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Amazon could have had Conan the Barbarian as a hard-hitting reply to Game of Thrones before it was scrapped. If the name sounds similar to you, then yes, this series was set to follow the same source material that was followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1982 critically and commercially acclaimed movie. Unfortunately, the project moved to Netflix as Amazon Studios Head found Toxic Masculinity in the project. 

Toxic Masculinity is a term I haven’t heard in about half a decade, maybe more. MeToo came along and started holocausting the (((Hollywood types))), leading to feminism getting the kibosh hard. As a result feminism is basically dead, and to the extent it remains it’s the “intersectionality,” stuff where it’s I Support The Current Thing and pretending to care about wahmens is about the thirtieth thing down the list.

But (((Jennifer Salke))), the head of Amazon Studios, appears to be really bringing back the Girrrrrl Power of Christmas Past. She’s also responsible for the anti-White casting decisions in Amazon Studios’ mutilations of Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings. So she’s not that much of a retrograde, it’s just interesting to me how much penis-hate she’s throwing out there.

Also, Netflix cancelled that Conan project, although it was probably because the trannies of colour at Netflix were seething at the unapologetic Lion Cloth Masculinity on display with a true Conan adaptation. We’ll get to the very successful project that the fired showrunner, Ryan Condal, did instead.


Screen Geek:

This was reported via Midnight’s Edge founder Andre Einherjar on YouTube. According to Einherjar, Amazon wanted the Conan the Barbarian series to rival Game of Thrones as the platform’s more adult-oriented fantasy series. Meanwhile, their Lord of the Rings series would be more family-focused. This was allegedly the plan made by Jeff Bezos himself as he explained below:

“[Bezos] wanted something which would enable Amazon to dominate the fantasy market the same way Game of Thrones had done for HBO. To make that dominance complete though, they weren’t looking for just one Game of Thrones, but two. One for the family market and one for the more adult market. One that would quite literally capture the exact same market that were engrossed in Game of Thrones.”

And, after explaining that Conan the Barbarian was intended to take the Game of Thrones market, he had this to say about how great the show’s development was going:

“It was the perfect property to fill the same need as Game of Thrones and they had the perfect showrunner for it, one Ryan Condal, then of Colony fame,” Einherjar details. “And the scripts he had written were extremely true to the original Robert E. Howard stories and according to everyone who read them amazingly good.”

Jeff Bezos, middle, then Patrick McKay, then Jennifer Salke, then JD Payne

Jeff Bezos is a disgusting little midwit, but his overall plan made a lot of sense. Game of Thrones dropped the ball once they ran out of book material, but there is no question that it showed you can make adult fantasy into a successful product. I believe at one point it was the biggest show ever, although I’m not sure how they measure those things.

I never liked that show, although I freely admit many scenes from the earlier seasons had quality to them. The nastiness of the show turned me off, and while I hate young adult stuff, I wanted something less nihilistic and pointless. Also, the borderline pornographic violence and sexuality of that show was a turnoff, and it without question cannot be made for a young audience.

To that end the plan was quite logical. They were going to make a hyper violent Conan the Barbarian, probably with lots of sexy wahmens dressed nice and skimpy. That show would have been absolutely fantastic, and maybe the most R rated show ever. Then they would make The Wheel of Time adaptation, which is a series that has some violence, but almost no sexual content and no gratuitous Game Of Thrones style torture scenes. This would capture the kids market, and build them goodwill with their audience.

It was a great plan. I wonder what, or perhaps who, could ruin this.

Unfortunately, he claims that the executives involved with the series at the time were fired during the #MeToo movement. They were replaced by (((Jennifer Salke))) who decided that Conan the Barbarian included too much “toxic masculinity.”

Ah yes, Jennifer Salke and her midget husband Bert. She has no talent or ability, but she’s an activist jewess, which appears to qualify her for a variety of positions throughout the industry.

“Where others saw the next Game of Thrones in Ryan Condal’s Conan scripts, Jennifer Salke saw only toxic masculinity. As such Ryan Condal was fired, Conan was scrapped, and Jennifer Salke picked The Wheel of Time to be Amazon’s more adult-oriented Game of Thrones replacement.

If you aren’t familiar with The Wheel of Time you might not understand just how retarded this is. In my book review of The Eye Of The World, the first in the series, I noted that the book was flawed, but redeemed by the wholesome characters and story. It is pretty much the ideal fantasy IP to turn into a kid friendly show, as you barely have to change anything. In fact, the kid friendly nature of the story, while still an adult story, is the majority of the charm.

Rafe Judkins, the lispy faggot showrunner they picked to butcher The Wheel of Time, should never be in charge of anything. Having said that, now I don’t know who to blame for his creepy Matt cunnilingus erotic fan fiction in the original draft. Sure, he’s a weird pervert who tells fans he’s going to make their favourite characters fags, but his overpromoted kikenroachette boss was also demanding he whore up The Wheel Of Time. Not just that, fundamentally change the story into something it’s not in order to LARP like they can capture the Game of Thrones demographic. So I guess it was a team effort to mutilate Robert Jordan’s corpse. 

Adding salt to the wounds, Ryan Condal went on to create the highly praised – although not by me in what little I saw – House of the Dragon, which became the closest thing to the next Game of Thrones, what Bezos was trying to create way back when. But he’s not a Jew or a low testosterone lisping faggot, so he had to go.

Hope it was worth it Bezos you disgusting mutant.

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