Let’s start with the astroturfed winner of Cuckfight2022! and his pledge to let Israel get balls deep inside him.

Columbus Jewish News:

Canadian Opposition Leader and Conservative Party head Pierre Poilievre vowed on Tuesday to move the Canadian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if he is elected prime minister.

“I announced my recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital [while campaigning] and now, as opposition leader and head of the Conservative Party, I repeat clearly and unambiguously: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and when I am elected prime minister of Canada, I will ensure that our embassy is relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Poilievre.

He made the comments to fellow Canadian lawmakers and Israeli diplomats during a gathering on Parliament Hill in Ottawa organized by the Keep Jerusalem–Im Eshkachech group, which educates communities about the centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish life and the importance of maintaining the city united and secure under Israeli sovereignty.

Under Jew sovereignty, they mean.

I for one, am all for this. My favourite thing is when I see anti-White politicians pledging not just their fealty to jew nationalism, but making sure to ignore any issue that Canadians face on a day to day basis in order to metaphorically felate the starfish penis of Harvey Weinstein’s people. This is incredibly important to me, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that Chynna Baaaad for allegedly putting Chinese people in Uighur territory, but Canada good for flooding Whiteys neighbourhood with Third Worlders, and Israel double good for slaughtering Palestinian goy-children in order to steal their land. Oh and when they murder American journalists that’s even better.

There was a back and forth in the Daily Rake telegram chat where we weren’t sure if this guy had a gay father. Turns out that he does, and he was also adopted.

Vim Buzz:

 PC MP (born June 3, 1979) is a Canadian politician who has been a member of Parliament (MP) since 2004.

His father, an openly gay man, sat in the House of Commons gallery on the day Pierre voted against gay marriage.

Is this actually true? 

The Globe and Mail:

But something apart from a shoulder injury was happening as he threw himself into politics: His parents separated. In his mid-teens, Pierre was shuffling between Shawnessy Drive and his father’s new home. Eventually, Don [Poilievre] came out as a gay man.

Shuvaloy Majumdar, a former Conservative staffer who met Mr. Poilievre when both were 18, said that among people Mr. Poilievre knew, his father’s sexuality was no secret.
“I’ve never seen him uncomfortable with his family. It was never something he hid or pretended didn’t exist or lied about,” Mr. Majumdar said. “It was always, ‘This is who I am. This is where I come from.’”
In 2005, as a rookie MP, he gave a speech opposing gay marriage, arguing civil unions would ensure equal rights while preserving the traditional definition of marriage. In typical Poilievre style, he blamed the Liberals. Atypically, he declared deep respect for those who disagreed with his stand.

In other words Pierre Poilievre has always been a fake piece of trash. He pretended to be really against anal marriage, but, contrary to his usual finkle heavy rhetoric, he was “surprisingly” courteous and respectful to the “other side,” which he never really opposed.

Here’s his take from 2020.

The Post Millenial:

Leadership hopeful, Pierre Poilievre, has attempted to hop over the trip wire of social conservatism that plagued Andrew Scheer in the 2019 election, according to La Presse. He is expected to officially announce his leadership bid in the next few days.

Speaking to La Presse in an interview, Poilievre stated that he “supports gay marriages. Period. I voted against it 15 years ago. But I learned a lot, like millions and millions of people across Canada and around the world. I find that gay marriage is a success. The institution of marriage must be open to all citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

These comments will be refreshing to many Red Tories, who became increasingly frustrated by Scheer’s inability to tackle negative press when it came to social issues. MacKay, for instance, famously compared Scheer’s social Conservatism to a “stinking albatross.”

What social conservatism? And for that matter, what “social conservatism” from his successor?

Remember that this is The Post Millenial, which is supposed to be the right-populist site. Instead of giving you something real there are two layers of Finklethink in here. First, Andrew Scheer was not a socially right wing politician. I called him Scheer the Queer, and it wasn’t just because he was a black hole of charisma. More boomercon types complained that he wasn’t running on a right wing platform, and his ads before the election were all “here’s how I can put some money in your pocket,” kosher bullshit.

Secondly, if he had been “socially conservative,” that would have been great, provided that is translated to “is a normal person,” and not “I love child trannies but I’ll pretend to be so against abortion that I want women to have to carry retarded negro rape babies to term.” Nobody likes anti-Whiteness. Nobody likes child trannies. Nobody likes the cultural poz produced by (((Bog Iger))) and the rest of Hollywood, as evidenced by the gay rom com and gay Disney movie getting holocausted at the box office. 

Similarly, the ex-interim leader, Rona Ambrose, also took to social media to subtly express her discontent with Scheer’s refusal to participate in gay pride parades. Alongside LGBT issues, Poilievre made clear that a government he would lead would never get mired in the issue.

Maybe he can see me next time he goes down to the local GroomerPox Convention.

Poilievre is essentially just cuckservatism on steroids. They pretend that the other cucks were hardcore KKK members, which they weren’t. They then pretend that the ditching the one and only popular aspect of conservatism is the winning move. Now they’ve always been there to stab you in the back at the last minute, but Poilievre is just moving the timetable forwards and not getting “mired” down in… a popular issue.

Instead you’ll get him endlessly pretending that Joffrey Trudeau isn’t attacking China, which he is. You’ll get him endlessly pretending that the World Economic Forum is an all powerful institution, instead of being The Oscars for International Finance Capital. You’ll get him whining about “financial elites silencing people,” and see him turn around and say shit like this.

Speaking on his leadership intentions, Poilievre told The Post Millennial that “people know I’m a fighter, and they believe that Conservatism is worth fighting for. We don’t need another Liberal party we need a Conservative Party that will honour our country’s traditions, restore free enterprise, reward hardwork, and make it possible for anyone who takes risks to achieve their goals.”

In other words, trillion dollar multinationals should be allowed to rape the people.

Finally we come to his interview with Andrew Layton, and it’s more of the same, but worse. We start off just before the four minute mark, where he’s responding to a question Layton asks about him ducking press conferences with the usual propagandists.

Poilievre: There are some good reporters who are in the press gallery, but for the most part there is a definite bias in favour of just defending the government and regurgitating its talking points. And uh, I don’t need to validate that. And uhm, so I’ll answer questions from a broad range of media.

In fact, just over the weekend I was doing a very extensive press conference in Toronto with multicultural outlets from all different backgrounds. Chinese Canadians, South Asian Canadians, Latinos, people from African descent. They have all their publications, and I wanted to talk to them. And I did, for what must have been an hour or so.

So you’ll see a lot more of that. And there’ll be a lot more voices heard under my leadership than there is under Justin Trudeau.

The op here is so obvious that I feel I’m insulting your intelligence by explaining it, but I’ll do so anyway just in case. The duplicitous weasel named Pierre is taking people’s rightful hatred of (((mainstream propagandists))). He’s absolutely right to shun these people, and in fact he should be much more forceful about it, by constantly attacking them. Pointing out that they lie us into wars and then whine constantly about people saying retard isn’t a bad start.

But then he turns this into some anti-White thing where he implies that the Zionist media is secretly this White thing. So he went and met with a bunch of non-White run media and talked to them. Make no mistake, if you started something like “The White People’s Press,” Pierre and his handlers would not be interested in meeting with you. Hence his “all different backgrounds” not including White People.

After he gets done whining about that he engages in some Finklethink on various issues. He explicitly says that he’s against internet censorship, which is a bait and switch, since he hopes people interpret that as him being against trillion dollar multinational corporations oppressing everyone, but he actually just means that he opposes Liberal Party efforts to censor things online, which is totally unserious.

Poilievre: Now again there were people who, uh, behaved badly or blockaded critical infrastructure. I don’t support blocking borders or shutting down highways.

Andrew Layton: What about Wellington street? Is a trucker on Wellington street a peaceful law abiding protester?

Small PP: Well… I think if they’re on foot. My preference would have been if they were on foot, and if they parked their trucks off site. I think that would have been better. 

In other words, Pierre kind of liked the Trucker Convoy, but he would have preferred if it was completely cucked, as opposed to simply under bad management. If it was entirely homosexual Pierre would have been as happy to attend as he would be a GroomerPox Pride Parade.

Note that he does not mention the four Trucker Convoy protesters who were run over by the antifa terrorist Dave Alexander Zegarac. Championing their cause and the Winnipeg Police’s absolutely political and disgusting refusal to press terrorism charges or even let the public know what exactly he was screaming to them as he was arrested would be an extremely helpful thing to do, which is exactly why he won’t do it. I did what I could, but imagine if it was the head of the CPC on the other end of this line.

Having truckers on your side is enormously powerful, but only if they aren’t fags who park their trucks in the suburbs and then walk to impotently whine at Trudeau. It is precisely the thing that he and his owners don’t want them to do, shutting down critical infrastructure like highways, that is the source of their real political power. Now, maybe if they didn’t have this faggot as their approved and fake voice in Ottawa they could rely on their voting power as a bloc. But it really rubs me the wrong way when this astroturfed weasel tries his best to get them to stop doing real politics and instead do fake politics in supporting him, the career politician who voted to label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization.

Next he whines about gun control in a totally effeminate way. 

Uh, I put in place a committee of cops, border guards, and uh licensed and law abiding First Nations hunters, anglers and sports shooters who can put together serious clear criteria to determine how a firearm is classified.

Of course we all know that gun control is really peasant control, and especially White/Goy peasant control. Trudeau does not actually give a shit about crimes, gun crime or otherwise, as evidenced by our murder rate hitting a new fifteen year high.

Poilievre is terrible. But in fairness to him, he’s not as worthless of a shill – from the perspective of his owners – as the previous two duds the CPC trotted out. 

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