A former Virginia Tech soccer player who alleges that her coach benched her after she refused to kneel before a game, is going to get a $100,000 settlement.

Everyone was kneeling? Why was that, shitty modern journalist? Were they showing support for the disabled? Did someone die? Did everyone have a moment of silence at the cancellation of the choco taco?

Hening filed a lawsuit in 2021 on the grounds that Adair had violated her First Amendment rights. In the suit, Hening explained her support for social justice. However, she clarified that she “does not support BLM the organization,” pointing to the organization’s “tactics and core tenets of its mission statement, including defunding the police.”

Kiersten Hening

We’re forced to scroll down to the fifth paragraph. I don’t know if this is intentional, or merely reflects the shoddy quality of modern “journalism,” but yes, this girl refused to kneel for BLM and then her coach benched her.

Kiersten Hening was a midfielder for the Virginia Tech women’s soccer team between 2018 and 2020. She alleges that the team’s head coach Charles “Chugger” Adair took away her starting spot after she refused to kneel for a pre-game “unity statement” ahead of a game against UVA in September 2020.

She said that her political beliefs led to her coach berating her during halftime. Adair allegedly wagged his finger in her face and accused her of “bitching and moaning.” After the game, Hening claims that she was benched and pressured to leave the team.

Kiersten Hening, left, Charles “I love my wife’s Black son” Adair, right.

I love the contrast between the two. On the left we have Kiersten Hening, a beautiful and athletic girl with a very sweet and wholesome face. On the right we have this misshapen monstrosity Charles Adair, who looks like he, genetically, belongs in a horror movie.

Seriously this is the kind of guy that Hollywood casts to play the pedophile serial killer, and not entirely without reason. Meanwhile Kiersten looks like the innocent girl who is the sole survivor of the massacre and undergoes a serious, but touchingly sweet character arc where she overcomes her vaguely abusive father figure, who we can say is her coach, and confronts the killer in an ultimate showdown which is clearly about more than simply her versus the gremlin BLM supporting pedo serial killer, and more even than good versus evil, but a metaphysical and structural decontextualization of the semaphorics of identities.

After all, we think, therefore we are trannies. And in the jargonistic meanings of westerchildren and new ways of beings we can say surely, without a doubt, that the overcoming of the personal chainsaw massacrist, the chainsaw massacrist of the mind, is indubitably not the solipsism and navel gazing travestestous mundanity of being horny on the internet for a cute university aged soccer girl.  

I have no idea what I just wrote, but I do know that I am looking at an extremely breedable girl who now has at least $100k in net worth. I am sure I am looking at an adorably sweet face, coupled with a body that is tight enough to be sexy, while soft enough to be wholesome, and I am sure that I like it. She is not perfection, but you don’t want your girl to be too physically perfect, that’s just obnoxious. Her being one half notch below supermodel material in fact makes her better than perfect. She is blessed with good genetics, good work ethic, and kind eyes, and above all else, good politics. I love her. 

“This girl seems out of touch with reality…”

Or maybe I just love the fact that she’s triggering these anti-Whites and getting paid to do it. I’ve honestly reached the point where their whining gets me rock hard, and I don’t think I’m alone here.

Back in December, there was a motion to reject the lawsuit. Adair pointed to two other players who chose not to kneel but did not lose starting spots. However, the judge rejected that motion citing a noticeable dip in Hening’s playing time after she chose not to kneel.

“Ultimately, Adair may convince a jury that this coaching decision was based solely on Hening’s poor play during the UVA game, but the court, viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to Hening, cannot reach that conclusion as a matter of law,” federal Judge Thomas Cullen ruled.

She gets cuter with every picture.

The case never made it to court as they settled for $100 large.

The settlement comes without any admission of wrongdoing from either party. The three-day trial scheduled for later this month was canceled.

Coach Charles “gremlin” Adair and Virginia Tech were forced to give /ourwaifu/ one hundred grand… because they did nothing wrong. The gremlin even put out this statement whining about how he’s an innocent man, who just coincidentally stopped playing our sweet Aryan maiden after she got uppity towards BLM.

Hilariously twatter adds the context that he shelled out one hundred grand to her, and the commenters are having none of it.

User BillsMafia Caputo makes the point that I’ve made many times before, which is that you should push these things as hard as you possibly can. This sweet girl won $100k from these people because they know what they did was wrong, and they were desperate to avoid a protracted and extremely politically damaging legal battle, where discovery would undoubtedly overturn some embarrassing things, and lead to a greater victory for White People more broadly.

But I understand why this sweet girl settled, and it’s still a big victory, something her lawyer Adam Mortara makes sure to rub in Charles Adair’s face in the replies.

We would like to thank you and your bosses at Tech for paying the equivalent of several years of tuition.

Kiersten Hening was benched because she used her free speech to push back against an anti-White narrative, and then won in court. I would love her lawyer to make this point explicitly, but I don’t expect anything more from a lawyer. He gave her a good legal defense, and rubbed Charles Adair’s nose in it. So good for him.

And good for Ms. Hening, who I swear to god gets sexier with every picture I see of her. Good lord is she ever adorable, and the politics of this girl, coupled with her bravery in standing up not just for her beliefs, but for our people, is a powerful aphrodisiac. 

I’m glad Kiersten has gotten this sordid chapter of her life behind her and can now focus on having my babies full time.

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  1. Girl’s soccer is fun to watch , I used to coach and there’s some good players but the play like girls.
    Men’s soccer is now girly too since I heard they banned slide tackles for the new world odor of chained citizens, in fact anything that reeks of freedom will be squeezed up Jehovah’s hinder holster.
    Yesterday specular effect blog was holocausted and today Snippets and Snappits is gone.
    This here blog which I occasionally find quite entertaining…but sometimes bores with tales of some parallel universe simulation bipeds call “social media”… it will probably survive but if it does I expect very little naming of the actual perps – simply and hopefully with some funny stuff – discussions of their twisted self-important underlings.

    1. >Girl’s soccer is fun to watch

      I tend to agree: along with volleyball (lot of attractive women) and tennis, soccer is a watchable women’s sport in that the most obvious thing is not the huge difference in strength and athleticism between men and women — in contrast, it’s tougher to watch girls or women playing basketball because they cannot jump and have no quickness compared to males.

      However I do remember one soccer match in particular, I think it was a recent Copa Libertadores matchup between two South American men’s team, and being impressed by how their size, power (kicking the ball), and speed made the field look small, which is something I would never say about a women’s match.

      Here’s an interesting factoid that illustrates one physical difference between men and women: the average 80 y/o male has significantly more grip strength than the average female *of any age* — it is not even close.

  2. Hening is, quite literally, out of my league!

  3. I don’t know how good she was/is, but per reports she was a starter before she refused to kneel and afterward hardly played — in that regard, she deserved a lot more than $100k (probably 50+% of which will be eaten up costs, including attorney fees, and taxes) since her benching interfered with her development as a player and perhaps potential future earnings as a professional.

    1. >per reports she was a starter before she refused to kneel

      Her bio is still up on the Virginia Tech website — link

      2018 — ‘Appeared in all 22 matches, with 19 starts’
      2019 — ‘Appeared in all 19 matches and started the last 18’
      2020 — ‘Played in three games, starting in the season opener at Virginia’

      (NCAA soccer is a fall sport — typically the season runs from August/September into November — since the George Floyd incident was in May 2022, her failure to kneel would have happened months later.)

      So superficially she had a strong case: after being a regular/starter for two full seasons, she was benched and forced off the team because she wouldn’t kneel, which caused tension between her and the coach and program.

      1. >May 2022

        Should be May 2020 of course.

  4. Exceedingly breedable??? Talk about sexist. There goes another lawsuit.

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