When we last left off we had seen idubbbz perspective on the Sam Hyde documentary. It wasn’t too political then, only hints here or there. But he really brings out the soy when talking about Million Dollar Extreme.

I have started the below video from the right spot. Transcript below.

Around 2008 Sam started regularly uploading comedy videos predominantly featuring himself alongside his friend Nick Rochefort and Charles Carroll. A comedy troupe called [Million Dollar Extreme].

The videos gained a large cult following on YouTube. The comedy style clearly pulled inspiration from absurdist Adult Swim shows like Tim and Eric Awesome show. So naturaly, after MDE had established a following online, Adult Swim picked them up to create a cable television show, Million Dollar Extreme Presents World Peace.

World Peace was exactly the type of thing you’d expect to see on Adult Swim. And the show was pretty good. But good things, especially as division as MDE aren’t meant to last. And World Peace lasted about halfway through its first season before it started to get heavily criticized by the media.

Former Adult Swim collaboraters such as Brett Gellman and Tim Heideigger took public stances against the show. And after a heated interview with buzzfeed reporter Joe Bernstein the media smearing became too much for Time Warner to handle, and World Peace was cancelled.

(((Brett Gellmann)))

Sam and many of his accomplices were blacklisted from Hollywood. The MDE fanbase was devastated, and Sam quickly returned back to his internet roots as a solo self-sustained entertainer.

That hilarious Joe Bernstein interview.

World Peace was a show that pushed a lot of boundaries that are typically not pushed by television shows. Something that has always been criticized by the media from South Park to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But because of the way Sam and even the show itself refused to allow the general public in on the overarching joke, a dogpile from these groups was to be expected. And even seemed to be welcome by Sam and the shows fans?

What the fuck does that even mean? The audience was let in on the joke, you soyfaggot. And Bernstein was a jew. The Young Turks, who he shows a clip from, were bought out by the jew Jeffrey Katzenburg. Jews were assmad about MDE. It’s got nothing to do with this retarded claim of not letting the audience in on the joke, whatever that even means.

Did World Peace deserve to get cancelled? Maybe. But was it inevitable?

As if to prove he’s a passive aggressive faggot, idubbbz ends his bit about MDE with this clip right here.

With that they move on to the interview with Nick Rochefort, Sam Hyde, and idubbbz. It’s actually somewhat interesting how Nick and Sam met. They met in 2007, instantly connected and started writing sketches. Also, my goodness does Nick Rochefort ever have a nice house. That might be the nicest house I’ve ever seen.

Nick also says that Adult Swim was a “bad scene.”

Nick: Yeah it wasn’t fun. It was like, oh cool you’re gonna do coke with Keith Crawford, like, in a room. Like, I don’t have a [drug] problem. I don’t hate my fucking girl.

Sam: I’m not running from my life to the point where I need to like… *laughs.

Nick: …do coke with strangers. Like fine, you want to do a bump at a party in LA, sure. Like banging lines all night with like 18 year old fangirls or like 26 year old like wannabe interns. Like I’ll pass man, that’s fucking strange to me. I don’t think that’s fucking cool.

Honestly the interviews with Sam Hyde are great. They’re interspersed with driving the slingshot and various other things.

However, it’s now time for another soy-infused whining session from idubbbz about our hero Sammy Hyde.

But a lot of the iffy stuff that he says. It’s really hard to write off as jokes, because he’s never really been shy with like, allying himself with the alt-right. He’s donated around $5,000 to the Daily Stormer, which is a neo-nazi website. And you don’t really do that as a joke, from what I understand of the world. So with the context that Sam openly aligns himself with the alt-right and White Supremacy and misoginistic stuff. Uh, it’s hard to write off any of the “ironic stuff,” as just ironic.

I’m cool with Sam Hyde becoming the face of hate in America. Unironically I think this is great optics for us.

Less of this.

More of this.

It’s now time for another idubbbz soy-infused whinefest. I know, you’re thinking “but we just finished the last one.” Well you see idubbbz is assmad at how bad he got trolled by Sammy Hyde, so he’s doing this passive-aggressive bit where he massively over analyses Sam’s comedy.

Idubbbz trots out his pedo-stache to go on a 5 minute rant about irony. It adds up to “I have no idea what Sam Hyde is going on about.” I’m not going to bother transcribing anything he says, because it’s so ridiculous. Need I remind everyone of the “idubbbz gaslighting doc.”

I’m going to quote cHadrian from the TRS forums now.

If literally any comedian that you’re familiar with had all this shit going on when someone went to go shoot a documentary on them, everyone would instantly know what was going on.

If someone went to Bill Murray and he had this ridiculous drugged out girlfriend with a shaved head and this shitty dentist’s office full of people talking about making tik tok videos of girls playing with legos, you would instantly identify that he was hamming it up.  The only reason you would ever be confused by a comedian doing this shit is if you were totally unfamiliar with that comedian at all and never actually paid any attention to their content.  Besides there were loads of really obvious tells.  Weck, for example, was way over the top.  Telling him that he didn’t know how to change the oil so he had to go to a mechanic who could teach him how to top it off, then you get in the car and it’s all custom and shit – obviously this car is a passion project for him.  Shit like that was just all over the place.  You would have to be an insane autist that knew fuckall about anything to be able to not identify that he was just joking on several different things.

I think that’s part of the reason that the interview was so disappointing to Sam.  It really demonstrated that iDubbbz wasn’t doing it because he was at all familiar with Sam, he was doing a hit piece (probably at the behest of some petty kike).  Sam’s goal was to make an entertaining documentary that’d be fun to make.  iDubbbz goal was to “expose” him and find weaknesses.  And he failed at both.  And I think that really came out in the interview that not only did he have bad intentions, but he also didn’t get the jokes and was taking it way too seriously.  I mean think about it, Sam really did display quite a bit about himself if you have any kind of social skills at all.  He SHOWED things about himself rather than telling.  He displayed his passion for cars.  He displayed his passion for boxing and fitness stuff.  He introduced iDubbbz to his friends.  He took iDubbbz around doing fun shit and trying to entertain him.  Yes, he was trolling a bit, but fuck man he’s doing a documentary on a comedian — it’s not unreasonable to expect him to have some modicum of understanding for his style of humor and what his personality is like.

Ask yourself this: Would you attempt to go spend a week and a half shooting a documentary on someone without at least familiarizing yourself with their work?  How fucking lazy and insane do you have to be to not even bother with that step beyond reading a couple of news articles?  Like wouldn’t you at least be familiar with someone BEFORE asking to do a documentary on them?  Isn’t that kind of insane to just wing it on the fly like that?

I’ll add to that what I said in my very first piece on this series. Sam Hyde, for all I love him, is kind of a one note comic. He just trolls the everloving shit out of people. Like, it’s really not that complicated. I feel dumb even having to say this, but if you go to a documentary on Sam Hyde and all this insane shit is happening, it’s not real.

Not sure why idubbbz was confused. 

For the rest of the week Sam didn’t want to meet up. He kept coming up with excuses like he was too busy, or his back hurt. – idubbbz

I figured when Sam revealed all the gaslighting stuff to me, he figured there really wasn’t much of a reason to continue to cooperate. Because he had provided his entertainment, so why continue.

A lot of the most inciteful stuff was from Sam’s crew, after they had let their walls down. They all spoke very candidly with us, and it would have been nice if Sam showed us a similar level of respect.

Goy, you’re literally calling him a neo-nazi White Supremacist in this doc. Sam was right to fuck with you and then bounce. He figured out that you were trying to stand taller by stepping on his face, and he noped out of there. Well not quite, he did give idubbbz that hilarious poster. 

I had to take this picture from Sam’s version, since idubbbz is such a pussy he blurred the whole thing out.

This idea of confusing people, and never being genuine or only being genuine when you think it’s obvious is, uh, a great game to play when the most important thing to you is never showing your taint to people. You can feel like a winner in a game that only you are playing. 

I would have been more stoked with the prank if he had allowed us to take a candid look at his life afterwards. But he shut us out. I don’t know what his day to day life is really like. I don’t know even surface level details about how he does things, or, you know, if he’s even in a relationship. It would be interesting to know, but we just don’t know.

As far as who is Sam, and what is he about. It seems like he really likes comedy, even if that means being an asshole to people, and not letting his wall down. I don’t think that that serves to benefit him in any way, but if that’s a game that he wants to play, fair enough. All I can continue to do is read between the lines and assume that there’s some truth in there somewhere.

You hear that Sammy? You’re just a small dicked fragile Neo-Nazi White Supremacist who won’t let down your fragile little walls and give serious personal information to a guy who’s doing a hitpiece on you. 

How will Mr. Hyde ever recover?

The very last few seconds of idubbbz’s video is him squatting. Presumably with 200 lbs on the bar, as Sammy told him to do way back in 2014. I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t know what he meant by that. In a weird way, it’s the most evocative thing about this documentary.

Was idubbbz so butthurt that he felt the need to squat two hundo in order to spite Sam, or was he so inspired by Sam that he felt a need to finally squat 200? Was squatting 200 important to idubbbz because of the physical challenge, or what it represented to him? The belief that he could push himself, overcome, and ultimately be the man he always wanted to be.

Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all.

The universe can be a mysterious place. 

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  1. Personally, I like to interpret the squat at the end as a single ray of hope. Whether you think Sam is an asshole or not, if you’re iDubbbz then a guy like Sam is going to have an impressive degree of masculinity. Sam was physically imposing compared to him and encouraged him to build himself up more. You don’t have to like or even get along with another man to recognize that he’s calling on you to better yourself. And you don’t have to like a guy in order to feel the desire to respond to that call. Sometimes hating him is even better motivation for that. Drill instructors are all assholes for this very reason.
    And iDubbbz did improve himself. He DID expunge a little bit of soy from his system. It inspires me with some hope that maybe our soy-infested brothers do have a shard of redeemability within them, buried deep down.

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