Things have been getting exciting over in Ireland.

The Liberal (February 15th):

There’s dramatic developments in Dublin’s East Wall tonight where a car has reportedly struck protesters leaving at least one injured on the ground.

Emergency services including an ambulance and gardai are at the scene where onlookers say women and children were terrified.

I took a lot of their footage and combined it with images of Stephen Bedford’s social media that I found from Keith Woods’ telegram and combined it into the below video.

So who is Stephen Bedford?

The Liberal:

A 36-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving in court after a person was knocked down at an anti-immigration protest in Dublin last night.

Stephen Bedford, who lives at Watergate House homeless shelter, told the court he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but he was scared and trying to escape the protest.

A video of the incident, which Mr Bedford says he went live on Facebook, was played in court this afternoon.

The court heard how the audiovisual technician and stage technician regularly streamed his protests –

I thought you said that he lived at a homeless shelter? Now you’re saying that he’s an audiovisual technician who regularly livestreams? Are you sure that this man isn’t just unemployed with some delusions of grandeur?

The court heard how the audiovisual technician and stage technician regularly streamed his protests against the anti-immigrant demonstrations to alert the public to the “vile, intolerant and racist beliefs of the anti-immigrant protesters”, reports RTE.

Video of him driving his jeep, which he broadcast live on Facebook, was shown in court.

Above is a candid photo of me waiting for the piece to reconcile his homelessness with owning a jeep, doing audiovisual work, and livestreaming on the regular. I guess homelessness isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be.

Mr. Bedford told Judge Bryan Smith that he attended the protest with a speaker, walked behind anti-immigrant protesters and spoke.

Homeless antifa with a speaker, a Jeep, and a livestream setup.

He said two gardaís advised him to leave the area because they feared he would be attacked. He said he had previously been physically assaulted and threatened with death, reports RTE.

Mr Bedford said he got into his car and drove in the opposite direction of the protesters, believing he was driving away when he met them.

“It is not true to say I in any way tried to purposely injure him with my car,” he said, reports RTE.

This is all the more unbelievable when you see what else he claimed.

Irish Examiner:

However, Gda Cannon said, his client could have used four other routes, and he told the court there was no official record that the accused had made a formal complaint about threats.

That reads as his own lawyer is throwing him under the bus, but is – I believe – a member of the Irish police testifying.

He said protesters were kicking his car and shouting: “That’s him, that’s him!”. He claimed they “threw themselves in front of my car” as he “tried to get away from a racist mob”.

Well, there you have it. Another antifa does a terrorist attack against protesters while using their car. This is far from a first. Below we see Dave Alexander Zegarac, the Winnipeg antifa who drove over four trucker convoy protesters in Winnipeg. 

This was hushed up by the Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators, and lead to me calling into the Winnipeg Police.

And of course we have the BLM Waukesha terrorist Darrell Brooks. He got convicted on all charges. But again, no hate crime or terrorism charges.

There is an extreme double standard with respect to obvious acts of terrorism. Don’t ever let anyone deny that.

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  1. I understand the anger that results in articles like this, which are full of derision — especially regarding Ireland, which is, population-wise, a very small country and will quickly be demographically overwhelmed if this goes on.

    Watch the videos of the white males, utter faggots, who attend these pro refugee, anti-racism events to ‘chant the hollow words’ and ‘hold the paper sign’, all with shit-eating grins, refusing to answer when asked if they would house a male migrant in their own flat.

    It’s obvious to me what will be necessary to put a stop to this and save white countries from total destruction — no need to say more.

    1. Small (in population) and insular countries are easy targets for this kind of stuff.

      (((Deep state))) does and can afford to reach across the board there.

      What about fat, ugly women and STD-ridden homos? Wouldn’t they mind male immigrants?

  2. The irish and most irish catholics in the US have had a clue about joos for a long long time.
    And they’re getting sick of this sheet, here on kosher clown planet on the tip of some obscure shitty galaxy.

    1. The primary problem in Ireland is the same as it is throughout the West: women voting.

      1. Yes if only more womxyn voted for our brave Republican Party the West would be saved. Damn those vagina-people for not voting for (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP.

        1. I have no illusions about the GOP faggots and most other ‘conservatives’ in the US, the ‘I’m not a racist, but …’ crowd — the same goes for pretty much everywhere else in the West: Merkel was CDU, the nominally ‘conservative’ party in DE, but she let millions of non-whites in, and would have won a no confidence vote because the Green Party would have supported her — don’t you regularly mock Pierre Poilievre here? — but given their voting patterns, it’s unclear to me whether many women would choose a genuine rightwing, nationalist alternative, even if one existed.

          And part of the headline here, ‘Irish Fake Refugee Protesters …’ is somewhat ambiguous, i.e. it’s not 100% clear whether the refugees or protesters are ‘fake’ — so ‘Irish Protesting Fake Refugees …’ would have been better — just sayin’.

          1. That you believe that Merkel was the sole problem in this case shows you have no understanding of how the deep state functions.
            No understanding that this decision most certainly wasn’t even taken within the occupation, puppet regime controlling Germany.

            This has been 100% case of “women voting is the problem, tho” from my experience… Apparently zero understanding, acknowledgement that “independent central bankings” makes subverting major countries like the 1815 United Kingdom (a while before women voting) and 1913 United States (a re-election away from the 19th and successful GW involvement), financially feasible.

            And you seem to believe most White men are redpilled and know what is going on when it’s not 10% or even 1% of them.

          2. “I have no illusions about the GOP faggots and most other ‘conservatives’ in the US, the ‘I’m not a racist, but …’ crowd”
            That and much more. Yet you give us “blame the women vote” line, as if that was it and not a far greater, more encompassing and complicated problem.

          3. Yeah I’m sure Merkel let them in because she’s a woman, and not because she’s the property of Schlomo. Jeb Bush would have put up much more of a fight.

        2. If only men voted then the Republicans would have won the 1920 elections and would have used their newfound authority as an opportunity to undo the Federal Reserve in less than a year, revoke citizenship from jews and resettle them in the south-west instead of forcing them out, isolate them there so they may not be a subversive threat to anyone… -D

          1. To be honest, if we at some point have the power to forcible remove Jews and ‘resettle’ them somewhere, the place we settle them should be in Hell, Afterlife. So long as the apex parasite walks the Earth, all good races will suffer. What is needed is a real-o-caust. This should be legally done by our future National Socialist American Workers Party, and therefore not a crime.

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