A Merritt, B.C., man says he was shocked to discover that notes from his physiotherapist in his official worker’s compensation file used derogatory comments to describe him and his injuries.

Robert Munro, 37, hurt his back in December while on the job, delivering furniture. He filed a WorkSafeBC claim and ended up in physiotherapy.

But while reviewing his WorkSafeBC file, he came across comments referring to him as a “redneck hick to death” and an “uneducated massive redneck p—y,” and claimed he was “playing the system.”

I have no idea if Robert Munro really is gaming the Worksafe system with a fake injury. Stranger things have happened. What I do know is that none of these physiotherapists would ever write “alcoholic Feather-Indian” on the health sheet of some Abo, even if it was the most accurate description ever. 

Munro says his file has since been edited to remove the inappropriate comments, and was told by his case manager it was so he didn’t have to relive seeing it every time he logged on to WorkSafe for information about his case.

Munro says he would like an apology from the physiotherapist. Beyond that, he said, he’s still too angry to know how he wants the situation to be rectified.

“A major apology would be nice,” he said. 

Maybe he’s just whining, but that’s not the point.

The point is that we have the Democracy Class trying their hardest to paint Abos as victims of health care discrimination, to the point where they do the equivalent of twitter polls asking if they feel like they personally have had their feelings holocausted when they show up to a hospital. They then take their self-reports as the God’s truth, and make policy based on that. Meanwhile we have White Men getting referred to as “rednecks,” by medical practitioners, race unknown, and the most we get is this. Frankly, I’m surprised the CBC even bothered with this piece.

This is unprofessional behaviour from a medical practitioner, but it’s the double standard that really gets me.

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  1. Former Sask NDP Leader, a medical doctor named Ryan Mieli, wrote a book called “A Healthy Society.” In the book, he describes some of the absolutely extravagant efforts to provide health care to abos.

    In one example, Mieli recalled pleading with hospital staff on behalf of an addicted, aids-riddled, diabetic, obese “frequent-hospital-flyer” abo woman to be readmitted to a Saskatoon hospital. The woman had a history of abusing nurses, smoking in her hospital bed, wandering away AMA, and just general medical non-compliance. The hospital didn’t want her. Mieli played the “muh racisms” card, however, so the hospital readmitted her.

    The hospital subsequently spent tens, and tens, and tens of thousands of dollars in staff time, drugs, treatments, etc, on this woman; all while she continued with her usual behavior: being rude, smoking in bed, and well – just being a ghetto abo. The woman eventually wandered away from the hospital, AMA (against medical advice). Back on the streets, and shortly thereafter, she finally died of aids.

    Virtue-signaling NDP lib-tards like Dr. Mieli absolutely love these shit-bird abos; they don’t care that their health problems have nothing to do with “muh racisms”, and instead everything to do with their poor choices and ridiculous behaviors. And there is no limit on the tax dollars – White Peoples’ money – that people like Mieli are prepared to spend to save the life of some of the most useless, ugly, wretched, and characterless people in society.

    So even if Mr. Munro is maybe getting a little more treatment, and a little more disability support that he would be entitled to under WorkSafe BC, he at least seems to have a history of paying taxes (and thereby carrying a lot of abo free-riders!), and just contributing positively to society in general. And on this basis alone, he most certainly deserved to be treated with respect!

    1. Holy shit the physiognomy of Ryan Meili my goodness.

  2. I think causing this physiotherapist to be unable to get any job even toilet scrubber positions would be a good start. 15-27 years in prison for a hate crime would be justified. They actually called him a ‘redneck pussy’? This adds to my experience that a large chunk of all doctors and medical professionals are basically pond scum jews who do harm for loads of money. The Hippocratic Oath should be accurately rewritten as “keep them sick it makes more sheckles”.

    1. Afterall, remember they sentenced a white couple to 27 years in prison and stole their child away, because they allegedly honked their horn whilst flying a confederate flag on their truck past some niggers birthday party. So the precedent is there.

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