I was forwarded the following video through Telegram. I’ll be transcribing the entire thing without interrupting comments, as I would like to let her speak for herself.

Dear South Africans. Twenty four days ago we had a home invasion. My fiance was murdered, and I was wounded, [stabbed] six times. The way I’m feeling right now, this country is going to shit.

No my question is. When will South Africans start standing up when we have minimum of three people dying per hour, that is being murdered, and nothing is being done to protect our South Africans.

My fiance was extremely brave. And he protected me with his life. And my question to you is when does the crime affect your household? When does it become your family members that gets murdered? And why are we not taking action to start putting an end to this crime?

Now it’s all great that you watch the good feel stuff on Facebook and TikTok and all that but guys it’s time for a reality check. Regardless of what you do, if criminals want in, they will get in. Regardless of the measures that you put in to protect yourself and your household, it’s still not enough. And the sad reality of this is why are we living in cages while the criminals are running around, killing, murdering, stealing, raping, and we all just accepting it.

I would like to have people start sharing the news of others. Twenty four days, not a local newspaper has put anything in on this murder. How many other crimes are we not hearing of?

Chad Botha

Making the video even more heartbreaking, the video is taken from her TikTok channel. Up until then it was a very happy channel with numerous videos featuring her fiance, their farm, as well as their pets. It felt like it could easily have come from here in Canada, other than their accents.

I was initially completely unable to find any news coverage of this murder. I started to wonder if I was searching for the wrong name, but then I found this tiny YouTube channel which has just a single video. Said video tells us that her full name is Keshna Phoenix Schoeman, and her fiance was Chad Botha. Once I found out his name I found this one and only article that covers this crime.

Benoni City Times:

When Chad Botha and fiancé Keshna Schoeman bought their home in Third Avenue, Northmead, in 2019 they dreamed of restoring the old house into a home where they would make memories filled with Chad’s quirky sense of humour and lust for life.

Their dream home became a scene of nightmares on October 13 just after 19:00. Chad was fatally stabbed while attempting to protect Keshna from two robbers armed with knives they took from the couple’s kitchen sink.

According to Keshna, the couple were sitting in their lounge relaxing after they had completed the last work on the home’s wooden floor when she heard footsteps coming towards them.

“I saw the two men holding knives and screamed for Chad who immediately jumped in front of me,” she said.

“There was a scuffle and the one attacker was on top of him. I pleaded that they take whatever they wanted. The robbers didn’t take anything.”

Chad succumbed to his injuries at the Netcare Linmed Hospital.

“It all happened so fast. As I ran outside to shout for help I heard the last attacker jumping over the wall.

“I did not realise that I had also been stabbed six times,” said Keshna.

Fuelled by her love for her fiancé, Keshna hopes to create a platform that will see members of the community mobilising along with SAPS members, taking a proactive stance against crime.

“We cannot continue to view the police as the sole protectors of the community. We all need to stand united and show criminals that we are fed up with their reign of terror,” she said.

Chad Botha

South Africa is merely a window into the future that our jew nationalist Israel loving overlords have planned for us in all of our countries. The summer of 2020 was but a taste of the anti-White violence that South Africans have been subjected to for years. But South Africa should also serve as a wakeup call to anyone who thinks that things just collapse. To some extent this is true, but there is an extremely wealthy and extremely Jew privileged class in South Africa that has their own enclaves, and is extremely happy with the way things are going, and quite safe and comfortable just where they are.

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  1. The media is worse than silent. An abo goes on a stabby spree, kills/injures 20 fellow abos, and the media starts spinning that the rampage is all White pipos’ fault for muh colonialism. Journalists are the lowest scum bag liars.

  2. It is hard to see any hope for White South Africans. They usually can’t leave as refugees, if they complain about getting murdered the immigration says they are racists repeating white nationalist conspiracy theories. It breaks my heart. I only hope that eventually after the last white person in south africa is murdered and the kikes in America dance around like its 9/11/2001, that the Chinese expand and take over Africa and show them some real oppression, perhaps using them as medical test subjects when they realize they suck as workers and use robots instead of blacks for labor. They will miss the evil white colonizers when the chinese who don’t give a fuck about “racism” take over.

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