In case yous didn’t kno dis about ta happen homie hook you up good like a real G.

Jonathan Greenblatt: Yo wassup. I’m Jonathan Greensizzle. I’m CEO bitch. Shieet nigga we be droppin bombs about dis anti-semitism. It be da real wack yo. Straight fool this Kanye. Kno me sayin homie?

Just kidding, that wasn’t really what he said. I’m just making fun of his “how do you do fellow niggas” routine that he was trying to pull off. “We talkin’ bout anti-Black racism shieet.” Like, buddy, you’re a disgusting parasitic vampire with no charisma. Take a chill pill and relax.

I’m not going to bother transcribing the video, and not just because it’s over an hour long. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this zionist kikel.

Let’s zoom in on the all too predictable like/dislike ratio. 

This is why YouTube had to disable dislikes. Can’t give the goy-peasants even what little voice they have with that dislike button now can we. I said at the time that the removal harmed the YouTube experience for apolitical content, since it took longer to figure out if a video was worth your time. But Mr. Greenblatt demanded no dislikes, so here we are.

Per usual, the comments are fantastic, and entirely one sided. And when I say entirely one sided I mean it. Top comments are unanimously against this evil creature.

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t shut down the comments. There are 52 thousand views and 3,376 comments as of time of writing, which is 14 hours after the video was uploaded. To disable all comments it requires just a few button presses, but it’s possible that this is “Charlamagne”, the house “AfricanAmerican” who ran this, is doing what little he can to rebel with plausible deniability against massa. 

And of course the clip going around Telegram of Greenblatt protesting too much is gold.

Charlamagne: But some people are saying this proves Kanye is right. Because Kanye says ‘hey, Jewish People have all the power,’ and then he loses everything.

Noseblatt: Well, look. The insidious nature of anti-semitism and these tropes about power is Kanye can say these things ‘Jews have all this power they’re controlling everything’ and if we don’t get him – you know if we don’t deal with that the myth spreads, and it takes root.

How the fuck are you supposed to deal with that if Jews have no illegitimate power?

Greenblatt has probably done a lot of productive – from their perspective – things behind the scenes, but every time he shows his face on camera it’s a big L for World Heebery. I’m shocked they can’t find anyone better than this, although it is a pretty impossible question to answer.

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  1. I listened to a bit of that on Nigh Nation Review. That filthy HIDEOUS goblin (that devil imp is even more hideous when it’s drooling words out of it’s twisted mouth) told lie after lie after lie after LIE. It seems to believe that it cannot be refuted. The ovens need to be REAL.

  2. Yo, you gots be gettin rid dem dislikes Bro.

    They be thinkin all these Naked Homies be Knowin dat Shit jus like Dem.

    Sheet – You ain’t got no sense, get on it Brotha.

    That Feratu Nigga, He got it all squared down !!

  3. Charlamagne is their house negro boy. A pure sell out.

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