In our last piece on Kanye I noted that YouTube had censored two of the videos we made. I thought this was very odd, since the other videos were uploaded the same day, and one of the videos literally has Hitler in the title. Well YouTube has gone ahead and censored the remaining two videos. I created another video that is a compilation of all of them, and they went ahead and censored that one as well, and just a few hours after upload. But they did keep up the video bantzing Benny Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro is the biggest beneficiary of censorship put out by the ADL. In fact this “left-wing” group even specified him as one of the poor victims of uppity goyim that they were interested in racially protecting in an October 2016 report.

ADL October 2016 Report:

After criticizing Mr. Trump, conservative writer Ben Shapiro became the target of a wave of anti-Semitic tweets calling him a “Christ-Killer” and a “kike.” Jake Tapper, John Podhoretz and Noah Rothman have all received similar messages after voicing opinions perceived to be critical of Mr. Trump. In the midst of the attacks, Rothman tweeted: “It never ends.  locking doesn’t help either. They have lists, on which I seem to find myself.”

It’s forgotten history by most today, but Benny Shapiro was a Never Trumper who got so assblasted that he ragequit the internet. The zionist ADL was sucking his tiny little penis along the way, and now he’s the face of conservatism. But this is okay, because as Trump said “well I still have my twitter account.” 

All of which leads me to chuckle at the idea that some pink haired troon was so butthurt by Ben Shapiro, probably because they’re so deluded that they don’t get he’s a malicious little cunt who is there to tie the peasants hands behind their backs, that they decided to leave that video in particular up. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s just that censoring people who make fun of Ben Shapiro would ruin his image.

Whatever the case you can see all the Kanye West righteous spergery in the above video on Odysee. Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s not my fault we live under an extreme censorship regime.

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