While 2023 is going to be a massive year for gaming across all platforms, there’s some debate about what the biggest game is going to be. Xbox’s Starfield? Sony’s Spider-Man 2? Nintendo’s Tears of the Kingdom? Diablo 4?

Well, there may be a different contender, Hogwarts Legacy, if it can deliver on its promise of being a dream Harry Potter game.

Fingers crossed.

As it stands right now, Hogwarts Legacy, despite not being released until February 10, is the #1 best-selling game on Steam. You can see it on the Top Sellers chart behind only the Steam Deck itself, and CS:GO, which is not a game being “sold” but rather a top seller because of its microtransactions. These are full-on prepurchases that have rocketed Hogwarts Legacy above games that are actually out that you can play like Modern Warfare 2 and High On Life, lower down on the chart.

A month early our Goblin Genocide Simulator is already holocausting the competition. That’s what happens when you refuse to cave to the Goblin Lobby. I think ever since GamerGate we’ve wanted a game where you can slaughter these hook nosed dual citizens and we’re finally being rewarded for our patience.

Tweet from December 15th…

Unfortunately the developers aren’t quite as based as you would hope. They let you make a troon in character creation. But at least it’s a troon that will be carrying out the genocide of an entire race of volcano demon worshippers, so it’s arguably a subversive masterpiece. They let you make a tranny, but they’re forced to be the first tranny to do some good in the world. Maybe next they can force you to be a tranny that can only campaign for the NJP.

Hogwarts Legacy also boasts something most of the other games mentioned here don’t have, multi-platform availability. At least three of the biggest games of the year will be locked to one console, or one console and PC in Starfield’s case. Diablo 4 will mostly be PC-centric, most likely. But Hogwarts Legacy will be out for last and current gen Xboxes, PlayStations, PC and even Nintendo Switch. That’s a bigger install base than any other game I’ve mentioned.

So, even if 2023 is a huge year for games overall, if Hogwarts Legacy can deliver, it’s going to be one of the biggest stories in the industry. If not, one of the biggest failures. One month until we find out which.

It’s already the biggest story in gaming in 2023 and the biggest success. This is record breaking pre-sales, and a large part of that is due to the trannies, who everyone hates whining and loudly proclaiming their refusal to purchase the game. 

Cool story bro, but millions of normal people are.

In the same way that cuckservatives can capitalize on people not liking them, but feeling obligated to support them out of hatred for these anti-White perverts, this developer, Avalanche Software, and publisher, Warner Bros Interactive, guaranteed their game’s success by doubling down and supporting JK Rowling. Then you just sit back and let these delusional penis-women cope so hard that they call labeling the game transphobic a W, when said game is literally shattering records for pre-sales.

Imagine drawing attention to the fact that a game you are seething about is about to shatter sales records.

Charlie Intel:

Further, BenjiSales even states that Hogwarts Legacy is also the “#1 Most Wishlisted game on Steam,” and that they are hearing “VERY strong things about console pre-orders,” despite previous-gen versions of the game being delayed.

But I don’t understand, the troons got it labeled trannyphobic, so no one should want to play it, right?

Weird. It’s almost like these people are insufferable and spiteful mutants who are coddled by our Democracy Class in order to serve as middle management in the people’s oppression. The WMD Liars tell me that these types are very popular, but, weirdly, my own eyes tell me otherwise.

Hail victory Ms. Rowling.

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