About a year ago it seemed like every month someone would make a new Jimmy Dore thread on BANG, which is TRS’s forum. The gist of it would be that Jimmy Dore was secretly based somehow.

I can sort of see why someone would think that. Dore is legitimately anti-war, and anti-billionaire. When I went to his YouTube channel, the top three videos were all him standing up for a goy and attacking a jew. Although of course, he would never say that himself.

Taking a look at his most recent videos paints a clearer picture. I really don’t think that one of our goys would be accusing NBC of “pushing neo-nazi propaganda.” That’s basically retarded. But it gets a lot worse than that.

The above video has (((Jeffrey Sachs))) going on about how the US has no business lecturing China or Russia on human rights violations by bringing up the Iraq War and Syria involvement. So far so good. Then he says, 

But we have really serious human rights violations by the United States abroad, not to mention an insurrection on January 6th in our own country. Not to mention the continued massive racism, White Supremacism, and abuse and incarceration of hundreds of thousands of people in the US. Of African American people of colour.

Meanwhile Jimmy Dore sits there like a complete dipshit nodding his head in agreement.

I’ve watched quite a bit of Dore’s videos. I think he’s well meaning, and because he actually gives a shit about policy, he has some of the best criticisms of the Democrat Party, including the “Justice/Progressive Democrats,” who he correctly points out as being completely full of shit. In the same way that our critiques of the Republican Party are the most accurate and cutting, his critiques of the Democrat Party are the best, because he attacks them for being frauds on the only part of “their” agenda that’s actually popular.

I don’t hate Jimmy Dore. Hell, I don’t even dislike him, but I understand that he’s just someone who thinks progressivism is actually real. Jimmy Dore supports BLM, and talks in glowing terms about them. He has no problem with what (((Jeffrey Sachs))) says above. It’s just he wants actual policy against the people who lied us into Iraq, and also socialist healthcare. And because those are his most important issues, he calls the Democrat Party a “far-right party.” No, really.

Jimmy Dore is the left wing version of some cuckservative who thinks that Conservatism is an actual real thing. So said cuckservative gets hoodwinked into thinking that jew nationalists and capitalists are his friend. Then he gets mad because he never gets any of the policies that are important to him. So he starts accusing the Republican Party of being a “far-left” party, because they’re super anti-White and pro-pervert. 

I think a few videos of Jimmy Dore are required watching for goys in our thing. It’s absolutely essential that people understand that “the left,” has a literal 0% win rate on anti-capitalist issues, or anti-war issues, despite that being the popular part of “their agenda.” It’ll help you realize that “the right,” has a 0% win rate on social or racial issues, but has a 100% win rate on jew nationalist issues, or pro-billionaire stuff.

Here’s a great video of his that I think everybody should watch. It shows how utterly fake and ghey electoral politics with pre-existing parties are. 

Here’s another great one. I’ve written about Republicans tonguing Joe Manchin, who is the absolute shittiest Democrat there is. See, bipartisanship doesn’t just get done for anti-White stuff, immigration, child trannies, etcetera. It also gets done for starting wars and economically fucking over the peasants.

He also pushes back on idiot left-wing shit. Jimmy Dore will not be found in his car wearing a mask for absolutely no reason. Jimmy isn’t our guy, but he actually has a certain passion about him that’s admirable, if occasionally misguided.

I say all of this, because Yves Enger is basically the Canadian version of Jimmy Dore, but on steroids. Yves is super anti-White. He’s super perverted. He’s also waaaaayyyyyy harder and spicier on the JQ and Israel than Jimmy Dore. For exactly the same reasons I neither hate nor love Yves Engler, but I find him very useful for understanding Canadian Politics. He basically explains how every left-wing party barely even pretends to not be a pro-war, pro-billionaire, pro-imperialist, pro-zionist party. Occasionally this leads to hilarity.

Yves Engler:

The Greens received their fewest votes in 20 years and the party faces financial ruin but Noah Zatzman has found greener pastures. Demonstrating how anti-Palestinian political activity is rewarded, the individual that precipitated the Greens spectacular collapse was recently made a principal at Aurora Strategy Group.

Noah Zatzman Joins Aurora Strategy Group”, declared an October 28 press release from the lobbying and public relations firm. The former adviser to Annamie Paul who threatened to defeat sitting Green MPs is an “expert PR and political strategist”, according to the release.

For those unfamiliar with the background, during an upsurge in Israeli violence and ethnic cleansing in May Zatzman posted a message to Facebook stating:

(((Noah Zatzman)))

Shabbat shalom. I have never experienced more anti-Semitism and Jew hatred from people I thought I knew well, then I did this week. (This includes being on campus at York and Carleton in 2002-7 — not a walk in the park). The progressive and climate communities have displayed, at some points this week, overt and virulent anti-Jewish behavior.

Appalling anti-Semitism and discrimination from a range of political actors beginning with Jagmeet Singh and Dimitri Lascaris and many Liberal, NDP and sadly Green MPs.

We will not accept an apology after you realize what you’ve done. We will work to defeat you and bring in progressive climate champions who are antifa and pro-LGBT and pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists!!!! Am Israel chai [The people of Israel live].

Yes, there is a character in the “far-left,” Green Party of Canada who is an antifa member. Well, that’s not so surprising. Except that he’s also a hardcore jew nationalist Israel Supporter. 

Who talks about supporting “indigenous people.”

But not the Indigenous People of Israel, I suppose.

Again, this is far from an endorsement of Yves Engler. I don’t know if he’s worth a series, but he’s simply the best resource for discrediting “left-wing” Canadian political parties. Nobody else would point out that the Green Party has a hardcore zionist in it, as an insult, and his deep and long exposes of Israeli crimes in Canada is quite excellent. 

Still, every second paragraph has some mention of “racism,” this or “marginalized communities,” that. It’s a good thing he focuses almost exclusively on foreign policy or I might throttle the guy.

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