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A lawyer representing the “Freedom Convoy” organizers is facing a cease-and-desist letter as well as a “forthcoming” notice of libel after allegations he made during the Emergencies Act inquiry on Monday.

Brendan Miller, the counsel representing Freedom Corp., had claimed during comments made at the commission that an employee of the government relations firm Enterprise Canada, Brian Fox, was carrying a Nazi flag during the protests earlier this year.

Wait, the Trudeau government employees are carrying around Swastikas now?!

WTF I love Liberals.

In a cease and desist letter sent to Miller and published on Enterprise Canada’s Twitter on Tuesday, lawyer Jeff Galway from Blakes, Cassels and Graydon said the “unfounded accusation” is “highly defamatory.”

“It is irresponsible and reckless to use the Commission’s process to make these false and damaging allegations in a highly visible forum,” the letter said.

“These accusations could not be more baseless, and are causing immediate and irreparable harm to our clients.”

It’s unclear which party is lying. Is the utterly Finkled “Freedom Corps” lawyer correct in asserting that teh ebil natzee flag wielder was a member of government trying to make the courageous Israel Loving Honklers look bad? Is the government correct in calling this guy a lying dipshit who makes up QAnon tier conspiracies? I know who I’m betting on, but rest assured, I couldn’t care less either way.

When Vigneault responded that he hasn’t testified to that, Miller fired back, “Yeah, you haven’t testified to it, but you know that to be true, don’t you?”

The commissioner then cut in and chastised Miller’s conduct, saying the question was “not a fair statement.”

In the cease and desist sent to Miller on Tuesday, Galway explained that Fox “was not in Ottawa at any time in January or February of 2022.”

“His most recent visit to Ottawa, to the best of his recollection, was to attend the Manning conservative action conference in 2019,” it added.

The letter went on to say that Fox was “not involved” in the “Freedom Convoy” protests and added that, “contrary to the misinformation (Miller’s) statements have engendered online, Brian Fox is not a Liberal Party member, supporter, or collaborator.

“He is a longstanding member of and contributor to the Conservative Party of Canada, and participated in the recent leadership process to support Mr. (Pierre) Poilievre,” it said.

“Your implication that Mr. Fox colluded with the incumbent government to discredit protestors has absolutely no basis in fact, and is reckless.”

I don’t give a fuck who carried the swastika flag. Everyone who did it was only doing it to discredit the other side, which is ultra gay to begin with. But I will say that Brian Fox, the employee of government relations firm Enterprise, being a cuckservative does not preclude him from carrying a natzee flag to discredit the protesters.

Just like Benny Shapiro types who became Never Trumpers in 2016, the mere appearance of something populist is hated with a seething passion by these types. Them whining that “those are the real natzees,” is exactly something they would do. There’s nothing that cuckservatives hate more than genuine populism, and while the Honkocaust was run by a literal homosexual zionist named Benjamin Dichter, the people on the ground ran the gamut from completely Finkled, to barely Finkled at all.

However, QAnon fags making up something  is so common that I’m not going to leap to Brendan Miller’s defense, especially over something so gay. If the claim was actually true the correct course of action is not “omjesus Libs R Real Fascists,” but rather “Lol.” That’s it. Never underestimate the power of not whining and groveling like a little bitch.

Globe and Mail:

Within the first week of protests gridlocking Ottawa last winter, Attorney-General David Lametti was already raising the idea of invoking the Emergencies Act and said the Canadian Armed Forces might be “necessary” to end the protests.

Mr. Lametti’s views were revealed in texts presented during his testimony on Wednesday at the inquiry studying the act’s use. His appearance ended with Mr. Lametti telling Justice Paul Rouleau he would have to trust that federal officials acted in good faith when they invoked the act because the government is not releasing the legal advice behind its decision.

The Public Order Emergency Commission, led by Justice Rouleau, is studying whether the federal government acted appropriately when it invoked the Emergencies Act in response to last winter’s convoy protests.

Text messages tabled at the [ inquiry show Mr. Lametti, who also serves as justice minister, was heavily involved behind the scenes. He repeatedly asked about the status of police plans, was highly critical of the Ottawa police, and advocated for stronger enforcement. His comments prompted repeated questions from inquiry lawyers about the line between politicians and police.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has agreed to partly waive cabinet confidence to release some information to the inquiry but it has kept solicitor-client privilege in place, resulting in an “absence of transparency,” said senior commission lawyer Gordon Cameron. He said it presents a “conundrum” as the inquiry tries to “lift the veil that has made such a black box” of a central issue facing the inquiry – namely whether the decision to invoke the act was reasonable and appropriate.

This is ridiculous on a whole bunch of levels, not the least of which being the idea that the militarized RCMP are not enough to handle unarmed protesters.

See how it looks like they called in the military? They didn’t, that’s the regular RCMP with gear that they already have.

As if them not being White would have made the government treat them worse.

David Lametti is a piece of shit, but this is all a waste of time. Trudeau is not releasing anything, Poilievre doesn’t actually care, and I’m tired of writing about this. There are too many layers of Finkle to cut through to get to something meaty here, and the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

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  1. Even if the Commission finds that the PM was out of line by invoking the Act – then what? Wrist slaps? A bureaucrat falls on xis/xer sword for the team?

  2. this “David Lametti” is no more italian than i am – spoiler alert! i’m not italian! looks jewey as hell – what is more likely? an actual italian becomes ag of canada, or a slimy crypto-jew slithers in? you be the judge…

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