Akron Beacon Journal:

Hundreds of protesters, including armed white supremacists, and LGBT-community supporters descended on Wadsworth’s Memorial Park on Saturday as a humanist group tried to put on a drag queen storytelling event for children.

The propaganda really is getting otherwordly these days. Let me fix the above statement to better reflect reality.

A bunch of child grooming pedophiles tried to get their hands on a bunch of children. Hundreds of normal people, and a few spicy ones, came out to protest this. Then some extremely hideous and annoying antifas showed up to get shouted at for a while.

You can see video of the event below. This was curated by an antifa, so take it with a grain of salt. Even then you get the gist of things.

Doug Livingstone, of Akron Beacon Journal, continues.

Toward the end of the four-hour event, two people charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct were arrested after a series of melees involving pepper spray, the violent use of a flag pole as a weapon and a protester who, according to a witness and a video posted on social media, allegedly pulled a gun and tried to fire the weapon twice.

More reality based reporting from Mr. Livingstone.

The antifas pretended that this man was holding a gun. Furthermore they pretended that he tried to shoot twice, but failed both times. This makes no sense, and of course the police fact-checked them on this.

I’m surprised that he was even holding a pepper spray device. Normally that’s just the antifas who go around violently assaulting people. I would be shocked if the flag pole assaulter wasn’t an antifa, and if it wasn’t, then it was just one of our guys shoving them away in something blown wildly out of proportion. 

Free Press (Groomer Event Organizers Announcement):

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binarians, and everyone in between, lend me your ears!

I am proud to present my very first entirely self-promoted charity event coming to Wadsworth next month. Spread the news. Share it far, share it wide, share it to the ever-loving moon! Wadsworth’s first Rock-n-Roll Drag Queen Story Hour is going to be an epic celebration of life and love and diversity and hope. Come one, come all, and bring your kiddos.

Nothing ominous about that. 

As others have said many times before, these people are just pedos who want access to children. The entire point of the LBTQUGIA++ movement is to give these people access to kids. They are supported by our Democracy Class because these nasty mutants are the perfect middle management for the oppression of normal, decent people.

Here we see the two organizers of the event, Aaron and Krista Reed. They all look how you would expect. 

Back to the Akron Free Beacon.

[Wadsworth Police Chief Dan] Chafin said the “Rock-n-Roll Humanist Drag Queen Story Hour” event did proceed as planned and permitted by the city, but the situation remained volatile from start to finish with neo-Nazis yelling racial slurs from behind metal barricades and attendees, including parents and children, being followed by protesters into and out of the event.

Funny, although there is a time and place for this kind of thing and I’m not sure this is it. There were hundreds of protesters at the event, vastly swamping the human detritus on the other side and ruining the event.  

I’m not sure that we need eight guys to show up waving around a windmill of friendship. There’s a big difference between being a coward and failing to read the room.

Protesters vastly outnumbered supporters.

Emma Watson actually bankrolled the swastika guys.

You love to see it. And if the Akron Beacon Journal is admitting this, the situation is dire for the perverts. These types love exaggerating the numbers on the pro-AIDS side every time.

One person who attended the event to protest the age appropriateness of people in drag reading to children said he was “shocked” to see and hear what white supremacists were saying.

What was most shocking to everyone was seeing Emma Watson show up, with the blood of a “hood nigger” – her words not mine – that she had just curbstomped staining the bottom of her very elegant white dress. She was classy, elegant, and passionate. Steal this look now!

Bottom of dress censored.

In all seriousness, I really have to countersignal that stuff. There is a way to protest. There is a formula. You go there with some half-funny, half-serious chants and you drown the antifa losers out. The only two things we have are the truth and popularity. 

Protesters carried signs for “White lives matter” and “Mothers against grooming,” which refers to the alleged process of building trust with children or families with the ultimate aim of child sexual abuse.

Wow, Just Wow’ing people’s anger over convicted sex offenders being given access to children is par for the course for the Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators. It’s become expected, but it’s still amazing when you think about it for a half a second or longer. Imagine being this outraged at people who don’t want pedos to have access to children.

One supporter who attended the event said the goal was “not to turn children gay but to keep gay children alive.”

How’s that supposed to work?

It’s about having access to children’s buttholes so that sick 45 year old perverts can have their fun.

Although the organizer of the drag show obtained a permit to present the show, it had been controversial from the start, with Wadsworth City Council President Bob Thurber saying in a statement Sunday that it had been promoted in a manner harmful to the city.

A Wadsworth resident, Aaron Reed, promoted the event in the public space after a private venue in the city declined to host it.

Which lead to the shitshow being hosted in a park. In a park you can easily disrupt the reading by just making noise. As a result, the event is already ruined simply by the change of venue.

I do have to comment on one last thing.

Kristopher Anderson, a Republican from Akron who has run for local and state office, said the man in overalls was part of his group. In the three weeks before the drag queen story hour, Anderson said he and others had organized a protest at the event that would push for drag queen storytelling to be limited to adults only. About 90 people said they would join Anderson’s group.

“Around noon, out of our complete shock, we had the white supremacist and white Nazi groups show up,” said Anderson. He said his group did not make contact with anyone espousing racist views.

“We were chanting ‘don’t groom your kids’ and all those other things,” said Anderson, who described the overt racist messaging of some groups as a “distraction more than anything.”

There is a sliding scale of squeamishness and edginess. Showing up with skull tats and a swastika flag is a step too far in one direction. Being a Republicuck who is there to impotently whine that your troon friend doesn’t approve is about ten steps too far in the opposite direction.

I’ve never had to deal with the absolute worst, but even at our Kelowna protest I didn’t quite feel like the Action4Canada guys entirely had our backs. Not that they were bad actors, just that they could turn on you if things got too spicy, which is exactly when you’d need them most. 

As always, I’d encourage all of you to go out and protest. It’s a whole lot more fun than internet “activism.” Good for everyone who came out against the groomers. 

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  1. Sad day for antifa when the local national socialist chapter has more members out than you. Oh well…

    Also, the screen capture picture @ 12:09 PM March 11, 2023 – the flagbearer appears to be carrying a sidearm. Seems like someone was angry/wild enough to consider taking out a few antifa if necessary – whoa. I agree with you – no need to escalate to a shoot out, when loud heckling is sufficient.

  2. Let’s not be optics cucks. Really the only bad look I saw was the one WLM guy with a Trump 2020 pin. I disavow that guy.

    1. John Fashcroft is doing a show right now about this. He’s interviewing guys that were THERE. The NORMIES present had no problem with the NS and the Sacred Swastika.

      We DO need tough, young, ready to GO AGGRESSIVE Whites, WAVING OUR ANCIENT FLAG STOP allowing the fucking KIKEROACHES to control our things. Stop cowering over the kikes. EVERY ONE understands the Swazi. STOP ALLOWING the KIKES to OWN OUR FLAG. The NS and that flag is what stopped the fucking kikes and fags at that rally. It worked! The Swastika is an ANCIENT symbol of prosperity and health and good luck. It’s OURS. ORION!

  3. For me personally the only thing that would make me feel uncomfortable about some dudes waving our people’s flag is the possibility that they might be a fed. If I knew for a fact they weren’t a fed group, then I’d probably talk with them. I find the NS swastika to be the most beautiful flag, and as an American I wish our flag could use the swastika, like maybe instead of 50 stars we could have 50 swastikas. Something like the American flag in the Amazon show “ the man in the high castle”, which attempted to make nazis making New York City clean and nice for once seem like something scary.

    I completely understand the time and place argument, I sort of think of myself as a sleeper cell, because I really can’t broadcast my radical NS views or I’ll be canceled and my family will go broke and suffer.

  4. […] Wadworth Drag Groomer Event Turns into Shitshow of Epic Proportions […]

  5. Link goes to a video made by a couple of out-of-town groomer supporters, intercut with clips from the protest.

    The groomers were completely demoralized, and couldn’t wait to go home.


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