NY Post:

Bud Light is offering generous rebates for Memorial Day that in some cases amount to free beer as Anheuser-Busch continues its scramble to recover from the Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

Now through May 31, Bud Light is advertising a “summer rebate” to “make your Memorial Day weekend easier to enjoy” where customers who purchase a 15-pack or larger of Bud Light, Budweiser, Budweiser Select or Budweiser Select 55 will receive a $15 rebate.

For reference, a 15-pack of Bud Light is listed for $12.99 on Target’s website, the same price as a 15-pack of Budweiser.

In other words, they’re literally paying you three dollars per pack to drink their beer. Sure, they only give you one rebate per month, but even still they are paying you to drink their product. That’s how desperate they are. 

For those who don’t know the backstory, Bud Light decided – out of nowhere – to shove a mentally ill pervert named Dylan Mulvaney on their can as the face of the franchise. As a result, they’ve shedded customers to the point where consubversives like Donald Trump Jr. and the Republican Party are coming out and desperately telling the Goyim that Bud Light is a real fighter of the wokesters, because they give money to Republicans.

As for this Dylan Mulvaney character, he’s finally come out as gay… but as a woman. And he’d really like a woman to get him pregnant. 

So I recently told my parents that I may be a little bit romantically interested in women. And that was a big shock for them considering the past ten years of coming out as gay, then queer, then non-binary, then trans. And I think it was just a bit of a shock.

So I tell my dad and he goes “well I would love to see you get a woman pregnant,” and I said “oh no no no, she would be getting me pregnant.”

You hear that, bigots? The woman would be getting him pregnant. That’s how biology works.

Back to the article.

Sales of America’s once-most-popular beer were down 24.6% for the week ended May 13 compared to a year ago — slightly worse than the 23.6% dip they suffered a week earlier, according to Bump Williams Consulting and NielsenIQ research.

Cases of unsold Bud Light that expired on liquor stores’ shelves are being bought back by Anheuser-Busch as the beer maker continues to make amends with customers who were put off by Mulvaney’s social media posts and boycott the beer.

Bud Light also is revving up its patriotism by sponsoring a veterans group for the first time, and has plans to appear in football and country music commercials.

They’re not making amends with anyone. They tried shoving a tranny down the throats of the enjoyers of their swill, and now it’s over for them. 

Alcoholic beverages are an extremely image sensitive market. Once Bud Light gets known as “the tranny beer,” its customers aren’t going to want it. This is a rare case where free markets actually somewhat work, because the customer has so many options to choose from that are right next to Troon Light, whether that be on the menu at the bar/restaurant, or physically next to it at the liquor store.

And no, it doesn’t matter how much dumbass patriotism or country music commercials they create. They’re defined as the tranny beer, and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s so bad that it’s affected ancillary Anheuser-Busch products. 

The aftermath of the ill-fated partnership is now also affecting other brands in Anheuser-Busch’s portfolio, including Budweiser and Michelob Ultra.

Michelob Ultra, which was the No. 3 beer with more than $3.3 billion in sales in 2022, saw a 2.9% dip in sales the week ending May 13 versus a year ago, Bump Williams Consulting and NielsenIQ data revealed.And Budweiser, last year’s No. 7 beer with more than $1.8 billion in sales, saw a staggering 9.7% drop in sales in each of the two most recent weeks.

Sales of Busch Light were down 6.8% compared to 0.3% decline the previous week, while Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light sales were down by 2.8% in the week ended May 13 compared to a 2.5% decline the previous week.

Not everyone who buys beer is going to know all the sub-brands owned by Tranheuser-Butch. But to the extent that they do know, why buy one? 

First of all, if Republicans weren’t literal fags, then they would be informing people as to all the Anheuser-Busch products that exist, to help people boycott them. But they exist purely to get out in front of normal people and make sure that we get nothing, so they’ve been silent as the grave. 

Consubversive media, per usual, has missed the mark on this story by a fair margin. Putting a tranny on the face of Bud Light was a deliberate insult to their own customer base. They felt confident doing this, because in 99% of cases, big businesses are purely winner take all markets, or oligopolies with all sides controlled by (((Blackrock))) or (((Vanguard Capital))). 

Unfortunately for them, that’s not the case here. Like I said before, any place where you buy Bud Light, or any Anheuser-Busch product, the competitors are right there next to them. On top of all that, contrary to what others might say, all of these alcoholic products are, in an apolitical sense, totally interchangeable. The amount of people who know which products are Anheuser-Busch and which aren’t will be smaller, but that just means that a smaller amount of people are not going to be drinking your beer.

This is further confirmed by the competitors eating up the market share.

NY Post:

Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch’s competitors are guzzling market share with Coors Light up 23.2% in the week ended May 13 compared to a bump of 22.2% the previous week. Sales of Modelo Especial – the second most popular beer brand in the US with more than $3.7 billion in sales last year – are up by 10% in the most recent week compared to a 5% increase the previous week.

Bud Light has lost $110 million in sales volume year-to-date compared to the same period last year. The number of Bud Light cases sold was down 28.4% in the week ended May 13 from a year ago compared to a 27.7% decline the previous week.

People don’t want to see disgusting troons everywhere. When they have an opportunity to express that desire, they do so.

Anheuser-Busch’s 385 distributors are feeling the most pain, imploring consumers and businesses alike to look past the Mulvaney flap and understand how the backlash is hurting local businesses.

Fuck your small business if it relies on people putting up with this mentally ill freak being shoved down their throats. 

What’s so interesting about the Bud Light boycott is that it is only growing in magnitude as the weeks go by. I have a few guesses as to why. 

Toronto Star:

Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass is under fire after he shared a social media post promoting the anti-LGBTQ campaigns to boycott Target and Bud Light over their Pride-themed partnerships and campaigns.

“Racism isn’t tolerated in locker rooms, and neither should non support of LGBTQ rights,” one Twitter user wrote. “If you can’t support your team mates, there’s the door — get out. Because I guarantee Bass has both team mates of colour and who fit in the LGBTQ community.”

You guarantee that one of his twenty teammates is a fag? Monique, help me out here.

Anthony Bass isn’t “under fire,” for saying what everyone believes, Bud Light is under fire for deliberately insulting their own customers by putting a tranny on their can as the face of their product. No amount of (((Toronto Star))) propaganda pieces will change that reality.

People hate pervertism, and people love celebrities who speak out against it. That’s why that Philadelphia Flyers player, Ivan Provorov, had his jersey become the number one seller in the entire NHL. Again, when people have an opportunity to actually express their desire, they choose normalcy over Globo Homo every time.

NY Post:

The entire beer industry is floored that Bud Light is still taking heat over its now-infamous promo with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and the backlash has put rival beers in high demand, according to the publisher of prominent trade publication Beer Business Daily. 

“The whole industry is in shock. Even Bud’s competitors aren’t really dancing on the grave because they know it could have happened to them,” Beer Business Daily editor and publisher Harry Schuhmacher told Fox News Digital.

The reason they aren’t dancing on the grave of Bud Light is because these corporations are all run by the same types. It was just Bud Light who went Full Retard and seppuku’d themselves. 

“This particular promotion just really struck a chord. It was just a bridge too far, apparently, for consumers… we’re in week six and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better,” he continued. “In fact, the numbers just keep getting a little worse every week… down in the 25% area. And their competitors are up almost just as much, and that’s continuing through today.”

The reason why the sales keep declining week by week is, in my opinion, pretty simple. First of all, this is the first time where an outrage like this has been created, and the consumers have actually had the power to affect things. That makes people feel like refusing to drink Bud Light is actually contributing to something. Also, more and more people are hearing about it, since very few people are plugged into the news. 

Bud Light might need to totally rebrand. But even then, who cares? The product is interchangeable. Once their old customers get used to drinking Coors Light, or some other pisswater, why would they change back? Especially since, even after a rebrand, the stink of troongate will still be upon them.

Schuhmacher understands why the beer giant has caught more flak up to this point. 

“In the public psyche, Bud Light has always been considered so much of a deep Americana, middle America, working man and woman’s beer. And when you just flip that completely on its end, it’s hard for the consumer to swallow,” he said.

The real story is the relative silence from the consubversives, or even countersignaling as we saw with Republicans and Donald Trump Jr, when faced with an actual opportunity to destroy a “woke corporation.” This was a 100% purely grassroots phenomenon, that consubversives tried their best to get out in front of and smother in the crib. They just failed.


ABC News joins the chorus of propaganda rags that aren’t getting the point. 

ABC News:

Sales of Bud Light have recorded declines for six consecutive weeks after a product endorsement from Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, set off ire among many conservatives.

Consumer boycotts typically fizzle but this one has expanded for an array of reasons: a hot-button political controversy over a product with ample alternatives, outcry from political figures and celebrities and amplification on social media, experts told ABC News.

No, it expanded because more people heard about it, and it costs people nothing to choose a different beer. In fact, people don’t really need to be told that there is a boycott. They will naturally choose a different beer that isn’t associated with trannies.

The boycott grew even larger, meanwhile, after the initial response from the company was perceived as conciliatory by some LGBTQ advocates, prompting a wave of frustration on the left, the experts added.

“Generally, boycotts get called and have very little effect,” Gerald Davis, a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business. “For now, everybody is mad.”

Yes, it’s totally the butthole-left that is driving the declining Bud Light sales.

Mainstream propaganda is breathtaking in its confident stupidity.

Meanwhile, sales of rival beers have surged. Sales of Coors Light jumped almost 23% over the week ending on May 13 compared to a year ago; while sales of Miller Lite climbed 21% over that period, the data showed.

“In the beer world, there are thousands of other options readily available at similar price points,” Anson Frericks, a former Anheuser-Busch executive, told ABC News. “Every grocery store and bar usually has the other options.”

The Bud Light-gate is an extremely rare example of a market being so competitive that even the disorganized consumer can have their individual choices collectively matter in the face of the reeeeing of trannies and centa-billion multinationals. That’s why Republicans found it so important to desperately put the kibosh on this.

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