A long time ago I wrote about “Jimmy Dore Syndrome,” which is what happens when you get people who start out on the left side of the finkle sandwich, but actually care about economic issue and are anti-war. Some exposure to these types is necessary, since they do great work exposing what utter frauds the Butthole-Left are on those issues, despite them being the only popular part of their ostensible agenda. After all, every Butthole-Leftists is a free speech absolutist for the mass murder propagandists who lie us into wars.

However, it appears that the eponymous Jimmy Dore is slowly transitioning into a conservatard. This is quite disappointing to see, but he appears to have jumped on the “Patriot Front are feds,” bandwagon. SAD. Many such cases.

Dore’s video wasn’t as bad as some others. There was one particular heroic sexpest, and he wasn’t alone in this, who repeated time and time again that the Patriot Front guys weren’t unmasked, and were therefore feds.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Patriot Front aesthetic, but I think there’s this weird coping mechanism that comes from cucks who are aware that their fake political pastime is just that, a waste of time. Since they are too scared to ever do anything in real life, they pretend that anyone who is doing something not Republican Party approved is a fed.

QAnon-tier channel

That’s especially true when the men marching are in decent shape, because to the average morbidly obese cuckservative, having relatively in shape men doing real life activism reminds them of how useless they are.

Others seethe because there’s a group of decent looking young White Men who aren’t being groomed by negro fags.

Calling Patriot Front a fed op is directionally accurate, even without knowing the specifics.

Sooooooo it’s false.

And calling them feds is slander.

How was Vanguard America and all its key players from C-Ville allowed to reconstitute and then engage in masked, coordinated demonstrations unmolested in cities like DC and Chicago?

Because the feds can’t just throw everyone in jail at a moments notice? Also, this is the same Patriot Front that was indeed thrown in prison in Coeur D’Alene, as well as being mass doxxxed.

A much better question would be why little Juan Fuentes isn’t rotting in a jail cell for organizing his gay little publicity stunt on Jan 6th. After all, some of his underlings got sentenced to years in prison. Why not him?

Even notwithstanding valid suspicions about that sort of thing, let’s say for the sake of argument they are organic. Participating in a masked militia group after the events of C-Ville and J6 is the highest risk/lowest payoff form of activism.

Moreover, they don’t talk explicitly about Jews, Jesus, or race so what’s even the point? It’s like NatCon level rhetoric with TPUSA branding and they’re wearing cargo pants. Who is that supposed to appeal to?

It has a certain charm. And if your other option is getting raped by Scammy Davis Jr…

“Who is this supposed to appeal to,” has been a great question to ask the Catboi Cult for a very long time. They have zero institutional power, so it’s not like they’re politically relevant. Occasionally they’ll be used as the punching bag by the kosher-left, since they are so universally reviled and indefensible. However, they’re also…

I was trying to do a bit, but I honestly can’t think of anything. What exactly is being offered here? An annoying closeted homosexual is posting his shitty takes online. Occasionally they start fights with other closeted homosexuals. If you’re into e-drama, I’m sure there are much better options. Options that are just as politically serious. 

I’m too done with this scene to even engage. Nick Fuentes is balding, and well into his mid twenties. There are some things that you’re supposed to outgrow, and “but what if she’s one day under 18,” posting is definitely one of them. 

Nothing of importance continues to happen online.

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  1. I think I’ve finally nailed down the cause of most instances of fedjacketing. Deep down, it’s a cope – a losers see a bunch of people who are superior to them both physically and morally doing serious political activism, and it fills them with rage, because they know that they could never measure up. So they soothe their butthurt by dismissing it as fake and gay, while going back to embracing their own particular brand of gaypolitik.

  2. The fedjacketing accusations are such an amazing admission by conservatives that they consider even cursory grassroots organization and vetting standards to be so alien that it could only be done by bad actors. A person who internalizes individualism to the extent they repeat such a line is probably mentally broken beyond salvaging.

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