CTV News:

Canadians’ satisfaction with Canada as a country continues to decline, especially when it comes to perceptions of our political institutions, and younger Canadians have the bleakest view of the nation out of all age groups.

A new Nanos Research national survey found that about two in three Canadians (64 per cent) say they’re satisfied with Canada as a country. That’s a decrease of 10 per cent compared to just two years ago, when 74 per cent of Canadians expressed satisfaction with the country.

I don’t know how much of an NPC you would need to be to be “satisfied” with the institutions in this country. Then again, a big part of the propaganda is just getting people to tune out and not pay any attention, so it’s hard to blame them.

That decline is even steeper when we look at Canadians under the age of 35, for whom the score drops to 5.8.

“I think if you had said fast forward from 2015 to 2023, that young people would be the most pessimistic, that young people would be the least satisfied, you’d probably be very surprised,” said Nanos.

“Young people are usually the most optimistic and positive because they’re healthy, they’re starting to get jobs and they’re at the beginning of their earnings cycle … so those numbers for [young] Canadians and their level of satisfaction is absolutely brutal.”

It’s not hard to understand this. Young people these days are enormously poorer than the previous generations. They also have to deal with the blatantly anti-White pervertism in schools especially on top of all that. 

I’d be very curious to see this broken down by race, as this recent US Military favourability graphic was. 

Politically, this could be bad news for the minority Liberals, who are trending downward when it comes to support in Nanos’ weekly ballot tracking.

The poor score for the 35-and-under age group should be especially troubling for the Liberals, who inspired a huge turnout amount young Canadians in the 2015 federal election, said Nanos. In that election, the participation of voters 18 to 24 increased by over 18 percentage points to 57.1 per cent.

I really hate it when the WMD Liars try making systemic issues into partisan garbage. 

Tell me who you’re voting for, Goy. Which brown haired closeted homosexual servant of Israel do you feel represents your interests?

It’s a real tough decision. I don’t blame anyone for getting really invested in this fake pageant show. 

By the way, polls are extremely unreliable. It depends strongly on what the questions are and how they are asked. I would be shocked to find out that even 58% of Canadians are happy with this fake country.

Globo News:

A new private equity firm based in Ottawa says it has acquired the company behind one of the world’s largest pornography sites, Pornhub.

Ethical Capital Partners on Thursday announced its purchase of MindGeek, which owns a large portfolio of adult entertainment properties, for an undisclosed amount.

In seemingly unrelated news a finance firm called “Ethical Capital Partners,” is buying a smut corporation.

Even ignoring the moral and societal issues with pornography more broadly, activists have been trying and failing to have MindGeek punished for hosting real rape CSAM videos. After years of this, Mastercard and Visa, corporations that have blacklisted Gab, finally decided to cut ties with Pornhub in August of last year. So “Ethical Capital Partners” is right on schedule, investing in only the best and most moral of conglomerates.

MindGeek found itself embroiled in controversy after a New York Times opinion piece detailed allegations of sexual exploitation on platforms including Pornhub. The Montreal-based company is frequently ranked in the dozen-most visited websites in the world, ahead of Amazon, Netflix and TikTok.

The scrutiny sparked deletion of millions of explicit videos by Pornhub and prompted Visa and MasterCard to sever ties and Parliament to launch an inquiry.

I’m not surprised at who Global News claims the management of Ethical Capital Partners is.

Launched last year, Ethical Capital Partners is led by cannabis entrepreneur Rocco Meliambro and criminal lawyer Fady Mansour, who are listed as chair and managing partner, respectively.

A cannabis enthusiast and a criminal lawyer, Goy. That’s who ponied up the capital to buy one of the world’s largest websites. And yet, after one minute of searching I found this.

CTV News:

An Ottawa lawyer used to defending people from serious criminal allegations is now hoping to write a new chapter in the story about the world’s largest — and highly controversial — porn site.

Solomon Friedman is one of the partners of Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), a private equity firm founded last year in the nation’s capital that announced on Thursday it acquired Montreal-based MindGeek, the owner of Pornhub. The terms of the deal are not being made public.

ECP lists cannabis entrepreneur Rocco Meliambro and criminal lawyer Fady Mansour as its founding partners on its website.

Look, they put out some random Goys as their founders, without mention of where the capital comes from. That must mean the Goys are running the operation. 

Pornography should simply be banned, full stop. But don’t expect the consubversatives to do anything about that. Or even talk about anything other than China sekretly causing the Liberals to be too mean to Israel.

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