At roughly 8:30 a.m. ET this morning, Jeremy Boreingco-founder and co-CEO of the Daily Wire, posted a lengthy thread on Twitter outlining what appeared to be a major reversal on speech issues on the Elon Musk-owned platform. “Twitter canceled a deal with @realdailywire to premiere What is a Woman? for free on the platform because of two instances of ‘misgendering,’” Boreing wrote, adding, “I’m not kidding.”

The name Jeremy Boreing might be familiar to you. He was relevant during Crowdergate as Benny Shapiro’s right hand shabbos. If you don’t remember, Crowdergate was when Steven “Turn Jews into Powder” Crowder pointed out that consubversive media types like little Benny Shapiro are screwing over their employees by deliberately giving (((Big Tech))) leverage over them, and cancelling their pay if they get cancelled. Boreing then came up again with some lame skit about Hershey’s chocolate and trannies and basically who cares.

The point is that Jeremy Boreing, and by extension little Benny Shapiro, is now whining that Big Tech is censoring them, or at least cancelling long planned promotional material. First of all, if true, then it couldn’t have happened to a better group of people, and the irony is delicious, considering that their “clapback” to Steven Crowder was that they were entitled to pay him less if he got censored, because they would be making less money off of him.

Secondly, they’re not even being censored, like the NJP guys, Patriotic Alternative, Justice Report, and other organizations are. They’ve just had a promotional deal cancelled, where twitter users could watch the movie for free in the first 24 hours.

Weeks later, Twitter ominously asked the Daily Wire for a review copy of Walsh’s movie. Boreing said the firm then found out Twitter would not only “no longer provide us with support,” but bluntly told them they would “limit the reach” of the film if the Daily Wire went ahead with the event on its own. In one of many odd twists to this story, the problem involved two alleged instances of “misgendering,” a category of offense Twitter controversially removed from hate speech guidelines in April.

“They gave us the opportunity to edit the film to comply. We declined,” wrote Boreing.

Third, they’re are in fact not even having their promotion denied. Once the Jew Benny Shapiro lodged his complaint with Jonathan Greenblatt’s Bitch Named Elon the promotion was kicked back up.

I might have to do a review of “What’s a Woman.” Even Juden Peterstein occasionally gives an 8/10 critique, steps out in front of you when it’s time to provide the solution, and doubles down on getting in the way. Much of what Matt Walsh is going to say will be common sense, but there might be some useful nuggets in there.

Then again, probably not. After all, people don’t really need to be convinced that the perverts who get erections from wearing diapers and shitting in them are all kinds of fucked up. What they need is politicians pushing concrete policy, or NJP activists – and others – physically protesting the groomer story time events. It’s important to remember, with Republicans, you’re not getting policy.

The American Conservative:

Following the technical debacle that was Ron DeSantis’s campaign launch on Twitter Spaces, surely even Elon Musk die-hards must admit: The Tesla boss took over the platform from censorious technocrats and has turned it into something barely usable. Robust online discourse—once thwarted by Twitter’s liberal managerial class—has now fallen victim to something else: mismanagement and gimmicky profiteering.

A more straightforward explanation is that Musk’s Twitter simply functions badly, after his constant tweaking of the algorithm and janky monetization efforts.

First, interactions are down dramatically. It is the complaint on the minds of anyone in the business of stirring public debate—though it is rarely voiced publicly, lest you be accused of whining about not getting retweets for your boring content. From progressive New York Times scribes to the most hard-core right-wing populists, many report that using the new Twitter feels like “shouting into a void,” as one conservative journalist told me. It doesn’t matter if you have 150,000 followers, as I do, or merely 150: Any single tweet could end up garnering no more than a single “like” and no retweets, especially if you post a link that takes users outside the platform.

That suggests that whatever principle the Musk regime is following in rejiggering the algorithm, “based and red-pilled” meritocracy is not it. Is it combatting bots? 

We already know that Musk’s twitter artificially boosts typical kosher trash like AOC, Catturd2, LeBron James, and Musk himself. And again, auto-bans actual political organizations. 

Twitter is gay. Normal people don’t spend all their time on there, or even any time on there. Even in its relatively censorship free heyday that was true, and at this point it’s a lost cause. Getting censored from video platforms like YouTube is a big deal, since video is a great means of getting the message out. But social media? It’s a censored playpen for retards. 

I’m writing up something on the inaugural “By The Numbers,” on this very topic. Ultimately their conclusions are obvious. Normal people don’t spend 14 hours a day online, and the people who do don’t like doing real life activism, which is what is actually necessary for real political progress.

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  1. Rumors are that Steven Crowder is a closeted homosexual. Supposedly he has had many sexual relationships with men. That could be the reason behind his marriage falling apart.

    1. IDK about him being a homosexual, but he definitely is a faggot.

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