I am very pleased to announce another guest writer for the site, Kulak. He has a second part to this series on gun control ready to go, and is working on the third and final piece. As always, the indent blocks are my additions.

In the latest egregious government overreach by a government defined by such actions the Trudeau cartel announced a surprise further gun ban as a last-minute amendment to bill C-21. Not content to rest on his laurels after a successful lockdown and a dispersal of plebeian, truck-borne protesters by invoking the Emergencies Act, this latest ban adds new definitions to C-21—a bill ostensibly meant to ban the transfer of handguns in the interests of public safety—such as most semi-automatic rifles, and some common hunting rifles and shotguns. Yes, you read that right: Popular big game, bolt-action hunting rifles such as the Weatherby Mark V are going to be banned in Canada. In fact, many Berettas and Benellis are on the chopping block as are many are other Italian-made firearms, so much so that the draft bill has a distinctly anti-Italian smack to it, but I digress.

This, at a time when the government is being investigated for its actions during the early 2022 ‘Freedom Convoy’ and its subsequent enforcement of the Emergencies Act in order to end that protest. The timing of this bill amendment, using the same post-truth rhetoric as what was being spewed recently at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, is no coincidence. For instance. it is a demonstrable, historical fact that banning the transfer of handguns, or further banning bolt-action rifles has zero correlated effect on criminal violence, homicide or firearms use, as reported in a landmark study by the appropriately named Dr. Gary Mauser, entitled The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales. It is also a fact, supported by recent findings from the Inquiry, that while attempting to disperse the widespread protest and investigating methods to do so, Canada’s spymaster David Vigneault, head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), advised the government that the ‘Freedom Convoy’ did not meet the definition of a national security threat as defined in the legislation that governs CSIS. But he recommended they proceed with it, anyway, because “…things were getting out of hand”. In effect, he was just circumventing the legislation because it felt right. As the Emergencies Act itself contains almost precisely the same language defining a national security threat, Trudeau and privy council also just ignored it and went with the Act, because it felt appropriate to do so at the time. This being said, criticizing the current junta in Canada over its objectively absurd gun legislation on factual grounds is an exercise in futility and humiliation, forcing the potential critic to demean themselves in order to even engage[1].

David Vigneault, a real doughy looking soyboy, if ever there was one.

Bill C-21 is also incompetently written. There is no buyback program for handguns, as you might expect. In fact, you can’t even sell your gun back to the store you bought it from. They are not legally allowed to purchase it from you. There is no possible way for the bill to remove handguns from the streets, although no new handguns can be legally imported or sold.

Not surprisingly, the reaction from the usual pro-gun lobby and community such as the optimistically named Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) is predictable and totally ineffectual. As if we should somehow expect something original from this coalition of grifting, largely conservative faggots; the Kafkaesque dimensions of this legislation, the outcome from the Inquiry and the way the political environment has been shaped, being totally lost on them.

The CCFR website, has a full-page, home-page add that comically reads “Your Voice for Firearm Freedoms” with a big ‘DONATE NOW’ button. Scrolling down to the news section, the latest post reads “Bury their desks in letters!!!”, which refers to their ‘letter writing to MPs strategy’ that they have pursued, unsuccessfully, for many years now. As if sending yet another letter to your MP, who originally hails from the Punjab province, is currently engaged to a 13-year-old girl and is working on sophisticated kick-back schemes while importing his entire extended family, is going to make a lick of difference. They also have dozens of articles and references to fact-based studies about how gun control has correlated to negligible impact on violent crimes (see Dr. Gary Mauser’s excellent and recent study on the subject) yet fail to appreciate, consistently, how truth-based arguments have little impact on an authoritarian socialist regime, with an agenda that’s built on lies, that they are being forced to participate in.

I cringe at describing the Liberals as “socialist.” There is nothing socialist about these complete and utter corporate whores.

The CCFR has also billed itself as a lobbyist among other things, which leaves one wondering why they haven’t been able to successfully able to lobby for any rollbacks of the admittedly draconian gun control regime in Canada. And this despite receiving millions in funding from frustrated, confused, yet hopeful, gun owners. Like come on guys, at least spend some of those millions bribing politicians with tropical getaways and coke and hookers like real lobbyists do instead of keeping it for yourself and telling us to write more fucking letters. What a predictable and banal farce, more pathetic than it is funny. What is funny is that the rest of the ‘Canadian Gun Rights’ organisations are even more pathetic and not worth writing about.

I expect most casual gun owners experience with the CCFR is going to be similar to my own. You see their paraphernalia in a gun shop. They seem vaguely like good dudes, so you take that newsletter and maybe sign up for their emails. If they can convert a small percentage of these normal and advocate-less people into donors then mission accomplished as far as they are concerned. Legislation and political action appear to be non-existent priorities.

Logically, we headed over to the three Canada-wide firearms community forums for their hot takes: Canadian Gun Nutz (CGN) which is boomer-tier, cuckservative cringe, 4chan’s Canadian General (CanGen) on /k/ which is a generally redpilled but also heavily shilled board and r/CanadaGuns, a degenerate hive of scum and villainy, if there ever was one. The latter has made a tradition of consoomerist selfies with your latest firearm or accessory purchase whilst showing off your svelte, Zoomer fashions and femboi fizeek, and the equally popular ‘Family Pic’ where you post a picture of all the guns you have on your apartment room floor and write something retarded and gay like “Pls R8 my Fam, Fam!”. Somebody should tell those trooned out, liberal gun enthusiasts that poasting photos of currently unregistered and unrestricted firearms that are soon to be prohibited, from an account that can be traced to your IRL persona, on a sub that is clearly being monitored by the RCMP, is potentially a bad idea. But then again, we already know that as soon as the law passes, they’ll be first in line for the alleged buyback program while rage-farming updoots from it on Reddit. In any case, there’s some low intensity Trudeau hate, several Redditors claim to be sick to their stomachs and some general whining about how unfair it is that their hobby or their ‘baby’ is going to be banned in the near future. One Redditor, perhaps the most self-aware out of the lot of mixed-race, midwit faggots, had this somewhat observant thing to say:

“When Trudeau made one of its first anti-gun law, one of my friend[sic] tried to convince me it was just the beginning and that if he did not get push back on it, he was going to continue and eventually ban hunting semi-auto. I did not believe him, I told him that it was an invalid slippery slope fallacy.”

Ah yes, modern reddit. A group of people so worthless that the best thing they ever did was go over to Ukraine to get demolished by Russian artillery and cruise missiles. Seriously, whether or not you support Russia or Ukraine, Predditors getting misted is a beautiful site to behold.

Over to CanGen at /k/, which generally doesn’t permit firearms politics discussions except for the Canada General, for some reason. It’s the usual 4chan, Mongolian basket-weaving shitshow that’s infamous for having one of its anons arrested for possession of prohibited weapons after he spent a year S.T.A.L.K.E.R. posting—carrying and shooting AKs in the Canadian bush while in tacticool kit—on a board that is rife with IRL feds. One could successfully argue that some of the mixed-race troons from Reddit are smarter than that guy. In any case, CanGen has an unhealthy sexual fetish for Wendy Cukier, the ‘literal who?’ Canadian gun control activist.

Wendy Cukier

I too had never heard of this Wendy Cukier. I did see her described by Brock University as an “innovation leader and social justice advocate,” when announcing that she would be the university’s next president. 

Other than that, and the shills and the feds, it’s generally more /pol/-oriented than any other board on 4chan and home to a smattering of /ourguys/ who have the general line of reasoning that perhaps the government is getting ready to transition into some Tiananmen Square-style ultraviolence in the near future for which a general gun confiscation is necessary. Non-compliance with the gun confiscation also seems to be a prevalent theme and anyone who is brain-dead enough to still think this latest legislation is about evidence-based public safety initiatives and that it’s going to stop at nothing short of all guns is clearly a niggerfaggot. One anon also astutely added:

“Ban women, it’d plumet suicide rates around the country”

But seriously, the catboi Alt-Republican cult has mostly soured me on even tasteful chauvinism.

As a resounding testament to this particular General, if you actually want to understand what the fuck is going on with Canadian gun politics in short order, hang out there for a couple of hours.

Finally we’re on to CGN[Canadian Gun Nutz], a site generally known for its insufferable, deracinated boomers and Fudd posting, ‘Fudd’ being a reference to ‘Elmer Fudd’, a hunter that cares little about gun control as he believes it will never affect his hunting weapons. There we have the usual CCFR letter-writing enjoyers arguing with Fudds, the latter now outraged that the ‘Shitlibs’ are coming after their hunting guns, a bunch of told-you-so replies, the ‘Let’s all vote Conservative next time guys!’ posters, the Dr. Mauser fact-based quoters who are hopelessly outclassed, some straight-up fed-poasting, several references to tragic boating accidents, as well as a ton of doomposting from boomers that likely developed their defeatist attitudes soon after marrying their first Filipino, mail-order brides and spawning mongoloid offspring. I can’t begin to describe in words how cringey and depressing this place is. It’s an otherworldly experience.

However, in their stickied thread with over 200 pages of this unbearable shit, one ‘Regular contributor—722 posts’ to CGN’s forum writes a rare gem:

“We’ve never been so close as we are right now to finally being able to turn the tide. All we need to do is one simple thing, and we all need to do it: DO NOT COMPLY. If we all do that simple thing, this unholy mess unleashed by the Liberals will collapse under its own weight, and the next government we elect will be scrambling to restore the social contract upon which the law is based: a willingness to obey it.”

Finally, an interesting post. He’s a got a point there; mass non-compliance having some merit where the government hasn’t already escalated to Bolshevik-levels of Genrikh Yagoda violence and may wish to not go there and is definitely in line with /k/ CanGen reasoning. The caveats with his ill-thought-out post being, maybe the general gun confiscation is a precursor to an escalation of violence by the government, and what hope has he of physical support from his tough-talking but lifelong globohomo enjoying comrades, many of whom haven’t run a mile since high school in 1965? What kind of support can he count on from cowed, deracinated, uninspired, sell-outs to ZOG? All this, of course, is lost on these overly compliant, doomed souls that directly contributed to Canada’s downfall over decades. Boomers get the pillow.

Obviously Boomers do not get the pillow, but there’s a lot to comment on here. GGN sounds like the logical conclusion of anti-gun control as its own political movement. Ultimately, no one is willing to die for their right to own firearms. It’s the other things that the Corporate-State Complex wants to take away that people are willing to die for.

If you don’t have a serious political worldview that goes beyond “muh gunz,” then you aren’t ever going to do anything to protect “muh gunz.” I don’t necessarily think these are bad people, but they’re not going to disobey the government en masse just because some guy on the internet told them to.

At this point, I was starting to become interested in what the ‘official opposition’ had to say regarding the amendments to Bill C-21, globalhomo caricatures that they are. Their responses ranged from ‘zilch’ to ‘fuck all’. Not one single article, let alone a comment from either that sell-out faggot Singh or the equally gay Poilievre. The latter spent the last week drumming up support for an anti-opiod policy he’s proposing and yet again ineffectually babbling about some petty drama involving Trudeau and Xi and his embarrassing show at the EA Inquiry. Doesn’t he understand that there’s a ton of boomers at CGN ready to vote for him and that are crying out in pain at the latest injustice foisted upon them by the ‘Shitlibs’? Evidently not. First of all, he’d be crazy going against a ban of AR-15’s that’s already in place in Canada since the 2020 OIC, largely due to US media, and further, if he is to fulfill the Conservative Prophecy in cyclical Canadian politics to undo what his Liberal opponents have done in the past, he’s got a super convoluted mess on his hands this time. Objectively, the overlapping layers of intertwined gun control legislation the Liberals have managed to cook up this time, beggars belief. Yet the only voice crying out in the darkness versus this Liberal outrage is a lone Conservative MP.

In an article entitled ‘MP Morrison opposing amendments to Bill C-21′ on Cranbrook BC’s 102.9 Rewind Radio’s website, this lone, brave, MP outlines his fact-based argument why the Liberal policy is “short-sighted” and that hunting rifles and shotguns “are not the problem”. Clearly, MP Morrison didn’t get the memo outlining that trying to argue facts in a post-truth regime is a non sequitur.

With the general levels of apathy towards creeping general gun confiscation, the usual wretched response from the ‘Gun Lobby’ in Canada and total silence from the ‘official opposition’ droning in my ears, I started to wonder how Canada ever got into this Godawful mess in the first place. It turns out that there is a long and sordid tale discrimination waiting to be told. In future installments, I will cover this sad story from its origins to the present day.


[1] “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to cooperate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

Theodore Dalrymple

That’s an excellent quote from Theodore Dalyrmple. One that deserves its own accompanying piece by myself at some time. And it’s an excellent piece by Kulak.

Often times these articles merely confirm our biases, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I would have assumed the CPC would be useless, and they are. I would have assumed that there would be some boomercons doing something akin to CGN, and lo and behold it appears. I would have assumed that 4chan would be infested with shills and feds, but that the only productive discussion would be happening on there. 

Guest posts are not really needed to radically change any regular readers worldview, but I can’t do a deep dive on every single thing. Gun Control legislation and political activism is a very serious subject, that I always find less important than the new anti-White thing, child abusing perversion, or international issue. Thanks to Kulak I don’t have to spend however many dozen hours fumbling around and familiarizing myself with the issue to get a hold on what’s happening here.

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  1. Not complying is one thing, but you can kill them now or kill them when they knock on your door, as Solzenitsyn and his camp mates lamented about not-doing every day.


  2. I throw bits of sand into gov’s machine gears when I can. Wear them down, wear them down.

  3. In light of the flood of low-IQ brown people being imported to Canada with the primary purpose of disenfranchising White Canada, voting your way out of this is probably not possible.

  4. Another ban list as long as your arm. I really wonder how they come up with these catalogues? The last iteration included obscure WWII-vintage German and Turkish field mortars. This one has obvious inclusions (e.g. the Swiss Arms carbines, which the Liberals have had on their shit list for about 10 years) but also some glaring absences (notably, the SKS).

    My best guess is that they just do a Google image search for “guns” and let Dudley Do-Right’s elderly grandma flag any that look too scary for her taste.

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