ClownWorld is omnipresent, and very interested in your children’s buttholes. No matter where they go they’ll get groomed by drag pedos, discord troons, or even their teachers. Are there any safe activities for our kids to do these days?

What’s this? An NGO that appears to exist purely to facilitate children’s playtime outside. That sounds like a wonderful idea! Let’s see what they’ve been getting up to.

“Decoding Whiteness,” apparently. 

They deleted that tweet, but what remains is almost as bad in its own way. 

Let’s check back in with those schools.

The story is from 2021, but the point remains. The Gravocaust is absurdly fake, which is why they have to throw hissyfits every time someone pushes back on their slander. And of course, the consubversatives are silent as the grave on this issue, despite being against “muh wokesters,” or whatever. 

Speaking of consubversatives, here we see the uncensored Ryan O’Connor. He’s assblasted over Trudeau’s Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam, and her new report on “systemic drivers of negative health outcomes.”

You, a natzee, may have noticed that she mentioned “white supremacy, colonialism, and racism.” But the consubversatives are far too anti-White opposed to identity politics – except for Jews – so they don’t care about that. Instead, the problem is that the totally corporate owned shitlibs are secretly anti-capitalist, because they say so.

I’m too tired for any commentary. The chess speaks for itself. 

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