Today is April 20th, and you know what that means!

It means that I forgot that it was Hitler’s birthday today until I was reminded just a few hours ago by some people in the DR telegram chat. But what better way to celebrate than curling up with a copy of CJ Miller’s “In His Own Words,” and listening to (((Anthony Blinken))) recount a heroic tale of his step-father surviving the insecticide chambers, twice.

When hatred and violence against Jews spreads, other minorities are rarely far behind. My stepfather, Samuel Pisar, was 12 years old when the Natzees invaded his home town of Bialystok, Poland.

He spent four years in Natzee concentration camps. Twice, he was sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz, and managed to evade being killed.

Surely he must have had some genius Mission Impossible style plan to escape the deadly insecticide chambers not once, but twice. Only brilliance combined with sheer luck could have pulled that one off.

The second time by picking up a brush and pail, and pretending he’d been sent to clean the floors.

I have a few questions. First, what was the solution to the first time he got sent to the gas chambers? Did he just tell them that he was actually supposed to be leaving the gas chamber or something? 

Secondly, how did the dialogue go down between them and the guards? I’m imagining something like this.

*Schlomo Pisar quickly grabs a brush and pail. For some reason, there are no guards who see him do these even though the whole point was ostensibly that these were secret murder showers and no witnesses should be leaving alive. However, there was a brush and pail in the corner that was free real estate, so he snagged it.*

Natzee Guard: You there, kike, into the showers.

Schlomo Pisar: No sir, I’ve been sent to clean. See my brush and pail?

Natzee Guard: First of all, it’s a mop and pail you hooked nosed kikel. If you had ever done any real manual labour you would know that.

Pisar: Sir, I’ve been sent to clean, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Natzee Captain: No one told me that anyone was sent here to clean, so let’s gas him to death and then figure out the janitorial duties later instead of leaving a witness around to document our moustache twirlingly evil plan to gas all the jews to death with some insecticide.

Other Natzees: Yes, that makes a lot more sense than leaving him alive.

Natzee Captain: Boy would that have been retarded.

I tried running the scenario through my mind a few times, and I couldn’t come up with an explanation for how this worked in the reality that we live in. I believe this may have been one of those “it was real in my mind,” type stories. It’s spiritually true, just not factually true.

He ultimately escaped during a winter death march, and was liberated by American GIs. 

How did he escape the death march? Did he pretend to be a squirrel and trick the guards that way? 

Don’t tell me, next he’s going to be freed by a Black soldier in a tank or something?

He was the only member of his family to survive. And of the 900 children at his school in Bialystok, he was the only survivor.

At the very end of the war, in the midst of a death march, he and some of his closest friends made a break for it.

Another death march? Another escape?

How’d he pull this one off? Did he put a bowl over the natzees heads so that they couldn’t see? Did he bring along a cardboard box, so the natzees just thought there was a random cardboard box that kept moving, instead of an escaping Jew? 

This Jew has some videogame like stealth skills. It might sound hard to believe, but it was real in his mind.

Until one day from their hideout, they heard a deep rumbling sound and saw something that they’d dreamed of seeing but never imagined that they actually would be. A tank, but instead of having the Iron Cross on it, it had a five pointed White Star.

As he got to the tank the hatch opened up, and a large African-American GI looked down at him, and he looked up at the GI.

I predicted thith. 

And he got down on his knees and said the only three words of English that he knew, that his mother had taught him before they were separated. 

“God Bless America.”

And then he said “Black Trans Lives Matter,” although my stepfather didn’t know what that meant yet, since he didn’t speak English. He remembered it very clearly though.

This man sure does appear to have all these implausible stories. At least he doesn’t have a history of criminal behaviour, so he’s a very trustworthy fellow.

Immediately after the war when he was liberated, and he was running around Germany as a young man, 16 years old, and engaging in criminal acts, stealing. 

A Jew with ridiculous tales of his lampshadocaust survival, who is also a career criminal. I don’t believe that this has ever happened before.

Simon Wiesenthal

Okay, maybe Simon Wiesenthal, but that’s it. There are no others.

He had uh, and insight that to continue down that path would actually be doing Hitler’s work for him, and would ultimately be Hitler’s success, and not his own. 

“My favourite is when Jews rob Germans.” – Ghandi, 837 BCE.

I have no idea what that means. I’m pretty sure that Adolf Hitler wasn’t a fan of kikes robbing and assaulting Germans, but I also think that the lampshadocaust is fake, but hilarious if true. So what do I know?

Among the most powerful lessons we can learn from the [Lampshadocaust] was that the mass murder of 6 million Jews was not a sudden or singular act, but rather the culmination of countless incremental steps, designed to villify and dehumanize people. That’s why we must remember, now, and always. 

You’ll never guess what this criminal, lying Jew made of his life. 

He became a human rights advocate. He spent the rest of his life pounding the table for the UN to finally recommend that the genocide of the Palestinians be recognized as just that, a genocide. And we here in the pro-White community know that there is no more tireless a defender of the unjustly persecuted Goyim than he, Samuel Pisser. 

Just kidding. He’s just all about taking away all your rights while bloviating about “muh human rights.” And on Hitler’s Birthday (((Anthony Blinken))) gives us another reminder that Moustache Man was pretty much right about everything. 

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  1. Wait, so when Shmulie escaped the pedal-powered brain bashers he knew only three words of English, one of which was God, a word that Jews are not allowed to say?
    Also, the US Army was segregated in World War 2. As far as I can tell (from 2 minutes of low-effort internet searching) there were only 3 negro tank battalions in the US Army during the war (the 758th, the 761st and the 784th) – for context, a US tank battalion had anywhere between 50 – 60 tanks.
    Meaning that out of the tens of thousands of tanks deployed by the US Army, at most 180 of them were crewed by groids.
    And this jew just happened to stumble upon one of them.
    But I’m the horrible person for doubting this story.

  2. Heil Hitler!

  3. FYI O/T – your beloved Emma Watson has totally lost her mind.

    RIP Emma’s brain.

    PS – is it too late for you to save her?

    1. Honestly, I think we’re getting there.

  4. I know how the Jews feel – I oh so want it to be real the next time. But for now, it is only real in my mind.

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