Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deleted a social media post containing a misleading claim that Iranian authorities have imposed the death penalty on 15,000 detained protesters.

The claim went viral on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok this week.

So far, over 15,000 protesters are estimated to have been arrested in the protests, with over 2,000 officially charged and five sentenced to death by the authorities.

Five? Fifteen thousand? What’s the difference?

Well technically 14,995, but Justin Trudeau being off by a magnitude of 3000 is just one of those trivial little details that doesn’t matter so much as being on the side of International Finance Capital. In fact, I don’t know why Justin stopped at 15k Iran-antifa deaths. I’m sure Pierre Poilievre will be happy to claim 150k. This is why it’s important to vote cuckservative. We need someone holding Trudeau accountable for not exaggerating the Iranian execution numbers enough.

At least 20 protesters are currently facing charges punishable by death, Norway-based Iran Human Rights said, citing official reports.

Most of the detained protesters have yet to face trial.

Let me transcribe that for you.

Canada denounces the Iranian regime’s barbaric decision to impose the death penalty on nearly 15,000 protestors. These brave Iranians were fighting for their human rights – and we continue to stand united in support of them, and united against the regime’s heinous actions.

Mullahs of Iran, caught red handed.

I love how the BBC announces that this is a “misleading,” tweet. It would be more accurate to say that it is completely false and based on nothing. If this is the standard for “misleading,” then what would you have to do in order to be misinformation? Because, objectively, this is as misinformed as it gets.

His office later said in a statement to the BBC: “The post was informed by initial reporting that was incomplete and lacked necessary context. Because of that, it has since been deleted.”

Asked by the BBC where the claims came from, the Prime Minister’s office said “It was based on reporting of serious concerns raised by international human rights advocates warning of possible future sentences, including the death penalty, imposed on thousands of Iranian protesters who have already been detained by the regime.”

A story which appeared in Newsweek last Tuesday said the Iranian parliament had “voted overwhelmingly in favour of the death penalty for protesters”. This claim was picked up by prominent users on Twitter and Instagram.

A widely-shared meme on Instagram claimed “Iran sentences 15,000 to death – as a ‘hard lesson’ for all rebels”. US actress Viola Davis was among a number of celebrities who shared the meme, though she later deleted the post.

A meme on instagram.

The fucking Prime Minister of Canada is cruising Instagram and assuming that what he sees is real. This would be bad enough under normal circumstances, except that what he saw was the meme below.

What kind of retard looks at this and thinks it’s real? Do they think the woman they’re looking at is a real dead body? Do they think that’s real blood instead of obviously makeup? Do they think she’s bleeding from her eyeballs or something? WTF was even the thought process?

At least 326 protesters, including 43 children and 25 women, have been killed, according to Iran Human Rights.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), which is also based outside the country, has put the death toll at 344, including 52 children, and said another 15,820 protesters have been detained.

I covered these “protesters,” before. They are not “protesters.” This is a CIA backed “colour revolution,” where they go around violently assaulting everyone with the backing of the US government, and the entire propaganda industrial complex.

But regardless, I don’t ever want to hear any cuckservative faggots whine about Trudeau being soft on Iran or any of that finklethink garbage. Joffrey Trudeau may be extremist left-wing on many issues, but he also gives your taxdollars to the people who lied us into the middle east, gives hundreds of billions to bankers at the start of Covid-19, and supports every corporate/internationalist agenda that the zions of capital dream up.

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  1. Grandfather, they shoah´d 5 million innocent protesters and you stood by and did nothing?!

  2. Perhaps Trudeau is jealous he couldn’t simply execute the covid lockdown truck-driver protestors in Canada, in such a fashion? Pretending people have rights must be exhausting for him.

  3. Hate to be that nnnnguy, but Trudeau wasn’t off by a factor of 300, he was off by a factor of 3,000.
    But your error is miniscule compared to that of Canada’s Prime Faggot, and is entirely forgivable.

    1. Oh my god you’re right. How could I have failed this hard?

      Post updated.

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