NBC News:

As part of its latest downsizing effort, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign fired a staffer who over the weekend promoted an online video that superimposed Nazi imagery over DeSantis’ face.

The context here is that Ron DeSantis is having to downsize, because no one believes that he’s anything other than a shill, contrary to his desired public image. 

Also, that has nothing to do with some guy getting fired because he put natzee imagery in a DeSantis promo video on twatter. Sorry, on “x“.

The staffer, Nate Hochman, had retweeted the video over the weekend before he deleted the post, a screenshot shared with NBC News showed. Hochman, a communications staffer who has written for The New York TimesNational Review and other outlets, is considered by some to be an up-and-coming thinker on the right.

A staffer for The Jew York Times and National Hebrew? Not anymore he isn’t. 

Nate Hochman was apparently known in these circles, and is confirmed 100% Pure Heeb Phenotype. When I say “confirmed,” I mean “I saw people say that on a forum, and it fits with him getting to write for the (((NYT))) and (((National Review))) so we’ll go with it.” 

The video he made promoting Zion Ron is something else entirely.

“Nate Hochman is no longer with the campaign,” a campaign official said. “And we will not be commenting on him further.”

The official did not say whether the retweet factored in the decision, which was first reported by Semafor.

Preliminary reports are that DeSantis was furious, absolutely furious about Hochman “getting the wrong type of Black son,” in his video. 

DeSantis has also told staffers that “mulatto trannies are also good, fourth grade and up.”

Daily Beast:

During a December 2021 Twitter Spaces conversation with white nationalist Nick Fuentes, Nate Hochman suggested that Fuentes might be a good influence on young conservatives, but that Fuentes’ outright bigotry would limit his political potential.

He seems pretty accepting to me. 

Maybe he should have skipped the brown homosexual pedophiles and instead gotten a girlfriend.

“I think Nick’s probably a better influence than Ben Shapiro on young men who might otherwise be conservative. I think that the fact that kids are listening to you, there’s good things and bad things about it,” Hochman said in comments first reported by the Dispatch.

“But the fact that you have said super edgy things means that there’s a pretty strong ceiling to what you can actually accomplish in politics. Is that something that you’re actually thinking about? Like the fact that your career now is basically broadcasting from your basement. You can’t get on an airplane. You’re definitely never gonna be accepted in actual politics. You’ve created a pretty big ceiling for yourself. There’s not really anything you can do about it at this point.”

“Your career now is basically broadcasting from your basement.” Harsh, but fair. Although we can’t leave out getting into tussles with the smegma of the internet, Ethan Ralph.

If you don’t know who Nick Fuentes is, he’s the only homosexual Mexican the GOP doesn’t want.

I remember a BANG post made by someone who stopped posting years ago. He called what Fuentes does “anti-politics.” What he meant is that the Alt-Republicans trade any chance at getting any real politics done in exchange for access to politicians and potential donations from Peter Thiel types. They then promote their public cucking as SeRIOuS GuY ReAL pOlITiCs GrEAt opTiCS, when it is the exact opposite. 

Hochman’s traffic in Nazi memes defied his 2021 advice to Fuentes: that explicit neo-Naziism is mostly regarded as a bad career move in the GOP. But Hochman didn’t tell Fuentes that his views were bigoted—only that they were strategically inadvisable. In that, Hochman echoed other terminally online Gen Z conservatives, who counsel each other to disguise their prejudices with plausibly deniable dog whistles.

And Hochman was right. Despite his chummy conversation with Fuentes (an antisemite who has fantasized about marrying a child), Hochman was still able to hold a position on DeSantis’ campaign until he literally Photoshopped a Sonnenrad onto the Florida governor’s face.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, it could be that Hochman was a sincere believer in “muh optics,” and working within (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP to get real policy. In that case, it’s even funnier that he gets his career abruptly ended by Ronny DeShabbos for this minor “optics” gaffe. At the very least, fire him for the video being painfully cringe inducing.

If this interpretation of his actions is correct, then he’s example #418,588 of infiltrating the institution that exists to throw the fight being a complete bust. 

Nate Hochman

There is a more sinister explanation though, which is that Hochman was cynically using neo-natzee imagery to promote DeShabbos, precisely because he is an Israeli puppet. That seems more likely to me, because no one familiar with the sonnenrad doesn’t know that Ron DeSantis is the fakest fake populist in the world, even if the competition is stiff.

I enjoyed reading Hochman do the exact same optics/concern trolling to Fuentes that Fuentes would do to all of us in the years where we were censored, and he was not. I distinctly remember him doing the “you wignats just aren’t relevant,” bit for those years, when he wasn’t too busy going on dates with catbois

However, if my read on (((Nate Hochman))) is correct, it’s as malicious coming from him to Fuentes, as it was from Fuentes to us. Only the entirely unserious try working through the Republican Party. People who promote that strategy are either zionists, or people who want to get paid by them. Nate Hochman’s job was to corral the Goyim into voting against their interests, and supporting the most Made In Israel Candidate available. 

Maybe he did it maliciously. Maybe he really thought there was something to be gained here. Either way, he flew too close to the sun and got cut loose. If he isn’t a Jew his political career is now over. 


On the TDS today they found an article where Nate Hochman talks about being raised in a Jew household. Consider this mystery solved.

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