I was forwarded this image on telegram a few days ago.

If you’d like, take a minute, and ask yourself at which point we’ll deboonk this story. Will this man not have died? Will he have died on camera in a non-mysterious way? Will he not have sent these tweets? Or, most likely in my opinion, will he be a totally ill nutjob who probably claims the CIA is about to murder him two-three times per week? 

Turns out he did in fact send this tweet where he’s claiming that his ex girlfriend, who was a spy, will plant a laptop on him that makes it seem like he’s a pedophile. 

El Neuvodia:

A 29-year-old man died on Friday morning after being swept away by sea currents on the beach behind Ashford Hospital in Condado , the Police Bureau reported.

No, it does not explicitly state that some locals saw him being carried away. Theoretically the Mossad could have simply killed him, and then somehow dumped his body just off shore on this very visible, very busy beach, and then got someone else to pretend to have seen him getting carried out by the very strong currents in that area.

Condado Beach

But that sure is a very convoluted way of killing someone. I’m sure the Mossad, which we know is a vicious and murderous organization, has come up with better ways than the highly visible and easy to get caught methods of killing people, then dragging them secretly out to the tourist beach and dumping them in the water so they can be found later. It seems unlikely.

Nikolai’s twitter account is still up as of time of writing. I can confirm that he’s a weirdo LOLbertarian, constantly going on about central banking and the like. His pinned tweet, which you can see above, includes these two images. 

No, I don’t know what this is supposed to mean either.

Yeah see here’s the thing. I don’t believe that this weirdo was killed by the Mossad, in part because the message of “just do x and central banking solved,” is itself a zionist meme. Go look up Ayn Rand, and all the (((founders))) of this libertarian garbage. You’re not getting any tangible political goals through abstaining from voting. Crypto has it’s purpose –

You know what, I don’t think I need to rehash this to our audience. This guy was a complete weirdo. It’s possible that the Mossad was going to frame him for pedophilia or something. It’s a whole lot more likely that he was a pedophile, as evidenced by his complete lack of evidence for the whole “they gonna put kiddie porn on my laptop, trust me guyz.”

Apparently he can tweet about the Mossad pedo rings, and (((twitter))) won’t shut down his account. Instead, the CIA will send a kill team to install CSAM onto his computer. He knows this, because his GF is a spy. Boy, it sure is a shame that he provided literally zero evidence to back up his assertions, but I guess he just knows these things.

Or his girlfriend caught him with CSAM, he got embarrassed, and didn’t want to deal with the legal repercussions, so he killed himself. Or he just accidentally drowned in the public beach while wacked out on drugs, and the Mossad pedo laptop is a red herring. I don’t really know, and I don’t really care.

What I do know for sure is that the Mossad is bad enough when you criticize them for things they actually did, so I’m not particularly impressed by the channels who uncritically share this kind of stuff as if it’s some sort of smoking gun where we can finally know that the Mossad does indeed assassinate people.

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