I click on YouTube most mornings while I drink my cup of coffee. Today I was greeted with the following video by Critical Drinker.

Or rather, I was greeted with this thumbnail preview. I said to myself “I bet both these guys are Jews, and I bet my left nut Critical Drinker won’t mention that.” 

I don’t dislike The Critical Drinker. I think he’s pretty close to the truth, and he seems like a decent person who straddles the line of what you are and aren’t allowed to say on YouTube. Considering the mass censorship on that site, it’s no easy feat to say anything productive. Hell, they even have weird censorship, like the following “0 comment” video of mine clearly having a comment.

But that’s just the thing, with this much censorship it might not be possible to say anything productive, at least if you have a big platform. But we’re reaching levels of Heebery that shouldn’t even be possible. It’s even worse than you think, although we’ll get there later.

(Starting around the 7 minute mark). 

Things weren’t looking particularly good on the animated front either. A string of high profile flops last year threw Disney Animation Studios into absolute chaos. Turning Red cost $175 million to make, and earned back just $20 million. Strange Worlds cost $180 million and earned just $73 million. While Lightyear cost $200 million to make, and earned just $220 million back. Nowhere near what it needed to break even.

I wrote about Lightyear and Strange World when they happened. The latter threatened to be the biggest box office failure of all time, although it has since scratched and clawed its way to “horrific money losing disaster.” I didn’t write about Turning Red because I had never heard of it, but it probably is the biggest box office failure of all time. It’s currently in the number 1 position according to TheNumbers. 

This is somewhat misleading, since movies nowadays have the ability to make money outside of the box office, through streaming services. Calculating the money that any one movie makes on a streaming service, especially if you don’t pay for that movie in particular, can be quite difficult. Since the list doesn’t account for inflation, and streaming, all of the entries are fairly recent. Having said that, I’ve heard that the marketing budget for a movie tends to be twice what the production budget is, you’re not supposed to lose money at the box office, and Lightyear is also on this list at number 9. 

According to them, Strange World ended up making $69 million on a budget of $135 million. Still a disaster, but losing $66 million means that they didn’t quite qualify for the list.

All three of these movies lost the company money, massive amounts of money in some cases, and further damaged the Disney brand in the eyes of consumers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same way [about Bob Iger being the solution]. See, it’s at this point in our story that a new player takes to the stage. And that players name is Nelson Peltz. Who the hell is Nelson Peltz?

Well, he’s a business tycoon with decades of experience, and a history of hostile takeovers of failing companies, and returning them to profitability. He’s basically a hard-nosed businessman who doesn’t care who he has to fire or upset along the way. His goal is to make money, and in Disney’s case, he’s what’s known as an activist investor.

Well he’s certainly a big nosed investor. As for activism…

Nelson Peltz Wikipedia:

Peltz was born to a Jewish family in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Claire (née Wechsler; 1905–2007) and Maurice Herbert Peltz (1901–1977).

In February 2014, Forbes listed Peltz as one of the 25 highest-earning hedge fund managers in 2013, with total earnings of $430 million, ranked 16th.

According to Forbes Magazine, Peltz had a net worth of $1.51 billion as of February 2017. This made him the 432nd-richest person in the US. As of October 2021, his net worth was estimated at US$1.7 billion.

In 2005, Peltz was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush. He is also a contributor to Jewish causes.

He gives money to zionist warmongerer George Bush. We don’t need to have it confirmed that he gives money to “Jewish causes” Wikipedia, we already know. He gets that money by doing hostile takeovers of Goy corporations, strip mines them for assets, and uses it to push his zionist politics. He’s just (((Paul Singer))), but slightly less wealthy. 

Now back to Critical Drinker.

Peltz could see the writing on the wall when Bob Iger was reinstated as CEO, and his solution is to replace him with someone more capable and efficient. The problem is, he needs a seat on the board of directors first, hence the campaign that he’s launched “Restore The Magic.” 

The aim of this thing is to sway enough of the board to vote out one of their own members so that he can take their place and use his newfound power to call for a vote of no confidence in Iger. And by all accounts, he’s actually gaining a lot of traction here.

See, funnily enough, it turns out most investors with a big stake in a company care less in ideology and more about actually making money. And by appealing to them Peltz and his ideas are starting to gather momentum. And honestly, I think this is exactly what Disney needs. Disney needs someone like Nelson Peltz to jettison the dead weight and get them back to doing what they used to be so good at, entertaining people.

Investors should care less about making money, and more about the politics. (((Leftists))) think this way, maybe it’s time for the geriatric faggots known as conservatives to do the same.

Like so many other people, I recognize what they’ve been doing over the past few years isn’t working. People aren’t buying what Disney are trying to sell them now. They can either learn from that and change what they’re offering, or they can push ahead with a failing strategy until eventually they run out of resources to keep doing it. The choice, as they say, is (((theirs))).

But what does that mean “not buying what people are selling them?” To the Goy, Critical Drinker, that means not making money. To the Schlomo, Nelson Peltz, that means turning the zionist political project into a joke.

And it’s true, the choice of what happens to Walt Disney’s glorious empire is (((theirs))). There is the (((Bob Iger))) school of thought, which says that they should strip mine the corporation for all it’s worth, especially culturally, and risk it becoming an unproductive and unprofitable embarrassment by constantly shoving garbage down the Goyim’s throats despite them obviously not wanting that. After all, Walt Disney was an uppity Goy, so it gives them a certain thrill to destroy his legacy. 

Then there’s the (((Nelson Peltz))) school of thought, which says that the company should occasionally trickle in the POZ, while retaining some of the charm and nostalgia that Iger has thoroughly destroyed. This is the long term, kid gloves approach to subversion, where you are much less likely to trigger a Weimar style backlash, while making money the whole time. 

It’s unclear who will win this JewFight. I’m on the edge of my seat.

Hollywood Reporter:

Trian also released a new open letter to Disney shareholders, tweaking its messaging in a subtle but critical way: In its initial presentation, Trian focused on the performance of Disney CEO Bob Iger and his predecessor Bob Chapek. In the new letter, Trian is targeting Disney’s board, calling out Disney’s declining stock price and EPS in 2022, as well as its decision to cancel its dividend, adding that “it is clear the Board of Directors has caused this recent destruction of value.

Disney’s activist investor has found his target.

Nelson Peltz, the Trian Management founder who is leading a proxy fight against the entertainment company, is targeting Disney board member Michael B.G. Froman in the battle.

On Thursday, Peltz’s firm released a proxy form and began messaging Disney shareholders, urging them to withhold votes for Froman, and to vote for Peltz instead.

Michael Froman

This Michael Froman guy looks kind of funny to me.


Froman grew up in a Jewish family in San Rafael and graduated from the Branson School. As a teen, Froman was active in the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, serving as the 56th International President in 1980.

Disney is, at this point, so infested with activist B’Nai Brith tier Jews that other activist Jews are targeting them for replacement so they can then target the activist Jew CEO. There are no Goys left to holocaust. It’s essentially the Night Of the Long Yarmalukes over here, and whatever happens, you lose.

If anything you should probably cheer for Bob Iger, since he’s turned Globo Homo Schlomo into such an obvious joke that it’s been politically productive for us. The last thing we want is watchable Hollywood Product. And I love the easy content that a Rangz of the Kangz or Strange World brings.

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  2. The jews very nature will lead to increasingly unwatchable Hollywood products. It can’t be stopped, any jews that try to slow the poz to make something more watchable will eventually get cancelled.

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