Yesterday it broke that Russian Air Force pilots were bullying an American UAV that was simply patrolling the Black Sea for absolutely no reason whatsoever. No really, they even used the term “bullying,” for this.

At the time there was no video evidence, and I thought the claim that the Russians intentionally rammed the drone to be beyond ridiculous. Russian fighters, like all jet fighters, have internal cannons, so there was no reason to risk totaling their own fighter to ram a chintzy drone. 

But apparently it was CAUGHT ON CAMERA, as the Toronto Sun boldly proclaims. Or at least the peeing on it part was. You can see the precise moment the Russian jet piddles on the American drone in the above video, set to the Ace Combat OST for some reason. 

It looks like they’ve given up on the claim that the Russian’s intentionally rammed the drone, or even accidentally rammed the drone. Again, that was the typical retarded propaganda from the Balloon Holocausters. No one would intentionally total a $50 million dollar jet fighter to ram a UAV. 

ZOG’s been getting holocausted in the comments section as of late. This is no different.

Even I was surprised at how universal the condemnation of this was. The takes are mostly indistinguishable from what I would write here at The Daily Rake. 

I saw some argue that the Russian’s dumped fuel on it so as to not provoke WW3. I think it’s far more likely that they didn’t just cannon it down because they wanted to capture the drone themselves. Since it fell into the Black Sea that seems plausible.

It’s also plausible they were just buzzing the drone to tell the operator to fly away. And the flyby’s damaging the propeller accidentally crashed it. Either way, what’s important is that no one cares.

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  1. I think it is important not to fall into dialectical thinking, of USA bad, therefore Russia good.

    1. fuck off with that gay shit

      1. Putin is a jew, and russia has been jewed since before the USA even existed.

    2. USA bad Russia good

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  3. There is a mistake in the article as of 3/17/2023. The author states several times that the incident happened in the Baltic Sea when in fact it happened in the Black Sea.

    1. Good catch. Story has been updated.

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