Today I learned that cartoons brainwashed us with pro-Hitler stereotypes of God’s Chosen Volcano Demon Enjoyers. Thanks, funny or die.

No really, thanks. I’ve got a new treasure trove of memes and feel more in touch with my ancestors than I have in years.

I’m actually impressed with just how many images these guys managed to find. They couldn’t have gotten this stuff by Googling, since there’s no way they could have found all of this. And much of this high quality content is new to my eyes.

Forget most, pretty much all of this was unseen by even my experienced eyes before Funny or Die brought this to my attention. And while the modern MS Paint created memes have a certain charm, I appreciate the artistry of the classical goyim of the past.

They do throw some modern stuff in there, but it’s the historical memes that I value the highest. Sure, sometimes they can be a little crude, but there’s something of a timeless quality to them that you often find missing in contemporary pieces.

I particularly like this one above. It hits many of the best notes, although the “pacifism,” ribbon is unfortunate, considering that Zionists are the group responsible for lying us into Iraq/Afghanistan. Still, solid work. 8.5/10.

I’m not sure whether the presence of the Funny Or Die Owl over some of these images adds to the effect or not. In any case, they end the video with support of the ADL, because of course they do. 

However, just before that they say something pretty odd. When talking about creating create Jew villains, they point to Magneto.

Don’t make someone a bad guy because of their race. Make them a bad guy because they can manipulate metal, and want to force a mutant uprising. Complex characters! Magneto Baby!

I never read any of the X-men comics, but even I know that Magneto is a mutant supremacist who views the non-mutants as goyim cattle. His power deriving from manipulating metal is also extremely Jewy if you think about it for just a few seconds. And he proclaims to be the child of lampshadocaust survivors.

The guy maps out to modern day zionists pretty much 1 to 1.

That’s the video. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Funny Or Die since a good decade ago when they were actually popular. Their most recent video, put out ten days ago, is this unfunny sketch comedy with 8k views. 

I quick look at their popular videos tab shows all of their most popular videos are from at least 8 years ago.

Ironically they died because they weren’t funny. So I guess the title was accurate?

UPDATE: As can be expected, the comments are a goldmine.

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  1. I checked the comments section of the video.
    /ourguys/ are very well represented.

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