more sense, because the showrunners are complete retards?

Remember how lavishly Bezos praised the two ambiguous heterosexual responsible for this garbage? In case you didn’t, here’s a Variety piece from late August, just before this monument to idiocy had aired for the first time.


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (pictured above, left) thanked “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” showrunners Patrick McKay and John D. Payne at the U.K. premiere of the Amazon Prime Video series on Tuesday night – for ignoring his notes on the show.

“Every showrunner’s dream – and I mean every showrunner – their dream is to get notes on scripts and early cuts from the founder and executive chairman,” Bezos quipped while introducing the first two episodes of the series at the Odeon Luxe cinema in Leicester Square. “They loved that. I need to thank you both for listening whenever it helped but mostly I need to thank you for ignoring me at exactly the right times.”

I dunno Jeff. You may not have any writing experience, but then again, neither do the two showrunners.

Assuming Jeff Bezos has a functioning brain he could probably diagnose at least some of the insane problems in terms of logic, pacing, and dramatic incoherence inherent to the script that I’m sure was even more present in the rough draft. 

Bezos also revealed that there had been reservations about picking McKay and Payne, who have just a handful of credits between them, to helm the eye-wateringly expensive blockbuster series, saying: “One of the best decisions we made was to bet on this relatively unknown team. Some people even questioned our choice. But we saw something special. J.D., Patrick, thank you for taking this on and putting your whole selves into it. Everybody here in this audience, you are all about to see that we made the right choice.”

If you’re thinking that sounds like something that Bezos will immediately go back on, you’d be wrong. Instead he’ll wait until the end of the season to completely do a 180 on placing faith in two homosexuals with no serious writing credentials who have written numerous movies that never got picked up and turned into films because the scripts were too awful.

USA News:

With Amazon’s live-action bastardzation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s seminal fantasy works having under performed by practically every metric, a new rumor suggests that the company will be “retooling” The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power for its second season – starting with the sidelining of its current showrunners, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

Hey googly eyes, I thought you said you had so much trust in these homos to get the job done?

Firing these two idiots is almost more damning for Amazon Studios than hiring them in the first place. They are so unbelievably incompetent that you could only understand them being hired purely to take a hatchet to one of Whitey’s great literary achievements because clearly basic competence was not a requirement. In this respect, being objectively terrible actually adds to the effect, and is therefore not a problem. Leather Apron Club, the most based man currently on YouTube, made this point explicitly.

But now we learn that Bezos is Big Mad at the shows failure, showing that were in fact trying to make a good show, or at least a successful one, they just failed spectacularly. 

Discussing the series’ first season finale with that day’s panel, Gore was eventually asked by host Andre Einherjar, “What have you heard from your peers in the industry, is everyone so impressed with The Rings of Power like the showrunners suggests we should be?”, to which the critic admitted back, “Uh, no.”

In fact, said Gore, not only were his industry contacts unimpressed with season one, but the reception to it was so generally abysmal that Amazon has set out to course correct for season two.

“I heard from someone who has a connect at Amazon that – if you wanna know – that effectively, they’re going to be retooling,” he explained.  “And [Payne and McKay] are more than likely…they’re not gonna be publicly fired, but they’re role will be reduced.”

“Potentially just remaining in the writers’ room,” he added, “but my understanding is they’re looking for more experienced showrunners.

They’re looking for more experienced showrunners now, after they already dropped $250 million on the rights alone, and $60 million per episode, totaling about three quarters of a billion dollars for just the first season.

Am I getting through to everyone how outrageously incompetent they are? It was one thing when I assumed that Bezos would fund a disaster of a show in perpetuity since he and (((Jennifer Salke))) get a giddy pleasure out of destroying The White Man’s culture. But no, instead they’re legitimately surprised and disappointed that the two retarded homosexuals can’t write their way out of a paper bag. Like, they wanted to make a good show, but they just fucked up and dropped a billion on the dumbest thing I have ever personally watched, and I only watched the first episode!

To this end, Gore detailed that Amazon is “well aware of the problems” before noting that while “there’s what they publicly say,” there’s also “what they’re actually doing behind the scenes”.

“And what they’re doing behind the scenes,” he then asserted, “is they’re freaking out that this was more of a failure than could have been anticipated.”

Did they never see the script?

How did nobody take a look at the script and say “why is Galadriel being a huge bitch for no reason?” or “why is the scene with the coat even in here?” How do these people have the exact, precise level of semi-competence where they thought the script that the two Mormon AIDS patients turned out was really top notch, only to change their minds upon seeing the final product? 

As to what has caused the company higher-ups to ostensibly sit-up and get their act together, Gore speculated that there were three key reasons for this change.

“I think the quality of the show is the number one thing,” he first opined. “[Audiences are] like ‘Why am I still watching this? This is sleep inducing.’”

This is true, but only in a roundabout way.

“The second thing is the total rejection from fans,” he next suggested. “I can’t believe…there has to be very few people who remain who still like it.”

“And thirdly, the direct competition from House of the Dragon, ” he concluded. “Even like pre-seed and post-seed [of the show’s airing], it started earlier and is ending later [thus keeping it in viewers’ consciousness for a longer period of time]”.

This is literally Sauron’s plan. It’s actually dumber than this.

House of the Dragon looks bad, but is quite different from the comple LOLcow that is Kangz of the Rangz. Even still, normally we’d switch up Chris Gore’s list, and say that the competition from JaQuan’s Crashpad of Dem Dragons is the most important factor in the complete 180 Amazon Studios execs appear to be doing. That’s not to say that’s what should matter to these faggots, but I don’t think any of the movie industry parasites have ever lost sleep over producing a cinematic turd. The difference here is that Kangz of the Rangz was so far beyond terrible that it became a joke, which made the HIV Positive Politics that they attached to the show a joke through association.

And I have to completely disagree with his second point. I think they’re still extremely proud of defecating on the faces of the fanbase. This is especially true with the non-White casting, but it’s also true with everything else they changed. They got a kick out of destroying what Tolkein, a cisheteronormative straight White Male Shitlord created.

Anyway, this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, and for all we know they’ll never publicly admit to sidelining these two queers. 

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