A while back I wrote about Kanye West allegedly praising Adolf Hitler. The rumour was that he wanted to name his 2018 album “Hitler,” and constantly spoke positively about the former German leader. At the time I said that I wasn’t sure if it was true, but it was funnier to imagine that it really happened. If I may quote myself.

This may not have actually happened, but I choose to believe. Our Wakandian, Ye, spoketh, and what he sayeth be “Hitler be good and shieet.”

I apologize for doubting our sweet Wakandian Prince. Turns out his Adolf praising days aren’t a thing of the past.

UPDATE: YouTube holocausted the video. You can see it here on Odysee.

Kanye: Every human being has something of value they brought to the table. Especially Hitler.

“This guy is my champion?”

There is something truly glorious about Kanye West going on career shill Alex Jones’ show and just straight up praising Hitler. And not in some gay “well there’s a little love in everyone,” way, doubling down.

Alex Jones: I’ve said it the most natzee like activities I’ve seen. Uhm, and uh the natzees were in my view thugs who shook people down and did really bad things.

Kanye: But they did good things too we’ve gotta stop dissing the nazis all the time.

Alex Jones: Okay. We’re gonna get to that. You – Ye.

Watching this fat dick pill salesman just sit there and take it was viscerally satisfying to me. The way he has his eyes downcast as his guest utterly blows what little chance he had of re-ingratiating himself into Schlomo’s good graces is simply perfection. Alex Jones’ entire schtick is telling you that things that are being done by Zionists are secretly being done by aliens, Lizard People, or the Communist Chinese. Now the Super Male Vitality fag is going to need to make it even more obvious that he’s a worthless shill by denouncing his own guest after the show.

Kanye West: I got some jokes here from Owen Benjamin that I want to read about Ben Shapiro. Hey Candace Owens unplug this robot before  he runs his mouth. Ben Shapiro’s cardio is picking up shackles. Shapiro can tell just how much change is in your pocket from hearing a jingle. Uhm, Shapiro is just mad that Kyrie won’t sign his basketball.

Back to you Alex.

Well Alex Jones’ reaction ought to be the above, or at least a polite chuckle. Instead he just sits there like someone announced their precocious toddler was hit by a car and wouldn’t be recovering.

NY Post:

“I see good things about Hitler, also,” the rapper who changed his legal name to Ye told Jones on Thursday. “Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.

Ye elaborated, telling Jones: “The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world.”

“If I say something derogatory about the Mossad, is that mossa-gynistic?” Ye joked.

The fact that Kanye West is kind of dumb makes the whole thing that much better. I mean he’s literally sitting there in some stupid full face mask while talking about how much he loves Adolf Hitler on Alex Jones’ show, and he’s also making bad puns about the Mossad.

“Nobody cared who I was before I put on the mask.” – Kanye “Ye” West

Jones accused Planned Parenthood of being an “abortion mill” that plays on “white guilt” in order to “help us kill black people” by soliciting donations from white people.

“What type of freakish crazy world is that?” Jones said, turning to Ye.

Ye responded: “Zionist.”

I actually haven’t seen much of the interview. The link I was given didn’t have any ability to rewind or fast forward, so it was largely useless. All I have to rely on is some clipped segments going around telegram, and analysis by others.

Eric Striker Telegram:

Fuentes qualifying Kanye’s statements with claims that Israel-firster Laura Loomer is one of the “good Jews” while Jones says Jews are being killed en masse through vaccination by the secret Nazi illuminati. Ye isn’t having any of it, good on him.

I’d forgotten that the Catboi Puhrer is still there in the background. As far as handlers go, I don’t think you could make two worse decisions than this fag and Milo.

Alex Jones is a cuckservative wanker. Just a low IQ Ben Shapiro. Kanye West refuses to stick to the alt lite script, his political instincts are much better than Jones and Fuentes.

The alt lite is in the pocket of Jews, possibly more dependent than many mainstream conservatives. They specialize in waving the red cape to fool bulls into charging in the wrong direction.

Look at how Jones tries to deploy his repertoire of whoppers about COVID, illuminati depopulation agendas, and George Soros being a Jew-hating Nazi to try and get Ye’s focus off of the demonstrable fact that Jews run America.

I’m stealing Striker’s analogy with the matador and the charging bulls. That’s such a quick way to sum up the Alex Jones Experience. Waste everyone’s time and money charging at a distraction.

Was the clip from American History X edited by InfoWars when Ye was talking about Hitler? What utter and childish disrespect from these scum.

Keith Woods Telegram:

I’m guessing Ye couldn’t see it but during the break Infowars aired an advert for a show they’re doing about Balenciaga child sex trafficking which strongly suggested Ye himself is suspect. Incredible.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the Balenciaga Saga, go here. Kanye himself has already chimed in and spoken harshly against them, as well as using the silence of other celebrities as an indictment against them. I’ll wait to see the clips that Striker and Woods are referring to here, but that’s exactly the kind of scummy move that a conspiracyfag like Alex Jones would pull. Remember, his job is to always miss the target on purpose.

Mike Peinovich Telegram:

This is the kind of nasty shit you can expect alt-conservaties like Jones and crew to pull. Along with trying to tie Ye to CSAM shit from homosexuals at Balenciaga. In the same interview where Ye called out Jews for pornography and Jones tried to change the subject.

After Ye said that Jones shouldn’t be discriminated against for his speech, he still pulls this nasty shit on him. What an ass. Alt-light are scum. I hope Ye doesn’t let them pull him deeper into their sphere.

And earlier.

I have to give Ye credit for his performance in this interview. Alex Jones is completely flummoxed that Ye is not cooperating with the usual alt-light script on the Nazis and Hitler. It’s good to see that narrative unravel.

It’s very refreshing to see someone challenge the carefully constructed alt-conservative narrative on Jews and Hitler directly to their face. This is exactly why these people run from us and pretend we don’t exist as hard as they can. They know their pro-Jewish talking points can’t stand up to scrutiny. Apparently they thought they had Ye under wraps and could get him into the “not all jews” camp or the “Nazis are the worst thing and THE LEFT are Nazis” camp. They failed. Jones would never have taken the interview had he known. Good for Ye.

During the writing of this piece I found another clip on Tony Hovater’s channel.

UPDATE: Another video Holocausted by YouTube. Here is the Odysee version.

Look, I don’t know how productive this will all be, but it’s possible that we live in the funniest timeline.

And maybe the best.


Kanye: He, you know, it’s like he had a really cool outfit and stuff, and he was a really good architect and uh –

Alex Jones: So you’re in love with the uh uh the look of it.

Kanye: And he didn’t kill six million jews that’s just factually incorrect.

Alex Jones: Yeah let’s get the Ronald Reagan clip they showed me yesterday. You know Ronald Reagan said that too.

Alex Jones is desperate to change the subject to Reagan bullshit and he’s referring to something else. But it’s hilarious to think that he’s saying that Kanye is quoting Ronald Reagan.

But seriously, this former billionaire Black rapper is outright fanboying over Adolf Hitler.

Alex Jones: Well I think Hitler did target and kill some people.

Kanye: Well I think Obama killed some Palestinians.

Alex Jones: Uh, well I hear you. Here’s where I think the frustration is. Nick, you can comment on this –

Kanye: And Obama was not the first Black President, he was another Jewish President.

It’s amazing how the craziest thing to ever happen on Alex Jones’ show is someone telling the truth.

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  1. I haven’t seen any video yet, but it sounds like Jones got buck broken by a nigger.
    And that’s fucking hilarious.

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