For those of you who don’t know who Idubbbz is, congratulations. I’m quite proud to say that I had never heard of the guy before he tried to punk Sammy Hyde, and had Mr. Hyde pull out the Uno Reverse Card and bullycided the young man.

Basically he was a guy who, back in 2015-17, got big on YouTube by doing moderately edgy and humourous videos. The only one that I saw was the one making fun of some guy named Leafy, whose content I’m proud to say I never watched. The Idubbz video was well produced, and somewhat well written. The guy’s a nerd, but he did have some small amount of talent. Unfortunately, he saw the way that the censorship winds were blowing and decided to take a paycheque instead of a stand. Also, his wife has an OnlyFans.

This was the impetus for his ambush interview of Sam “Hitler’s Top Guy” Hyde. A month after Hyde beat him to the punch, Idubbz released – by the way I have no idea if it’s two b’s or three, and I don’t care. Anyway, Idubbz then released his own documentary shot from his perspective, and that was the last that I’d heard of the guy.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Apparently he did some celebrity boxing thing against some doctor guy. He lost that fight, but then tried to do more celebrity boxing, and literally cried in the ring afterwards, right next to his whore OnlyFans wife.

But he’s back, to cry about how bigoted his old videos were.


I’ve realized that I need to be crystal clear about what I believe, so there’s no room for ambiguity. I am responsible for creating a lot of hurtful and damaging content on this channel. And I’ve also created a culture of uh apathy and like a lot of cruelty as well. 

You know some of the videos I’ve made have been very – not edgy – I don’t think some of these videos were edgy, I think they were outright cruel. So, I don’t want people to get it confused about you know where I stand. I have made some cruel, hurtful content, and I need to acknowledge that and I’m really sorry that it’s taken me this long to acknowledge it.

The content I’m talking about specifically are content cop videos, and videos where I was just generally criticizing people for very lackluster reasons.

Somebody call in the exterminator to finish the job on this twat. 

As maudlin as this preface was, it gets worse when he apologizes for saying nigger on the internet. 

I was being very bigoted in a lot of my videos. And I justified it because you know I didn’t think it was too serious. And I thought that people were going to see that I had good intentions, you know. But that’s so silly, you know.

Casual racism is still racism. Casual bigotry is still bigotry. And you know I said a lot of things that uh I look back at and I cringe now and I’m like ‘that is an awful thing to say.’

Sam. Where the fuck is Sam. 

It doesn’t matter what my intentions are. I’m hurting people I’m hurting – 

Sam you faggot get in here and choke this bitch to death. 

That’s better. 

I know that this apology isn’t enough. I’ve clearly done a lot of damage. You know these videos have been up for a lot of time and accumulated millions of views. I shouldn’t be able to just make an apology video and just walk away from it. This is something that I should live the rest of my life with. And I expect to.

Uh I’ve profited off of this bigoted content for years. And I’ve made a successful career out of it. And that’s not right.

I am running ads on this video. And uh any revenue uh generated from this video I’m going to match and donate to an organization that would have been particularly affected by the type of rhetoric that I’ve been spewing on this channel. And again, this isn’t the end of what I’m doing. This is just the start. 

Sam where the fuck are you get in here you cuck. All those schools you shot up, all those innocent children murdered. We’ve finally found a worthy target for you so get to it. 

Idubbz goes on to whine for another ten minutes after this. He promises to unlist all his videos, especially in the content cop series. Then he says this.

I’m also sorry to all the Black viewers, and minority groups who had to put up with that video and the phrases. And that’s just so dangerous and stupid.

Later, he goes on to apologize to trannies, and calls his fans bigoted and evil.

Idubbz is a weak willed nerd. As a result, he has conformed completely to the censorship (((regime))) at Google/YouTube. If people like us were running the show, he’d be bullied into making far more “edgy” content than he ever did for his Content Cop series. But since President Greenblatt is in charge, the guy goes from saying niggerfaggot and making fun of gays to, eight years later, giving one of the whinest and groveling apology speeches I have ever witnessed, seemingly apropos of nothing. 

Just so we’re clear, he was barely even edgy back then. The one episode I saw of Content Cop was a typical roast type event of some guy named Leafy, who has since been totally banned from YouTube for being actually edgy. It’s not like he was screaming “KILL ALL FAGS,” at any point during the video. 

The modern internet is disgusting. It used to be disgusting, but then the Goy-Peasants figured out that they suddenly had a voice, which gave the internet one redeeming quality. Then President Greenblatt decided to ixnay that, with Orange Faggot monitoring the situation, and now the internet is just straight trash again, plus astroturfed Globo Homo Schlomo garbage.

I truly hate the modern internet. 

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  1. My friend, YOU are the modern internet, TRS is the modern internet, HT is the modern internet anime racists on poast are the modern internet, is the modern internet even homosexual australian randbot is the modern internet.

    It always had its mainstream kosher shit and it has more of that today yes, but it also has the new shit , the actual real shit like it never had before.

    Now slap yourself, and go badger Jazzhands for a ultra spectacular celebration of ‘the modern internet’ where you guest star on FTN and talk about the good shit that is out there or something like that. Go. Do it.

    I love you man.

    1. You’re right.

  2. Idubbz is really creepy when he’s defending sex workers like his wife, he’s acts like pornography and prostitution are noble lines of work and not exploitive at all. Some people that make millions of dollars from bottom rung entertainment turn into pathetic virtue signalers like dubby.

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