19 million dislikes.

After getting absolutely rekt by regular people disliking their garbage, Google has decided to fight back against the goyim. They announced on November 11th, 2021, that they were removing public displays of dislikes. You can still impotently hit the dislike button, but it won’t be shown publicly. This is effective immediately, and across all videos, whether the content creator wants that or otherwise.

Except weirdly enough, dislikes are still there on the platform. In fact you can see this on the very video mentioned above.


YouTube is still getting rekt on their own videos even after saying they’d remove the dislikes feature. Well technically they’re keeping the dislikes for internal algorithm reasons, but they’re not showing them. Except, they still are. We can all still see it as of November 23rd, 2021.

According to a techcrunch article:

The changes to the dislike count will roll out globally across YouTube’s platform starting today [November 11th, 2021], including all devices and the web.

God, look at that face.

Well apparently they did this about four or five days ago, then quietly cucked on this policy and put the dislikes back again as publicly visible. I can’t find a single article talking about this cuckery from Google, nor a video on their own YouTube channel.

We assume that this is because of the absolute destruction even normies gave them basically everywhere. From videos by PewDiePie and others explaining how idiotic and repulsive this behaviour is, to people immediately in the above twitter thread ripping them apart. After all, the original tweet has more replies than likes.

Notice the comment getting 5.4k likes, compared to the 1.5k likes from the original tweet. And then the shill in the thread gets a grand total of 2 likes and 28 replies. That my friend is getting ratio’d, and it happened on twitter in 2021. Imagine how unpopular this move is for people who don’t chop their dicks off for Israel.

However, after some research, we found that the public display of dislikes is in fact disabled for mobile users. So anyone on a phone or tablet won’t be able to see dislikes. I have no idea why they did that, and I can’t find any media that explains why they did that, or even that they did that. It’s just something we uncovered in the wild.

Of course, YouTube does engage in massive censorship all the time, outright deleting accounts and channels.

But it’s hard to delete accounts just for disliking a video, because then they’d get too much blowback from the public because they’d have so many false positives that they’d risk their natural monopoly, and that just won’t do. Instead, they simply disable public dislikes so as to remove that protest from the people.

Except they don’t for desktop. It’s a bit weird.


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